Understanding your interest/aptitude type will give you pieces of information to how your psyche takes care of problems and situations.   Stream Selector Assessment analyze the potential of a person. It is expressed in the form of a person’s interest as well as the aptitude of a student. When students know their potential, it will be simple for them to make choices related with their subjects.   Taking the assessment and looking at its report recommendation will help understand if where interest and aptitude for science stream lies.   The aptitude of an individual is neith

A resume is a ideal place / Opportunity to exhibit your designing talents.    Show to the world in the shortest possible time, about your skills.. say a few seconds.. that is the time most will have to look at your profile, in case they land up there for some reasons.    Try using free sites, pages, create a good portfolio as suggested earlier. But just have an ordinary profile wont take you anywhere.. It has to be really innovative, creative, eye-catchy and of course, your original work!!   Good luck! Ben  

The typical day of a web designer is very interesting and exciting. It's one of the rare careers where technical expertise meets the creative energy. This is how a web designer spends his/her day:Working on Overall Goals – A web designer will spend his or her time trying to achieve certain larger goals; for example, he or she will need to ensure proper design, layout and coding of websites. Every element of these websites will fall under the website designer’s job responsibilities, including technical aspects, graphics, and overall aesthetics (the site’s appearance). 

Creativity is an important aspect of web designing. One thing you must understand as a web designer that it's not just your technical skills that matter as a web designer but also how creative you are with your designs. In fact on most occassions you will be judged by the creativity of your design rather than anything else.This is how creativity is important for the role of a web designer:1. Appeal of the colors:The colors have their own appeal. The sense of the colors and use them with great variation is one of the key things as a web designer. How different color combination can enhance

Hi,   You have done well in the course you have mentioned. CSE is computer science engineering and it is not possible with out maths . You have a multiple query question, let me take one by one and answer all the parts of the question.   First of all let me tell you that you have done well in CSE by scoring 70%. Secondly you are saying that you are weak in maths and science. You may not be interested in maths and science , that is a different issue but you are weak in these subjects is a different issue all together. So i want to say that you may not be bad in maths and science, its

  Other search features to consider include a streamlined , readable and accurate search bar, and a search filter menu that stay active as you move down the page. Lastly, make sure to put a few of the most useful features on your most popular pages, such as your homepage and product details pages.  

Web development being the most lucrative career prospect and having huge demand, let’s discuss on the average pay package offered by companies in India. Common career paths and pay scales: The career path of a web developer will have the following outline. After successful completion of studies, he will go through the positions be indicated below and gradually climb the ladder to success. Web designer or developer:  A beginner will hold this position. His position will have a compensation of 14K per month plus perks. Senior web developer: after an experience of 1-2 years he will be

Web development is the most desired career of this era and almost every tech savvy person running to specialize in this field. There are various types of applications and students often get into a dilemma on what to specialize in. But it’s better to have a transparent idea on the courses and their outcomes. The various types of courses in web development are: Full stack web development-It gives an orientation to client side development covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Query.  On the server side, it’s all about learning to implement NoSQL databases. It’s a composite o

Web development has as tremendous influence in almost 90% industries. Almost all industries have been opting for e- platform thereby emphasizing on the better customer interface, transparency in service and wider data maintenance. Who is a web developer: Web development is a technical aspect how a website is developed and hosted on the internet. Web development involves two parts- one who designs website and the other who links it to the internet by providing links to an interface. Web designing is making the design and thereby it’s static. Developers emphasize in linking with real-time

Since e-commerce had commenced dominating the present millennium, the need for websites has undergone an incremental tendency and clients have emphasized more on web designing and web development. Today’s world believes in systemization of each single activity and the demand for web developers have been sky high with lucrative compensation. For tech-savvy students who aspire to be a part in historic developments of user-friendly platforms, web development is the most rewarding career. There are huge scopes of a web developer and designer in both India and abroad. The basics of web design

Since web development and web designing has taken its peak in the present millennium, several educational institutes have come up with courses which upon completion attract handsome remuneration. There are certain companies which have been marked as good paymasters and offer facilities to its employees. It’s essential to know these companies and know why they are the most coveted ones in the present scenario.    According to certain evaluation, criteria the best web development companies are determined on the basis of following points: Project analysis: The motto is to un