Hello there! Hearty Congratulations for completing your Chartered Accountancy course. Glad that you are also working in a PSU. I liked your query very much since I appreciate your willing ness to further continue your education while doing your job. I have been an Educationist and have been counselling students from the commerce / management fiedl for more tha 7 years now and have been teaching and writing for many years now. To add value to your resume and to supplement your CA qualification there are many options available. Full time courses, part time courses, distance learni

No course is Hard in this world, it all depends on our will & determination.Well if you talk about CA. it is known to be a toughest course amonst all accounting institutes in India.Reasons - why it is regarded as toughest:1) This course actually make a person an expert in almost every field of finance & commerce, such:> Accounts> Financial Mgt> Auditing> Cost Mgt> Company Law> Other Allied laws> Direct Tax> Indirect Tax> Other subjects2) It is course where you have to do lot of self study. You need to study on daily basis to be an expert in the field.3) Durin

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,I am glad to know that you are thinking of upgrading your self and make your self equipped in terms of knowledge and qualifications to tackle the industry work challenges. Good to know that you are already doing your articleship and already near to the industry practices.I am glad that you decided to approach CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance and advice on your career query. I am sure that the experts here will be able to guide you appropriately.Other course along side Chartered Accountancy course and articleship:I suppose that you are still to complete your Ch

Dear Aspirant, As already mentioned by other experts about the eligibility criteria, I would like to make you aware that in the industry today, just being eligible by qualification is not enough, but you should have the employability aspects in you to get a good job. Qualification is just a ticket to take you to the interview desk, but how and what you perform on the interview desk, is much more important. So CA qualification will not just get you a good job, but skills of a Chartered Accountant will. so dont be behind getting just qualified, become employable. Best wishes!

Dear aspirant Thank you for approaching counsellors at CareerGuide.com. Good of you to have done a lot of self analysis and passing the information to us. You are already doing a commerce subject now and it is highly essential to first ask you if you want to go in commerce line itself. If you like commerce then choose to study BCom. Commerce maths is a lot different. Although you will study sets and relation a little, you wont study so much in your bachelors level when you do  your Bcom. For example, you might have sets and relation if you study BSc maths and you might be definitely

This eligibility is for next attempt of CPT as well.

I've given my 12th board this year and I'm from science with maths stream

Hello Sufiya,  It all depends on your capacity and stamina. Please note, to pursue CA, one needs to dedicate maximum time roughly 6 to 8 hours in a day, along with classes and practicing at home. Now BAF, is a self financing and more practical industrial oriented course. The study mode is more of presentations and learning onsite. Now half of your time would go into group projects and presentation. After a whole day of tiring study, would you have the energy to dedicate time towards studying for CA. We generally recommend B.COM, because the lectures are generally in the morning and at the

Hello Santosh,  You are not interested in.engineering then why are you even graduating in it?. Anyways its your personal choice. But you have put me in a dillema now. Since you have left the question abrupt as well as just mentioned diploma or degree but not mentioned any course or field. Here best would be to opt for an Aptitude test or career counseling test, which wouldreveal your potentials, abilities and interest and help you make a confirmed choice. Without knowing your abilities before choosing a course would again be a failure in your case. Though I am listing few courses, best wo

Hello Vijaykumar,  The basic eligibility for being a lecturer is post graduation especially in the field you wish to teach and clearing the NET / SET exam.  So in this regards she is eligible to be a lecturer even with a management graduation. Wish you and her a good luck...

Hello Murali, To pursue CA, you first need to register with the Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India, after 10th.   But only after you clear 12th, can you appear for CPT ( Common Proficiency test). After clearing CPT, you would be eligible to appear for IPCC. IPCC, is divided into 2 groups. Either you appear for both the groups one after the other or, appear for the first group, then enrol for personality development and IT training course. After this you need to go in for a 3 years article ship under a CA. In the meanwhile you clear the IPCC, group 2  if not cleared or a

Hello Gita,  Good that you wish to start a career again. I can only say that you could do whatever you like. You could start taking tuitions from home or join coaching classes to teach hindi. You could join a publication house and work asa translator. If interested in.joining a school as a teacher, then you would have to clear B.Ed but in the meanwhile you could work as an assistant teacher. Other than this, you could pursue certifications in fashion or interior designing, animations, beautician etc and start working accordingly. Let me know the area you are interested in so that we can d

Chartered Accountancy course is one of the toughest course in this world. To clear this examination one requires proper determination, dedication and patience. As this examination is toughest among all the other examination, therefore, its conversion Ratio i.e. Aspirants to Successful Candidate ratio is also very low. It is considered as one of the rigorous professional courses in India but not difficult if one put his fullest efforts. After becoming CA life is beautiful and worth admiring. They are not only well-paid but also respected and in demand. CA has the liability to create his goodwil

Hello Bhavani,  Absolutely, just talk with the help desk at career guide and if you have any particular counselor in mind, you can ask them to connect to that counselor. Incase you are open to speak to anyone, they would connect you to a counselor who is available at the moment.  Contact career guide ASAP. Wish you good luck..

Hello Dhruti,  Quitting CA is completely your choice. But please note that it is an exam that cannot be justified by 2 attempts. Anyways gone is gone. Coming to your question now. Please note a tax consultant is mainly concerned with helping his clients with tax benefit for which he needs to know the bylaws completely with the knowledge of finance. Thus when you would have studied taxation course only, you would have brushed through LAW, but in taxation with LAW, you would be exposed to the legal aspects of taxation and its violation. So would have to focus on various LAWS and their impli

Hello Saurabh,  Firstly I would say persistency and hardwork is the key to succeed in CA exams. Please note that 5 years is not a big thing if CA is your ultimate goal. Even the best of best student faces failure in this exam. I am sure your articleship will give you a practical exposure and help clear your concepts further and ease the difficulty. I would say dont give up. At this moment giving up does not seem to be a good idea. And focusing on other exams would shift your focus. So I would suggest give CA one more attempt before you give up. Apart from SAP, you could try ICWAI or CFA,

Hello Surodeep,  Good to see that you are interested in helping your friend. But best would be if she would come forward because without knowing her line of interest it would be difficult to suggest a particular careeer choice. Anyways listing down few options. Best would be if she reads and researches on the options as in what the career entails, future prospects, and skills required. As such I feel best would be to get into the job market, get an experience of the market and then decide further course of action. Or else she can choose from:  Banking and Finance (Institute of Banki