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Utterly confused about my career! Can't decide?

I am a student from medical side, I did my 12 from bio nd gave 3 attempts for pmt and got govt dental colleges but no medical college, then for my graduation I have taken admission in a local college, m doing graduation in chem, botany, zoology. But I am very depressed. I don't understand what to do now, after graduation I am interested in mba, but in what field should I do my graduation from??

by Soumya Tiwari
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4 answers

RE: Utterly confused about my career! Can't decide?

Dr. K.V. Anand
Dr. K.V. Anand
Verified Career Expert
Career Guide, Educationist, Author and Clinical Psychologist
  • Palakkad

Dear aspirant
Welcome to
We are more than happy to help you choose a perfect career.

Your age group is supposed to be the most creative. Creativity is at its best during your age group and often we do mistakes. Being an educational and health psychologist and career counselor and having 10 years of experience in this area, I can perfectly explain you why are you facing such a confusing situation. Definitely, this is not your mistake.

You did appear PMT three times and could only get admission in dental colleges. You took admission for graduation in a local college. Fine. Why are you depressed? There is a way for every thing. And depressed is not the correct word. I think you are simple dissatisfied with how the time goes. Again this happens to all youngsters because they are not clear about their future. Even those people enter medical field gets confused because of the vastness of syllabus and start thinking "is it my career path?". So you are not at the wrong path.

To know your aptitude and career path and stream, you can undergo psychometric assessment tests. These tests will bring out your personality, aptitude, attitude and skill set. With the help of these knowledge, you can travel further. You can polish your advantages and correct your disadvantages. In any case, these are beneficial.

Take one psychometric tests and assess yourself. Then you can choose your career based on that. Getting confused and depressed is of no use and is unprofessional. Getting dissatisfied and confused makes you more lazy and unproductive, suck your energy and make you more lethargic. So stop worrying. You have your own future in your hands.

Hope this answers your query. Available for further clarifications.
Good luck.
Dr. K V Anand PhD

RE: Utterly confused about my career! Can't decide?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for writing to us. I very well understand your present situation. First of all I would like to tell you to feel relaxed as you still have a lot of time to do and achieve big things. It is quite certain for students to face confusions at your age, and the main reason is because most of you haven't analysed what you like and what you want to be in future. Lots of students study well in general and for this reason they think they are suitable to all type of subjects and the related careers. And most students blindly follow what others suggest them to do. This is where the root to confusions stem from. However I am very glad for you - know why? You are motivated to find the next right opportunity and not get stuck with this entrance exam preparations over and over again. I also deeply appreciate your interest in pursuing a new subject and took interest and responsibility to approach counsellors to be guided by them. I totally appreciate you for this effort. This well reflects your responsibility towards your career and future, and if you hold to it well I am sure you will ROCK.

First of all, I would like to tell you, you are great and you haven't lost anything as such. You are determined in nature else would you have thought to study a new course? Lots of students get stuck up with repeated entrance exam attempts and I have seen many weeping for years but in your case you are courageous enough to get past it and move on. I understand you have given quite good number of attempts for medicine courses but after trying a couple of times, I feel you have lost interest in Biology subject itself. May be this is the reason you have chosen to do an MBA?

Now please be calm, composed and try doing these following things.
1. Do the personality assessment available on this website to check whether MBA course is right for you.
2. Next sit down in a silent place and think of some person who inspired you the most, and from what field he/she is from. Try knowing about their career success path like how they started in that field and what made them to achieve success.
3. Next think what you want to become in future, where you want to work, and with whom you want to work. Do you like working at schools/ colleges/ corporate? And as what?
4. Plot a career vision graph. In this say where you want to be in five years from now.
5. Finally see what you can do next to achieve that goal. Example, if your goal is studying an MBA (as you aspire now) then start looking out for top B-Schools, their eligibility criteria to get admitted. Do preparations for entrance test like CAT, MAT, XAT and prepare vigorously. You can prepare right from now in fact. Start networking with fellow students who are aspiring to do an MBA like you. Do group study with them and work out on test papers in groups. Each of you may get motivated from each others success. You will feel relaxed once you get on with this.

Lastly, don't feel upset. You are actually not satisfied with the way your medical entrance tests went by. But tap on your shoulders and appreciate yourself for giving three attempts. That shows your determination. If I were you, I know I wouldn't have had that courage to try for second attempt. You are sportive, excellent! Keep up with this attitude and it will lead you to success one day. If you require more help about the MBA and admission process, please write back and I am very happy to help you.

My best wishes to you.

RE: Utterly confused about my career! Can't decide?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

After a critical analysis I reach to the following analysis:
1. You are the victim of multiple plans at a time
2. Unable to find your wekness and strength and eventually your preperation is not completed due to the internal clashes in mind.
3. No one is giving you right suggession according to your potential.

As I mentioned the facts those are more than sufficient to pull you down from your target so come out from thiese stugle and never take your decesion in hurry or never make your life monotonous like --If I will not do then my life will be meaningless or something else which make your life complex without any reason. Take your career on routine basis maintaine the discipline throughout the career and attempt any thing with the great sense of ease and confort otherwise never do it which gives you feeling of imposibilities.
In generel what happens people at young age fix the acedemic path based on the family and social references which is not good sometime it works and sometime it fails so avoid doing so still you have time to judge yourself and see the strength.
As you started your academic journey with medical prep now you are in generel basic biological sciences, again you plan to switch over the career to management. I am telling you that you are proving yourself as a rejection material from all the course program what you have tried to understand. You have set the bad examples and must be blaming your subject that it is worthless or blaming yourself that I am useless???Never do this or never allow anybody to monitor your career. It is you who will give the right direction as you have studied the entire basics from schooling to college and must be having the expereince to understand a set of subjects which need to be uncovered at higher and applied level as you know you are not going to join any strange world whether it is medical or biotechnology or management depends on your basic stict you are suppose to define the career.
Stop gossiping many things at MBA or Commerce as you want to taste it also and I am sure again you will look for the option, it is not good a reputed industry od PSU or govt will offer you descent position as you are carrying the trunctated experience from different background, better to stick to the same course and stream and try to understand where your pateince, consistency, and honesty require at max level.
All the best

RE: Utterly confused about my career! Can't decide?

Archana Kakade
Archana Kakade
Verified Career Expert
DMIA & Brain profiling & counseling
  • Mumbai

You will get exact answers to your confusion through your DMIA testing. It will solve your confusion about career and personal life as well. Visit www

. to know more. first understand what various potentials are on stronger side in you. Also understand what is your working style, execution, adaptability, team work, motivation points, thinking pattern before you make choice of particular field for MB A studies. Every year in life is precious. Don't loose your time in confusion and frustration. You also need to know whether you are more of auditory, visual or kinesthetic while choosing career. If you choose most suitable career you will be efficient in your work. Your adaptability level plays vital role in your life. Whether you will be stick to one place or work environment or you will be comfortable in working in unfamiliar new areas of work and will take new opportunities and will adjust in new places. Feel free to ask more about this.

RE: Utterly confused about my career! Can't decide?

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