Hello there! Hearty Congratulations for completing your Chartered Accountancy course. Glad that you are also working in a PSU. I liked your query very much since I appreciate your willing ness to further continue your education while doing your job. I have been an Educationist and have been counselling students from the commerce / management fiedl for more tha 7 years now and have been teaching and writing for many years now. To add value to your resume and to supplement your CA qualification there are many options available. Full time courses, part time courses, distance learni

No course is Hard in this world, it all depends on our will & determination.Well if you talk about CA. it is known to be a toughest course amonst all accounting institutes in India.Reasons - why it is regarded as toughest:1) This course actually make a person an expert in almost every field of finance & commerce, such:> Accounts> Financial Mgt> Auditing> Cost Mgt> Company Law> Other Allied laws> Direct Tax> Indirect Tax> Other subjects2) It is course where you have to do lot of self study. You need to study on daily basis to be an expert in the field.3) Durin

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,I am glad to know that you are thinking of upgrading your self and make your self equipped in terms of knowledge and qualifications to tackle the industry work challenges. Good to know that you are already doing your articleship and already near to the industry practices.I am glad that you decided to approach CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance and advice on your career query. I am sure that the experts here will be able to guide you appropriately.Other course along side Chartered Accountancy course and articleship:I suppose that you are still to complete your Ch

Dear Aspirant, As already mentioned by other experts about the eligibility criteria, I would like to make you aware that in the industry today, just being eligible by qualification is not enough, but you should have the employability aspects in you to get a good job. Qualification is just a ticket to take you to the interview desk, but how and what you perform on the interview desk, is much more important. So CA qualification will not just get you a good job, but skills of a Chartered Accountant will. so dont be behind getting just qualified, become employable. Best wishes!

Dear aspirant Thank you for approaching counsellors at CareerGuide.com. Good of you to have done a lot of self analysis and passing the information to us. You are already doing a commerce subject now and it is highly essential to first ask you if you want to go in commerce line itself. If you like commerce then choose to study BCom. Commerce maths is a lot different. Although you will study sets and relation a little, you wont study so much in your bachelors level when you do  your Bcom. For example, you might have sets and relation if you study BSc maths and you might be definitely

This eligibility is for next attempt of CPT as well.

Hello Shivam,   There are many short term courses. But it should match with your line of interest as well as your qualifications, only then it will help you seek a job and you would get paid accordingly.   NIIT, provides short term courses related to IT and software. You could also think of short term courses like Animations, web designing, ethical hacking, Designing, Painting, Photography, Digital Marketing etc.   Wish you good luck...

It is important to know about what you thought earlier. Use your free counseling of 10 minutes and call if possible if you need guidance. Also its not necessary that MBA will take you to Corporate World. There are many other options available.  Best wishes, Himanshu

Take Commerce and start your preparations. 

Generally, Universities like Delhi University are asking for Maths in BCom courses. So there is only few best universities which are not asking for Maths in BCom. Those are: Jamia Millia Islamia Lovely Professional University IP University Christ University  You can visit the websites of these universities for the details on the course and fee structure etc. You can explore the world of commerce even without Mathematics. You may also can choose between BCom  Honors, BCom Professional, integrated courses etc. 

Hello Ather,   My question to you here is,: Why have you chosen Commerce? Do you wish to continue in the field of commerce or shift to another stream.   Anyways some of the options you could choose from includes: B.Com B.Com ( Economics, Accounts) Self Finance Courses like BAF, BBI, BFM B.Com ( CA / CS) Management Studies ( BBA / BMS) Mass Media popularly called BMM LAW Literature ARTS ( Sociology, History, political science, Psychology) Hotel management   Before you select an option from the above, please do a lit search on the course as in what it comprises of and scope an

Hi Shivam, look for your career options in the mainstream and you will definitely get one. Otherwise you are as good as an MBA Finance so those options are also available for you. Best wishes, Himanshu

CS is just like another course with a very limited scope. Do your B.Com. and prepare for CAT exam. Finish your MBA and take a good career. Best wishes, Himanshu

Hello Shreya,   An average girl, with a passion to succeed can choose any career that she  wants and would be successful too.   My advise here would be do not pre judge yourself to be an average or super intelligent student that too based on your percentage. Most of the time it has been seen that a student has good logic but when it comes to writing it down or exams they fail miserably and that is seen during their scores or percentages.   Thus if you feel you have a strong logical capacity, and you like Math or understand Math concept, both the field CA and CS can be chose

Hello There,   Yes you can.   But think twice. What is the use of obtaining 2 different certificates?   Which line do you wish to make a career in?   As a Accountant / Financial advisor (CA) or as a policy maker (CS).   Choice is yours.   If you could combine both together it would be a great combination. But you would have to make a niche for yourself in the industry.   Wish you good luck...

Better concentrate on CA.

Go for a regular course.  You can also do it along with that. Best wishes, Himanshu

Hello Rahma,   Any professional course whether CS or CA, is tough and most importantly requires a lot of hardwork, sincerity and dedication. In short one needs to devote more time to these courses alone.   CS, dont confuse it with secretary in general. The role of a CS is more related to policy making based on existing LAWS and compliance, and at the sametime handling budget and accounts as such. Thus the advantage of CS is higher income in the job market.   As mentioned earlier, one needs to dedicate longer hours towards CS preparations and hence we suggest pursuing B.,Com, bec