Hello there! Hearty Congratulations for completing your Chartered Accountancy course. Glad that you are also working in a PSU. I liked your query very much since I appreciate your willing ness to further continue your education while doing your job. I have been an Educationist and have been counselling students from the commerce / management fiedl for more tha 7 years now and have been teaching and writing for many years now. To add value to your resume and to supplement your CA qualification there are many options available. Full time courses, part time courses, distance learni

No course is Hard in this world, it all depends on our will & determination.Well if you talk about CA. it is known to be a toughest course amonst all accounting institutes in India.Reasons - why it is regarded as toughest:1) This course actually make a person an expert in almost every field of finance & commerce, such:> Accounts> Financial Mgt> Auditing> Cost Mgt> Company Law> Other Allied laws> Direct Tax> Indirect Tax> Other subjects2) It is course where you have to do lot of self study. You need to study on daily basis to be an expert in the field.3) Durin

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,I am glad to know that you are thinking of upgrading your self and make your self equipped in terms of knowledge and qualifications to tackle the industry work challenges. Good to know that you are already doing your articleship and already near to the industry practices.I am glad that you decided to approach CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance and advice on your career query. I am sure that the experts here will be able to guide you appropriately.Other course along side Chartered Accountancy course and articleship:I suppose that you are still to complete your Ch

Dear Aspirant, As already mentioned by other experts about the eligibility criteria, I would like to make you aware that in the industry today, just being eligible by qualification is not enough, but you should have the employability aspects in you to get a good job. Qualification is just a ticket to take you to the interview desk, but how and what you perform on the interview desk, is much more important. So CA qualification will not just get you a good job, but skills of a Chartered Accountant will. so dont be behind getting just qualified, become employable. Best wishes!

Dear aspirant Thank you for approaching counsellors at CareerGuide.com. Good of you to have done a lot of self analysis and passing the information to us. You are already doing a commerce subject now and it is highly essential to first ask you if you want to go in commerce line itself. If you like commerce then choose to study BCom. Commerce maths is a lot different. Although you will study sets and relation a little, you wont study so much in your bachelors level when you do  your Bcom. For example, you might have sets and relation if you study BSc maths and you might be definitely

This eligibility is for next attempt of CPT as well.

Hello Arshad,  Firstly what are you working as in Qatar?. How did you land up there?.  Your basic qualification just stands at 12th commerce. You ought to have a Graduate degree to pursue certificates like ICWAI. Anyways at the moment focus on clearing your graduation. You could pursue B.Com and specialise in accounts. Or opt for BAF ( Bachelors in accounting and finance). A 3 years self financed course. Also please note that CA is tough and requires tremendious hardwork. You need to dedicate most of your time towards the preparations and practice. One time failure does not mean you

Hello Arshad,  Before I answer your question firstly which position are you currently working in? Secondly have you completed your graduation?. Here I would strongly suggest first complete your Graduation. As you have shown interest in the field of Accounting. You have 2 options either pursue B.COM and specialise in accounts or pursue BAF. Then you could opt for ICWAI certification in regards to clearing your graduation and work experience. Are you interested in CA. Please note to clear CA one needs complete dedication and hardwork with complete time investment. Practice is the key. More

Hello Niki,  Happy dusshera. Why pursue history when you ultimately wish to work as a social worker. You can join MSW and quit history majors. Or after you major with history, pursue an MSW course.  But that would mean engaging another 2 years into studies.  Please note there are many positions in an NGO to function as a social worker, apart from addressing the social issues. With your history background, you could get into teaching or education sector and help into educating the kids. Slowly can get involved in other activities once you join the team. Hope this helps. Wish you

Dear Aspirant, If you have gained 10 years of experience after graduation, then it is the best and strong point for you to progress further in your career. Hope you have been working in those 10 years and not sitting idle.  If you have not done any job in those 10 years, then based on your commerce graduation, you may be able to get jobs of clerical nature in BPO, small companies, etc.  First thing you should try hard is to get into a job based on your graduation. Definitely, you should not expect high salary since you are elder enough but without experience. Doing a course is recomm

Good time management. Visualize clearly the outcomes that you want. The kind of career or life that you wish to have. You can achieve only what you have visualized. Correct study methods for each subject. Know what needs to be memorized, and what needs a lot of practice. Understand clearly what you read, and revise regularly.  Learn memory techniques like association and link methods. Seek professional help if needed. Coaching classes give you a lot of practice for the kind of questions accepted. So, you are on familiar grounds, when you see the question paper. It is a good id

Dear Aspirant, There is nothing like BEST OPTION. Therefore I would tell you BEST OPTION etc. Further there is no comparison possible between Chartered Accountancy course and other courses in the same field or domain, since every course is distinct. You are also distinct and therefore I would not suggest you to waste time in looking for best courses. Since you are distinct, you need to look out what you have in you and according to that you should choose the course or career option. Now that you are related to commerce field, there are many courses apart from chartered accountancy which are go

Dear Aspirant, You have answered your question yourself. You know that you are 28 years old and since you have a nice memory you are not supposed to do second grade job. Now that you are a Police Constable, I would suggest you to make use of your nice memory by preparing for the inter police department examinations through the UPSC. This way you will be able to rise from the constable level to Inspector level. This way you can give height to your career in police service. If possible, you can do a distance learning degree in criminal psychology or LLB, which can help in getting promotion and i

Dear Aspirant, By your question, it appears that you fear maths very much and do not want any career related to maths. However, in practical life and while working in the industry in any type of job, command over basic maths is required and mandatory. However, there are courses and career options where lot of maths is not involved. I would list out some career options where maths competence is not much required to the extent where some courses require high command over maths: Law   Business Management (HR / Marketing, International Business)   Marketing   Media &nbs

Dear Aspirant, Definitely, dropping the Chartered Accountancy course at the last stage is not recommended however as we spoke on call, now that you have decided to leave the CA course, you should opt for a course which exactly suits you and your career aim and aspiration. Therefore, please take the Ideal Career Test from CareerGuide.com to know which course option is best suitable to you according to your aptitude, interests, innate skills and abilities, inclinations. The report gets generated instantly. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, Please don't think that apart from medical field, there are no more fields in which you can make a career. It is sad that you could not qualify in PMT exam, however if you think you can still make it to it by more efforts and practice please give it another try. Apart from However, you should also think of other options based on PCB. Some of the options are below: Dentist Dermatologist Dietician Nutritionist ENT Specialist Food Technologist Pharmacy Botany Biologist BioTechnology Microbiology Horticulture Forestry Para-Medical – Nursing, Physiotherapy, Lab Technician

Dear Aspirant, This question should have been asked by you before choosing the post graduation course. Now that you are already doing post graduation in philosophy, you will definitely have to complete it with minimum of 55 percent. M.Phil will fetch you jobs in teaching industry only. There are almost no jobs for MPhil qualified in the relevant area in the corporate. After MPhil, I would suggest that you should enrol for PhD programme. On the basis of MPhil, you will exempt from the PhD entrance test and you shall be eligible for the interview stage directly. If you are not wishing to go to t

Dear Aspirant, 3 attempts are not too many attempts actually, however if you have chosen the Chartered Accountancy course just because of any wrong impression or due to somebody's recommendation, then it is better to leave it and change your career path altogether. However if you feel that Chartered Accountancy is what you had aimed and love for, then you should definitely reappear and try clearing it. Hope you have the right guidance, sincere study environment and the passion to be a Chartered Accountant. If all these are there, then you should continue and you will surely clear. If not, I wo

Dear Aspirant, By IPCC 3rd attempt it definitely appears that it is getting difficult for you to crack it. Hope you have not lost hope in the Chartered Accountancy course. No other course than the Chartered Accountancy, will give you the status or satisfaction you deserve or aim for.  If you have lost hope and feel that you will not be able to make it further in the Chartered Accountancy course, then a course of Diploma in Taxation Laws (DTL) from a recognised Institute and University is highly recommended. This will enable you to get jobs and start your work experience.  Later I wou

Dear Aspirant, Nice to see you choose Chartered Accountancy as a career option.  The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is the only apex body in India under the Chartered Accountants Act 1949 to impart training of chartered accountancy. After 12th any streams, you can get admitted to the Chartered Accountancy course by appearing for the CPT exam. After you clear the CPT exam which is based on the 12th std level of studies, you can get admission to the Executive Course of CA also called as Intermediate level. After you clear the Executive level, then you have to start the t

Dear Aspirant, Its too late that you have realised your interests? What were you doing till now and that too tiil the time you took admission to Commerce? If you still want to go and have not completed a year in Commerce, then you can for automobile engineering polytechnic course (Diploma) based on your 10th marks. However I would advice carefullness and it would be still better that you take the Ideal Career Test from CareerGuide, so as to remove any other confusions or doubts you may have about yourself and your career. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, There are many options where Mathematics proficiency is required. Some are as below: Any Engineering (preferably Mechanical, IT, Computer Science, Chemical, Electrical, Civil, Instrumentation)   Architecture   Computer Science   Mathematician   Statistician   Astronomy / AstroPhysics   Actuarial Science   As you can see the options are diverse. You should choose based purely on your interests and future goal. If required, take the Ideal Career Test - a psychometric test from CareerGuide to know exactly what suits you. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, You need to first unbiasedly judge what is the real reason behind you not able to clear in two attempts? Was your study not complete? Did you do selective studying? Have you taken too much of burden of studies and tension? Did you have any distractions in your mind or surroundings which did not allow you to concentrate? Answer these questions and also find out any other reason which may be there. Since you have done BCom, you only have to focus on Chartered Accountancy studies.  I feel, full focus, concentration, perseverance and dedication is what is the basic requirement

Dear Aspirant, Such kind of feeling comes in many students mind, but perseverance and focus will help you reach your goal. Do not get disturbed or have dual mind about this. Chartered Accountancy course is considered as one of the tough and challenging courses however which results in good career in the long term with respectability and good income always. Therefore I would too suggest that do not lose focus and keep at it. Do not leave the course since the fruits are very good and students who keep at it with focus and determination succeed. Relax and do your studies systematically. Best wish

Dear Aspirant, YOU ARE MISGUIDED by somebody or may be you yourself are making some assumptions or may be you have read something somewhere which has made you pass that judgement about the job aspects for Chartered Accountants. You have cleared the CPT and that means you definitely have the aptitude to start studying Chartered Accountancy course. Chartered Accountants are very well respected and are into a niche domain of accounting, taxation, audit. Job prospects for Chartered Accountants have never been bad and are definitely good for future too. Leaving Chartered Accountancy course and goin