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Sir I want to know as I am student of mca I want to know in website designing and software/web development what is the best option for me.I

Sir I want to know as I am student of mca I want to know in website designing and software/web development what is the best option for me.I also want to know after completing mca at what post I can apply in big companies like tcs,wipro,infosys and how can I apply.

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2 answers

RE: Sir I want to know as I am student of mca I want to know in website designing and software/web development what is the best option for me.I

Prathamesh Kapote
Prathamesh Kapote
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  • Nasik

Hello Dear,

Answering to you 1st question as you have said you are a student of MCA you have a good career options in both the areas i.e. Website designing and Software/Web developement. All depends is on your area of interest . You have to see where you are more likely interested to work. I will give you some idea about the work fields so you will be able to select any 1 field for your career.

After doing MCA you dont have to study much for Web designing and web designing job is not a tough job. Programming,HTML,PHP, Dream Weaver etc. are being mastered by MCA student as compared to normal Web designing Certificate/Diploma. MCA students are give more priority than Web Designing Certificate/Diploma.MCA students are offered good packages in comparison with Web Designing Certificate/Diploma.

If you are not good /strong in Dream weaver,Flash Programming,Flash Scripting etc.than you should think before getting into this field. You can upgrade yourself by taking such short duration courses in private institutes like NIIT for the above mentioned areas.

If you are really interested in web designing than you must have strong knowledge of PHP,Flash Programming, Flash Scripting these are in more demand and will boost your career.

Speaking about Software/Web Development: MCA students have a good career in this field also. Especially in big organizations where software engineers work at various hierarchy they need MCA students for development of software's. So you have a good opportunities in both big and Small IT companies for various roles depending on your caliber.

Answering your second question:

How to apply in TCS,Wipro,Infosys they have ON Campus interviews through the respective colleges in which you are studying. If in case there is no ON Campus interviews than you can apply through OFF Campus interviews. OFF Campus interviews notifications are given on their respective companies website you have to register here if you fulfill their criteria (you can enroll during you finale year of MCA for interviews ) or they issue an advertisement newspaper like THE HINDU.

To get selected in these MNC companies you should :

1. Have a good knowledge of the Company by visiting on their domain.

2.Work on aptitude,current affairs.

3.Technical questions are questioned.

4.Communication skills.

You can also apply in Cognizant,IBM,Accenture,Yahoo,Amazon,Microsoft etc.

Thank you,
Wish you Good Luck

Prathamesh K.

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RE: Sir I want to know as I am student of mca I want to know in website designing and software/web development what is the best option for me.I

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
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Counselor at Adaptive Minds
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You are into a booming career. Everywhere we see computers are an in-thing. And reserach into this field comes up with new technologies to help us to make our life simpler.

Every second person wants to create their own websites to promote theri business. Every organization wants a Software to ease their work load.

So your job is very much in demand. And your MCA qualification supporrts you into the tch world.
As a starter or fresher, you would be employed in an organization at the junior level, miostly a softeare devleoper trainee or junior level programer, designation vary from company to company. Though you have the knowledge, but you need to follow the hierarchy and prove your worth to move up the ladder.

Answer to your question, as to a choice between Web designing and software development, mostly they both require you to touchbase on you being creative. As your qualification would support you with the technicalities like Programming, HTML,Dream weaver and others. You just need to be a little creative if you wish to get into a website designing. Since customers or organizations will just tell you what they want, but its your ideas and sense of being unique which will help you deal and give your best results.
Not that for designing a software you dont needto be creatrive, but definitely you get help from exisiting models which simplify your work, plus set rules that needs to be followed.
So its completely your choice, both require you to be:
  • Creative/ Out of the Box thinking
  • Good designing skills
  • Forseeing Ability
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Working round the clock
  • Being Innovative
  • Customer friendly
  • Research oriented

As far as applying to different top companies are concerned, if you have college placements then good or else, you would have to apply either directly to the company by writing them a brief introduction about your srengths and how it could be an asset to the organization. You could also upload your resume on various job prortals like Naukri or monster etc, also word of mouth or references dohelp. Initially, not having much experince you may not get an early start, so dont get disappointed, take whatever IT firm you get a job with, gain experience and re-apply again.

Also there is a new way of putting your talent to use as a freelancer.You can get into something like Digital Marketing. It involves marketing ones product online and helps reaching the masses. Good for small time entrepreneurs whom you could help.
Your job would involve:
  • Social Media
  • Content writing
  • Data Analysis
  • Designing

The picture below explains Digital Marketing in short:
Computer Engineer
Wish you all the very best...

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RE: Sir I want to know as I am student of mca I want to know in website designing and software/web development what is the best option for me.I

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