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To Be More Interactive And Will Be Able To Attend Array Of Queries Of Any Individual

Skill Oriented And Pathmaker For Aspirants

by manojjnu Kumar
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4 answers

RE: To Be More Interactive And Will Be Able To Attend Array Of Queries Of Any Individual

Dr Rupa Talukdar
Dr Rupa Talukdar
Verified Career Expert
Chief Executive Counsellor at Mind's Eye-
  • Kolkata

Good query indeed. You want to know how to be a more interactive person and also can be able to give positive answer to any individual.

I do not know your background-so my answer would be a general one,

personality wise you should have

  1. Average extroversion

  2. High openness

  3. Good agreeableness

  4. High conscientiousness

  5. Average neuroticism

This helps to grow with a thirst for knowledge; no friction when you are in public life-has inquisitiveness to know more and has keen interest to develop a overall idea of any subject you took interest.

Personality like above always have patience to pay heed to others' words and also try to give good answer what they actually ask for- so it is not in your hand, it is the personality you should need to have.

Being a Counsellor I may suggest you to be more interactive you need to be busy,

  • in acquiring knowledge and clarity

  • increase the capability to take challenge in facing unknown

  • to be fearless, composed and confident

  • in confessing that you have no clear idea of it but can interact after being accustomed with the subject

RE: To Be More Interactive And Will Be Able To Attend Array Of Queries Of Any Individual

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar
Dear Friend
In fact, to be more interactive defines your potential to attend the array of queries rather it depends on your performance to bring your aspirants into the successful framwork which signify the dynamism in interactiveness.
There are certian inherent elements found in human being which boost the personality and further extend the support towards the society. Like many religious saints get enlightened on their mentors terms and conditions under disciplined manner and then attend the kind of internal and external paradox in life.
Similarly a teacher/councilor has the same type of internal facts which first ask him/herself and then analyse with the eternal intelligence and then develop the firm believe which makes you sound and dynamic. Why I am referring such common illustration becoz of certian reasons, first we are all human being and having certian array of system which come across the all ways in individual life before attending any hieght.
Referring to the internal or eternal elements which makes you perfect to answer any query in comfortable manner have certain explanations:

1. Self-satisfaction: a question which strikes you the most and then feel happy and be excited to answer with your own experiences further leads you to the satisfactory communication level on your own memory and intrapersonal level. It gives you all the signal to recommend something valuable which benifits your aspirants structurally and sounds reliable at the acceptancy level.

2. Qualitiative analysis of question: It is said that question could be anything in air but I am not convinced it reflects the state of mind and thought processing of any individual sometime people use to ask circastically without thinking any thing positive or negative. It makes you very serious and attentive, for that you need to set the parameters qualitatively just you give the extrapousre to the given question and try to draw the similarity matrix based on the available database either in the same field or from different field which is known as interdisciplinary or intradisciplinary approach. Only then you can come to the conclusion of your answer which will convince the person and then questioner will say I got the answer with full conviction.

Go ahead---

RE: To Be More Interactive And Will Be Able To Attend Array Of Queries Of Any Individual

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend:
To be more interactive is the inhernet potential which comes on the personal front, rather people do not prepare in advance it reflects naturally. For an example a social representative speaks to you and interact people fluently and solve array of queries despite of the fact whther you are convinced with them or not. Secondly you need to understand where do you stand and to whom you will be answerable accordingly your entire mindset will be governed. This is the prerequisite that you have to know your specialisation and the most suited profession where you wil deliver the best and accordinlgy people will appreciate your effort to explain something. Nothing happens automatically in life, to attend anything special in life you also have to be special for your preparation and design your atrategies how to reach the goal.
Of course we are talking about comminication skill and abilty to interact with others based on the interpersonal skills, try to understand following points which will help you to get ready for such smart move:

1. Thematic: You you have to undersatnd that what I am going to deliver and must be knowing the expected questions whetehr it is coming circastically or in advance you have been given the theme. Accordingly you need to prepare your talk. While delivering anything you have to be very alert to the kind of question, for example you are being asked for qaulity control and you are answering something else which will loose the gravity of your persona and will reflect the poor understang and assesisng ability. Be thematic.

2. Expressive: It means the suitable answer and the content of answer is defined and structured rather giving many irrelevent references which will dilute the objective of your talk so must define the topic or must understand the objective of query which make you expressive in real sense. Your communication skill is very important you must know others and understand which language will be preferable to them so that the message of your talk could be delivered smoothly.

3. Politeness: Never be arrogant or irritated while attending any query or while interacting with others. If you get irritated easily then next time you will be ignored.

Take care of the suggested points you can


RE: To Be More Interactive And Will Be Able To Attend Array Of Queries Of Any Individual

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear aspirant, thank you for your question, infact this is a very good question and also relates to majority of persons. Here you have not mentioned your academic qualifications and what are you doing presently. Every one wants to be more interactive so that he or she can understand the counterpart in personal as well as in professional life.

Let me tell you, here you have to work on two aspects, first develepment of interpersonal skills or communication skills and second workin on to be more interactive leader.
Lets take first part, the interpersonal skills or communication skills or peroples skills or life skills or soft skills. These are the qualities with whic we are bore, but we have never noticed our bahviour or how we interact with a person in a group or as individual.

The persons with strong communication skills are very successful in personal, professional and social life. The persons having good personal skills are are considered to be more calm, confident, cool, optimistic and charishmatic. The main interpersonal skills are ;
Verbal communication skills; how to say and waht to say
Non verbal communication skills; here we do not say anything but our body language conveys the meaning
Listening skills; to develop the quality of a good listner

Biological Scientist

Lets take another peronality aspect; how to be more interactive and take queries of other people.
Basically there are four ways through which you may become a perfect interactive leader.
1. Show you face; you have to be little extrovert, you have to mingle with people and understand their opinions, try to understnd the gravity of talk and then analyze. Use appropriate and limited words to convey your opinion. Some time you have to come to a common negotiation to satisfy all.
2. Set a time to interact; you have interact with people, make a general conversation and you ahve to say your ideas in a very convincing way so that people can easily understand what you want to say.
3. Pleasing personality; you have to groom yourself, it does not mean that you have follow some role model, but every day your attire should speak your personality. Your face is reflection of your personality, therefre, a smiling face really cast a spell. What ever you say, and listen, jus do it with a smiling face.
4. Eye contact; your eye contact while answering someone 's query or you are induscussion, the eye contact matters a lot. It shows how much confidant are you.

Finally, just belive in yourself and you can do it.

Good Luck....

RE: To Be More Interactive And Will Be Able To Attend Array Of Queries Of Any Individual

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