I would like to know decent colleges for mba/mms in mumbai/pune

Hi, I have done BBM and a PGD in HRM, I want to seek admission into MBA/MMS program, I have written MAT DEC AND CET 2014 but im not expecting a good result in CET , that rules out the possibility of getting the top colleges in mumbai, I would like to know my options, also how is Janaki devi bajaj Institute Of Management Studies?

by Suman
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4 answers

RE: I would like to know decent colleges for mba/mms in mumbai/pune

Rohit Gala
Rohit Gala
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director & Counselor at Svastrino
  • Mumbai

Hello wish you are doing great,

I have taken a lose look on your query and found that you are looking for various Masters in Business Administration colleges.
Taking your requirement into consideration I would like to guide you that you should start doing your research on various institutes in whichever cities you are targetting.

At present in Mumbai following are the institutes that you can opt for:
Welingkar institute which is in Matunga central,
Kohinoor Business School which is in Kurla West Mumbai
Universal Business School which is in Sion, Mumbai
Fostima Business School which is in Goregaon east Mumbai
ITM Busines School which is in navi Mumbai
SIES college of management studieswhich is in Navi Mumbai
Atharva Institute of Management studies which is in Malad west
Anjuman Islam Institute of management studies CST Mumbai
Chetnas Institute of management and research, Bandra East Mumbai
KJSomaiya institute of management and research, Vidya Vihar Mumbai
Thakur Insitute of Management studies and research, Kandivali east, Mumbai
Narsee Mohanjee Institute of Management Studies Vile Parle Mumbai

Institutes in Pune are as follows:
International institute of management and research, hadapsar pune
Kirloskar Institue of Advanced managemnt studies, Talegaon, pune
Vishwakarma Global Business School, Kondhwa Budruk Pune
International School of BUsiness Studies Budhwara Pune
Dr DY Patil Vidyapeeth, Global Business School Tathewade, Pune,
Kohinoor Business School, Pune
Bajaj Institute of Internationa Business, Thahthewade, Pune

You may also be suggested to go oput of the way and take admission in some of the colleges in Manglore where the course material and curriculam is far more better than in mumbai and pune. The teachers hand is also beter there and the atmosphere there is far more suitable than in other cities for students.
Getting in Top is not the end but getting in what you deserve at this current moment is far more important than just targetting and making your self focused on fade targets.

Currently until you get your scores do a good search on the available institutes and also how are their entry requirements as you can plan your self to crack the group discussions and personal interviews.
Some colleges may have various other rounds as well depending on their approach and level of syllabus and also the ranking of the institute they provide.

Wish you get through your target asap.
Best of Luck for your life further.

RE: I would like to know decent colleges for mba/mms in mumbai/pune

Meghna  Vora
Meghna Vora
Verified Career Expert
Career Counselor
  • Kolkata


Great to know that you have completed your pgd inHRM , but still i would like to know why you cannot expect a good result inCET?Its important to know your problem areasbreakthe ice at this juncuture ,beforeI guide to to your next step towards your career .Thereare many factors such as your key interests, your vested capacities for the career of your choice,where do you stand currently andwhich pathway should you opt for ,also the one you have selected for yourself is the correct one or your choices have been biased and influencedby other relative factors such as family choices, your psychological &financial status, your previous study records, your current health status and many more ...,its afterclearing all these doubts that we shall determine the perfect career option for you and then the best suited colleges , examinations, coachings, and locations . The world is as full of untold novelties as it was at the first day , but only for him who has the EYE to see them.Now that you have done your pgd , stop and think for a while of the points mentioned hereand reflect on them , and then convey your discoveries anddoubts if any to me for the final plunge.We will then be counseling you on the basis of your present standing , so asto ensure what you have chosen for yourself never fails you in future ,& in case of doubt we shall give you better options suited to your persona.

Good luck!


RE: I would like to know decent colleges for mba/mms in mumbai/pune

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar


As you have shown your interest in Janaki Devi Bajaj Insittute of Management Studies which is a good organization for women. So must join if you find the following cretiria up to the mark:
1. Institutional accredition: Must check the accredition mode and how it got accredtited, as we know this is the first sign of any good insitution that is obtained by the qualitative anlaysis done by any govt agency.
2. Faculty profile: As you know faculty/teachers are the pillars of any college those are involved in student's day to day study life and also involved in professional academic growth in terms of research and development. One must see how faculty are achieveing the milestones based on the excellent academic background. Ofcourse it will be transmitted to students also, this is very imoprtant excercise before joing a college at any level.
3. Publicationa and research project: You must see the institutional achievement list where you will find the list of published rearch paper at national and international repute. Though research funding is prevalent for research work at individual and institutional level. A faculty write a good concept note and then followed by full length research proposal that is reviewed by learned scientist group known as task force which recruited by govt norms. If a college is running research projects funded by govt agencies at national and international level then you must think it as a reputed organization. It is a prestige matter which has been obtained by faculty stregth and good leadership of college management. Overall these are the parameters to set the goal in acadmics whether you are in management or science and technology it does not matter.
4. Infrastructure: If a collge running research project in millions cost then no doubt infrastructure will be at par and exposure in the sense of skill orientation.

I just tried to introduce you the facts about good and bad in academics, now it is you who is either qualifying CAT, MAT etc is a personal question mark. It is now clear if you are not a good performer in academics then why a good college should entertain you so that a colege will be at loss in result wise which can hamper the credential system what they have achieved.

So try to be good before asking anyone to be good. This is the zeast of my narration.
Good luck

RE: I would like to know decent colleges for mba/mms in mumbai/pune

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hi My Dear MBA Aspirant,

Reading your query made me think that you are doing too much actually and by the word decent colleges, I actually did not get the meaning what you are thinking of. Since you are a girl, expecting decency is valid, but a decent college? There is no concept of decent colleges, decency cannot be guaranteed by any college for girls. I think you should not get into this aspect since at a post graduate level boys and girls are both expected to be matured enough to respect each others. Anyways..

I am glad that you approached CareerGuide for seeking guidance to your career query and already three of my colleagues here have helped you. However I would like to put my advice too based on my experience.
From you query I understand that you have done BBM and PGDHRM, this means you already have done post graduation. Now you wish to do MBA/MMS from Mumbai based Institutes.

My Dear, why do you want to do MBA/MMS again in the same field when you have already done PGDHRM? You also say that your CET score is not good.

Please do not become over qualified that companies reject your outright without the interview stage. Please understand that companies do not give jobs just on the basis of what qualifications you have acquired but they require the necessary skills from you which will be useful to them for their work. Getting more and more degrees does not mean becoming employable, My dear.

I would like to suggest you to ignore MBA/MMS now and get into the industry based on your both qualifications. Those are good enough to get you a good and decent job in the industry.

Best Luck

RE: I would like to know decent colleges for mba/mms in mumbai/pune

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