Unable to decide which line I should go for

Wants to do something different which can be enjoyed, should have chasing

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3 answers

RE: Unable to decide which line I should go for

Halima Sadiya
Halima Sadiya
Verified Career Expert
FreeLancer Academic and Career Guidance Counsellor
  • Kalyan

Hello student,

From your query, it is clear that youare not only undecided but also not certain of your interests and goals. good that you approached CareerGuide.com with your query. we will be happy to help you in deciding which field you should choose so that you enjoy your career . It is required that one should be aware of one's own interest area, skill sets, personality traits and aptitude and then decide a career according to that so thatthere are no regret's later.

I suppose you want some kind of off beat career as well as a promising future in it. May be cartoonist, computer graphics and animations, sports person,Video jockey , dance and theatre performer, fitness expert etc. The list for unconventional careers is very long and also offers great opportunities. But you need to plan andprepare yourself for the bigger picture. Try to know what your skills sets are and what are your deepest passions., then determine the nature of work and other conditions of the opted career. study the life and careers of experts in your chosen field, it will help you to understand the in and out of the career. See if you can develop the traits inside you with the formal training in the chosen field. Do it twice and thrice before you decide and finally count upon anything.

I would suggest you Ideal career assessment and other psychometric assessments at careerguide.com as the professionals help and advicewould help you to craft your career in a more finer manner.

Still Have Queries? Feel free to contact..

Good Luck..

RE: Unable to decide which line I should go for

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
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PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur

Hello dear

Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I appreciate you wanted to do something different in life and be outstanding from the crowd. This is one formula for achieving recognition and success. Before all, may I ask you what you are currently doing? Are you at school/ college or currently working anywhere? I could help you better only when I know a bit more about you and your current position.

However, I shall help you get directed towards your interest now.
First, please take up a psychometric testing available on this website. This assessment will help you give a clarity on what are your plus and minus. It will tell you what sort of a person you are and what type of roles or jobs can be best tailored to your personality type.

Second, ask your self what interests you always. Take a paper and write down all that interests you at this point.

Third, correlate your interest with your career. Now read carefully what ever you have written. See if there is a career line that could be constructed with each of the interests you have written down. For example, if you have written that you like designing attires, you can have a career in fashion designing, if you like cooking then you can have a career in catering technology, if you like research then you have to do Phd in a subject you wish, if you like to be a manager or a leader, then studying an MBA is essential for you to achieve this aim.

Unorganised Sector
It is advisable to analyse your own strengths and interests and then start everything from there. Do something that you truly love and are passionate about. Please don't do anything because others are doing or someone asked you to do. Beyond everything, there is three essential things that you need to do to achieve success.

1.Create milestones: Write a flow chart to say what all you want to do in next five years. In this flow chart, create milestones. A milestone is a mark that tells you how far you have reached in your goal and how long still you need to go. You can create a mile stone for once in every six months and expect a goal to be achieved by that six months. Check yourself once in every six months if you achieved the target and are good to go for the next six months.

2. Role model: Ask yourself who is your role model. It is good to find a role model more related to your field. See how they achieved success and carefully understand what all they did to come to the current position. This will certainly give you an idea of what you can do to achieve the same success in future.

3. Networking: Lastly try networking with other people in your field as much as possible. This way, you can get to meet some senior professionals and their friendships could mentor you and help you develop personally and professionally.

Please write back if you need further help. Many thanks.

RE: Unable to decide which line I should go for

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Hello there

Thank you for approaching counsellors at CareerGuide.com. This sort of confusion is genuinely there with students and even employees some times and i can totally understand your situation. But dont worry as we at Mera career guide are there to help you solve this confusion. I am happy that you approached us. Before i go into the topic, please let me introduce myself. I am Gomathi and I am into this counselling profession for over 23 years now and i specialize in guidance and counselling for students and employees and all the other people. I am also the Managing Director at GV Counselling group based in Bangalore and we have also recently started in Chennai. So lets go into your topic.

The best answer could be given after knowing more bit about you. Actually are you at school/ college/ already been at work? I can only guide you better if i know some extra details. But i assume that you are a school going age child and thats why you have asked which line to choose from. Therefore i will give my answer for school going children.
At school level you can choose four options.
1. PCB - Physics chemistry Biology are the subjects that you will study in this subject. It depends on the school to include some extra two subjects like maths, English or other regional languages. Studying this you can become a Medical practitioner (but not a Doctor). Something other than that like Biotechnology, Clinical psychology and so on. But remember this stream is exclusively for students who is not aiming for MBBS/ ENGG/ BDS but are willing to do a BSc degree in Science related subjects.

2. PCMB- This will include Phy chem bio and maths. This is for students aiming Engg degree like BTech Chemical engg, biotechnology, Bio informatics. Also for MBBS, BDS, BPhram, PPhysio.
3. Commerce - This is for students choosing to go into Economics, business, finance, accounts and management careers in future.

4. Computer science - This is for students aiming careers in software engineering. They can either study BSc Computer science, BCA, BTech computer science, BTech Information tech. Completing this degree you can get only into computer associated fields.

You should see where you would like to work in future and which line interests you among the four and choose accordingly. Good luck.

RE: Unable to decide which line I should go for

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