If I done mba which will job option I have to choose for my career?

Hello, I finished my graduation in 2009. and then I done 1 year web designe cource. i am intrested in designing, not in programming. but there related work only on coding. i am also intrested in lecturship. I want to do MBA. but I am really confused. please suggest me what can I do? can I go in MBA or countinue my current field in web designing? in this web field I would like to work also in designing part. which field will be suitable for me? Thankyou.

by Rajshripatil19
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4 answers

RE: If I done mba which will job option I have to choose for my career?

Kashinath Kapte
Kashinath Kapte
Verified Career Expert
Career Counselor and Director at Yuvaskills
  • Latur

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and if you are good orator then the field lecturer is good


RE: If I done mba which will job option I have to choose for my career?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

I guess you have done graduation in computer sciences or IT related stream, it sounds good. First you come out from the confusion and focus one area of interest which suits your background moreover multidesciplinary approach is quite possible which complement one to other and accoedingly you can plan. As you have Computer background and also earned one year web designing course will be benificial for your fuerhter option. As far as management course is concerned it has varsetile approach and accordingly you can extract the best module out of that.

In my opinion you first look into the course structure and then judge your candidature for the same, as you will see all the specialization in MBA like Human Resource, Marketting, Legal and academics, etc again you go into the intricacies and then decided the specialization.

Here important discussion is to see the kind of course which will complement your background rather not joining any program for the shake of fun and change. MBA ofcourse requires a sound preperation at MAT and CAT level again you see the structure of CAT and MAT prior to join MBA. Doing MBA from any prestigious instititutes like IIMs require these CAT/INDO-MAT though many institiutes are available now a days which offer you MBA in attracting fee structure and with multiple promises. Better you explore symbiosis, manipal, amity, offering you excellent course structure in MBA.

Again you look the job market and prepare your profile either by joining MBA or MCA, as MCA is also a very good option for you.

Think twice or thrice then decide that whether MBA or MCA will complement you or not,it is very essensitive issue which decide the fate of your career.

Now come to the job prospective where you have shown your interest in lectureship which requires very good communication skill. before that you must know how to join lecturership, first you finalise your stream either in Management or something else. As you know it is academic job is offered in colleges or institutes or university. Accordingly look for pre-requisites like NET/GATE JRF/SRF then join Ph.D which will be the best option.


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RE: If I done mba which will job option I have to choose for my career?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
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PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Meracareerguide.com and writing to us. From your inquiry, I understand you have a background in Computer science. I see you have also done a course on Web designing and are truly inclined to move on with your career in this field. You also look for variants like lecturer or an MBA. I find you pretty confused in choosing the right direction.

You have invested good amount of money and time in your basic degree in computer science. Added to this you have also topped it up with a web designing course. So why waste these and run into an MBA? I see your interest in web designing and related qualifications. So why don't you develop your career in this area itself? An MBA is certainly not going to help you considering the background of your education and related work experience. So I would suggest you rule out the option of studying an MBA degree.

Now think how far you can develop yourself with this interest into web designing. Find short term courses that could complement your career. There is an internet academy in Bangalore that offers short term web designing courses. Why don't you consider that? The website link is here for you, www.internetacademy.co.in/courses See if you have any courses with this institute that would help you develop further. Alternatively you may also consider doing MSc Computer science with a major in web designing. India doesn't have a fully fledged MSc Web designing degree so considering the MSc Computer science route is the only possibility. Find universities that offer web designing courses as an elective. But South India has a handful of universities that offer M.Sc ecommerce and web designing. To name a few, Mahendra College of Arts and Science, Namakkal; Vinayaka Missions University, Salem are good. Completing this two year degree, you can work at schools and colleges as a teacher or a lecturer. Simultaneously, pursuing a PhD will also help you to strengthen your career. To do a PhD, you should apply for NET exam in India and also consider writing UGC-JRF if you want monthly stipend to support your PhD.

In sum, I suggest you don't consider doing an MBA as you have not built up a relevant background. Pursuing a career in web designing will take you with flying colors as you have true interest in this field and have also invested time and money on related courses in the past. Consider doing a Masters degree that has high emphasis on web designing course. A Masters degree will give you working opportunities at both company level and as well university level as you aspire to be a lecturer. You have ample interest and talent built up in web designing. Try developing it and dont think of an MBA now as it is completely diverting you from your field. I wish you great success in your career.

Good luck.

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RE: If I done mba which will job option I have to choose for my career?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Hello My Dear...

My colleague Ms. Aparna Venkatesan has excellently adviced you in a very right way and my advice would also be on the similar lines. However I would like to put forth some more points to the experts views already given here. I am glad that you brought up your query to CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance to your pretty confused and tricky career question. I appreciate this!

I very much see that your career interests and passion is into technical domain and you can do excellently well in that. My Dear, please understand that doing an MBA is NOT a compulsion or a mandatory thing to get promoted or succeed in your career. This a great myth present in the market that an MBA is the ultimate thing that should be done by EVERYBODY irrespective of his / her career interests and passion.

Please do NOT run behind MBA qualification since it will not help a technically expert person like you to progress. There is huge opportunity to progress and grow in the technical field.

If you are interested in teaching also, that can be done along side with your job. For being into a visiting faculty / lecturer field, it is recommended that you do post graduation in your choosen and liked area of specialisation. This is very important since the technical field is innovating daily and you as a technical expert need to be well aware of the technological advancements and knowing these will also help you get other job opportunities in India as well as abroad.

Also I would recommend you to sharpen your communication skills, soft skills, which are also important in the industry today and will actually help you to become a different candidate than the rest.

Best Luck

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RE: If I done mba which will job option I have to choose for my career?

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