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Should I opt for BCA despite having bad programming skills?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: Should I opt for BCA despite having bad programming skills?

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Choosing a right career is not an easy task. It involves a lot of research, analysis, and understanding of different career fields. One should take utmost care while choosing one's career. It is because a person’s whole life depends upon his/her choice of career. People often fear taking risks and end up choosing an easy but wrong career path which eventually leads them to failure in life.

It is a very famous saying: In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” A person should not give up his/her choice of right career by thinking about the challenges that the career will put forth them. One should only think about being successful in life and should put in his/her best efforts to achieve his/her goal. A person should always remember that failure is also a kind of learning and there is nothing wrong if one takes risk of failure for achieving success.

Why professional course?

Professional courses are the best way of being successful in life. Professional courses involve the specialized study of a particular field and aim at imparting in the students a thorough knowledge of that particular field. Many students believe that doing a professional course is a risky thing to do. This is because they think that professional courses are a bit costly than other courses and they require more time and energy of a student. Students often fear that if they pursue a professional course, then they would be required to indulge all the time in that course and they would not be able to do any other course at that time. They fear that if they fail to do well in that professional course, then their entire career will end abruptly.

But this entire notion is entirely wrong. Professional courses offer more prospects in future than any other course. It is true that professional courses are a bit costly and they require more time and energy. But spending more money on a professional course is a mere investment for future. The money spent on a professional course is nothing in comparison to its benefits. Professional courses bring out the best of a student by expanding his/her mental horizon; focuses on developing the skills of a student that he/she need to work in a specific industry or job; enables a student to discover his/her hidden skills and talents; makes a student highly efficient; enables one to achieve greater competence in one’s field and improve one’s future prospects.


One such a highly professional and promising course is BCA. Bachelor of Business Applications (BCA) is among one of the best courses in the field of computers. This course provides a student with a thorough knowledge of computer. BCA is an undergraduate level course which is divided into six semesters and its total duration is three years. It is a technology based course which prepares the students for a career in the field of computer applications and computer software development. By doing this course a student gets to learn about several programming languages, database management, web designing, multimedia, computer networking and cyber security laws and ethical hacking.


BCA is a professional course, where a student gets a chance to specialize in fields like Programming Languages, Database Management, Computer Graphics, Animation, Word Processing, Personal Information Management, Accounting Applications, Internet Technologies, System Analysis etc. After doing this course, a person gets free choice to choose from the private or public sector as both these sectors offer enough jobs for IT professionals. A student after completing his/her BCA can go for Master in Computer Applications (MCA) and can end up choosing higher level research work in this field.

Does BCA require a person to be a good programmer?

Students often believe that BCA is suitable only for those students who are good at coding/programming because they believe that BCA is all about programming. This is an entirely false notion. Yes, it is true that the core subjects in BCA include several programming languages. But apart from the programming languages, the course offers various other subjects like Database Management, Networking, Multimedia, HTML, DHTML, Visual Basics, Cyber Security Laws and Ethical Hacking and so on. A student who is bad at programming can do well in the other subjects.

For BCA, a person is not required to be good at programming. A person who is bad at programming and who finds it very tough but still wants to pursue BCA is free to do this course as this course offers the students a wide range of opportunities other than programming to do good in. As discussed above, a student pursuing BCA gets a lot of opportunities to specialize in, so one is free to choose any specific field according to his/her choice as BCA is a lot more than programming.


For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!



RE: Should I opt for BCA despite having bad programming skills?

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