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I am doing bsc hons computer science from hansraj college . I am in third year and wiill graduate in 2015.I am planning to do MCA after this as this is the only option . after mca I want to be a ethical hacker or a web designer.but also I am fascinated by the VFX used in movies and want to learn that VFX ART.but all vfx courses are of 2 years duration or 1 year .that means either I can do MCA or VFX. which one should I choosde???which field has more scope now and more salary??? can I do vfx along with mca ?? even then I will have to choose my final career field . do vfx require me to be good in drawing and painting ? as I know I only need to learn diff softwares for this. should I do VFX from uk ?only UK can accept a 3 year course but people say UK HAVE no job oppurtunities and scholarships .so what should I do ? VFX OR MCA

by Chiranjeev Jain
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