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I'm doing my articleship in CA and want to do other courses.

I'm thinking about CS,CWA, and LLB distance

by Chaitanya Sravanthi
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3 answers

RE: I'm doing my articleship in CA and want to do other courses.

Dr salman Abid
Dr salman Abid
Verified Career Expert
Associate professor
  • Hyderabad

Hi, good idea, ther is no graduate course in law through distance education. but its good prog , you can pursue las pg diploma programmes in distance education
1) university of hyderabad
2) Nalsar
the above universities are offering good programmes through distance, you can see the details on there websites.
i would suggest more programmes if you want for your better career growth.
thnx 4 asking your question in this community/group.

NALSAR University Of Law PG Diploma in Patents Law/ Cyber Laws/ Media Laws/ International Humanitarian Law admissions 2013

NALSAR University Of Law, Hyderabad, invites applications for One year Distance Education Programmes in the following courses:
P.G. Diploma in Patents Law
P.G. Diploma in Cyber Laws
P.G. Diploma in Media Laws
P.G. Diploma in International Humanitarian Law
Eligibility:Any Graduate
The Application Form to be downloaded from the website
For further details contact: The Co-ordinator NALSAR Proximate Education Justice City, Shameerpet, Hyderabad-500 078.
Admission Closes on20th May, 2013
programmes offered by u niversity of hyderabad :


PGDPM(Post-Graduate Diploma in Project Management)
PGDLAN(P.G. Diploma in Library Automation & Networking)
PGDCAQM(Post-Graduate Diploma in Chemical Analysis & Quality Management)
PGDCL&IPR(P.G.Diploma in Cyber Laws & Intellectual Property Rights)
PGDBM(Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management)
PGDCE(Post-Graduate Diploma in Communicative English)
PGDENM(Post-Graduate Diploma in Energy Management)
PGDCJ&FS(Post-Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice & Forensic Science)
PGDG(Post-Graduate Diploma in Governance)
PGDHR(Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Rights)
PGDTSH(Post-Graduate Diploma in Translation Studies in Hindi)
PGDTC(Post-Graduate Diploma in Tele-Communications)
PGDMC&TTT(PGD in Mass communication and translation techniques in Telugu )
PGDMB(Post-Graduate Diploma in Medicinal Botony)
PGDCE(Post-Graduate Diploma in Consumer Education)
PGDSRD(Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Rural Development)
PGD-TMA(Post-Graduate Diploma in Technology Management in Agriculture)
Post-Graduate Diploma in Project Management (PGDPM)
Introduction :The programme is aimed at imparting knowledge and skills in Project Planning and Management. The programme offers courses that span the macro-economic environment of projects, principles of management and functional areas of management among others. The course is uniquely designed to provide the most refined skills in understanding economic aspects of planning coupled with managerial aspects. It addresses the professional needs of managers, executives and industrialists engaged in planning, management and execution of projects of varied nature by providing them with the necessary theoretical orientation and also discussion and analysis of practical problems in project appraisal/feasibility, apart from management of finance, marketing and human resources.

RE: I'm doing my articleship in CA and want to do other courses.

Mayank Chopra
Mayank Chopra
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Chartered Accountant in a leading firm
  • Delhi

Hello Friend,

Hope you are doing well and studying hard for your Chartered accountancy exam . The best part about CA course is that its correspondence but requires lot of effort & hardwork.

Since you want to pursue some other course along with CA I would suggest the following which will help you in pursuing your CA in best manner as well adding another qualification:

1) CWA:Since you are pursuing articleship that means you are in IPC so the moment you clear your IPC or complete your graduation, you get exepmtion in CWA & CS. So this can be a best option as in the long run if you apply for job in industry (manufacturing units) you will be gi en preferencs.

2) CS:Same is with CS , so you can pursue CS along with CS. Its more into theory i.e. law. So if you have interest in learning & applying law practiclly then go for it.

3) LAW:Doing LLB along with the CA is adeadly combination if you want to pursue your career as CA/LAW practitioner. There will be no limit to your growth. So if you think that you will do better in consultancy fielad then go for LLB.

4) Other Courses:
Other cousres which you can pursue are:

> Actuarial course

5) Course which will help you in CA career:

> Learn MS Office (Specially Excel)
> Learn Tally & other software packages

However, if you are pusrsuing ur articleship agressively then you will automatically MS office, Tally & other software packages.

CA Mayank Chopra

RE: I'm doing my articleship in CA and want to do other courses.

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,

I am glad to know that you are thinking of upgrading your self and make your self equipped in terms of knowledge and qualifications to tackle the industry work challenges. Good to know that you are already doing your articleship and already near to the industry practices.

I am glad that you decided to approach for seeking guidance and advice on your career query. I am sure that the experts here will be able to guide you appropriately.

Other course along side Chartered Accountancy course and articleship:

I suppose that you are still to complete your Chartered Accountancy course and now you are doing your articleship.

Some experts here have suggested and listed out courses which you can think of to do and I really vouch their views.


Thinking about other courses is good, however I would not like to see you get over burdened by work and other studies. Please remember that you are still to complete your Chartered Accountancy course.

{{{{{ If you have already completed your Chartered Accountancy course, then you may surely do another professional course instead of short term diplomas or certificate courses.}}}}}}

I have been interacting witih many chartered accountancy students for more than seven years now aas a career counsellor and I have suggested them to do another professional course which will compliment the Chartered Accountancy course.

There fore I would suggest you to think for either Cost Accountancy or MBA Finance. If you love to be in the accounts field, then diversifying into Costing or Management / Business Administration will be the best. This will also be a top up to your fantastic qualification of Chartered Accountancy.

If you want to diversify into another related field, then I would suggest you to take up Company Secretary course. ACA and ACS combination is the most seen career combinations in the industry since years.

I would not suggest you to go for LLB. Firstly, there is no LLB in distance mode available in any institute and University. LLB has to be full time course offered by a college recognised by Bar Council of India. LLB as a qualification will not help you directly in your Accountancy work. Company Secretary course already has the required study of statutory laws required for a corporate organisation.

I hope you will think over my advice.

All the Best!

RE: I'm doing my articleship in CA and want to do other courses.

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