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want study Constitutional Law

by Sahil Sharma
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RE: want study Constitutional Law

Vikram Soni
Vikram Soni

Dear Student,


Firstly if you are  12th class student than you have to clear Ballb programme that is for 5 years duration and than in Master degree LLM programme you can pursue your desire law domain .Accordingly you can make your career and get the knowledge .


If you have graduate  degree from any stream than you have to do LLB programme that is for 3 years duration and than you can pursue LLM programme.


If you have any further query feel free to post here.

All the best

RE: want study Constitutional Law

Preetha Ajit
Preetha Ajit
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Dear Sahil,


Constitutional law is the group of law which characterizes the relationship of various substances inside a state, to be specific, the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary.

Constitutional law is a noteworthy center of legal studies and research. For instance, most law understudies in the United States are required to take a class in Constitutional Law amid their first year, and a few law diaries are committed to the examination of established issues.

Constitutional law coursework concentrates on the Constitution and the collection of law that has created as Americans have translated it in varying ways. Courses in constitutional law are regularly taken as a feature of a degree program

Courses in this subject reach from a diagram of the constitution to specific revisions and rights. Understudies take in the segments of the constitution and how to decipher the archive. Understudies may then study the branches of the legislature and branches of the government, and in addition the ramifications of the First Amendment. They may likewise take a course covering the privileges of the individuals who have been blamed for violations, and in addition the individual rights and equivalent insurance that the Constitution gives.

Generally in constitutional law courses topics like freedom of speech, workplace privacy, protection from discrimination, double jeopardy, right to counsel, cruel and unusual punishment, etc..

Law educator and lawyer are two of vocations that can concentrate on constitutional law. Turning into a constitutional law proficient requires broad expert training past a four year certification. Lawyers must get a law degree and more often than not pass a state law student review, while law educators typically have involvement in their individual zone of law and a doctorate in law.

Hope this helps

Happy career planning

Preetha Ajit

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