Want to know about the various career options available

What fields can I explore after 12th having done biology physics and chemistry

by Jugnusandhu
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2 answers

RE: Want to know about the various career options available

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Aspirant:

I guess you are pursuing 12th with biology -botany + zoology, and physic-chemistry as subsidiary courses. After 12th you will have the following options:

1. Medical studies at UG level: MBBS through CBSE -AIPMT or other entrance tests like UPCPMT or defence-AFMC and directly get enrolled as medical student in any medical college. Latter you will come to know about the further specialization which will bring you to MS or MD or Ph.D it depends on your future performance as well as interest to opt a career. Therefore at each level you will find the sub-classification and ultimately you will reach the height of academic nich. For preparation you need to complete Botany Zoology, Chemistry, Physics at advance level and your analytical mind will be determining factor. Your aptitude and attitude will help your confinements before joining such prestigious professional career.

2. Similarly you can go with basic sciences like B.Sc in Biotechnology, B.Sc in Botany or Zoology, BSc in Chemistry and according you will decide your career in any of these subjects respectively. After B.Sc or B.Sc hons you can prepare for civil services UPSC or PCS at state level. or many more opportunities are available on of the way
3. Technical/Engineering has program for you like B.Tech /M.Tech in Biotechnology and you can claim jobs in bio-engineering, biotech, bioprocessing etc. just like an engineering, you need to learn maths at twelevth level.

3. Still you want to continue the same subject then go for Post graduate study like M.Sc in any of the subject of your choice, PG study is gives you the preliminary introduction of your future research so student use to treat this two years duration like incubatory period for further research studies.
4. Based on your post grad study you will be given opportunity to join doctorate program-Ph.D in any institution in India or abroad. You have to qualify the exams like UGC-NET, CSIR-JRF, ICMR, ICAR, DBT etc to prove your credential only then you will be given recognition in research world. At the same time it gives you the financial support for at least five years which is sufficient time to complete your Ph.D.

Based on the above cited reference you can go for the suitable career.

All the best


RE: Want to know about the various career options available

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur

Hello there!

Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I am glad to advice you on careers with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as it was the same stream I opted for when I was at higher secondary school. These subjects give you a variety of options like the Medicine, Engineering, Dentist and Paramedical. Apart from the advice already put up in here on this forum, I would like to add a few more.

Please look at the flow chart of the type of careers that a Biology, Physics and Chemistry degree can give you.

As you may well know with a Combination of Bio, Phy and Chem students are most likely to choose Medicine or Dental courses. Apart from the fields listed on the picture, you may also consider studying Chemical Engineering and Technology, Petroleum engineering and Oil technology.
Other options: To mention, students generally flood to courses listed above and hardly they tend to recognise the other type of courses they can still pursue with a degree in Biology. It would be nice if students start recognising these degrees as well.

  • Psychology: You can study BSc Psychology with a background in Biology and Chemistry at school level. A Psychology degree can give you two types of careers: professional psychologist and a corporate psychologist. To become a Professional psychologist you need to study Clinical psychology and for the rest of areas like Educational psychology, Industrial/ Organisational psychology and Counselling psychology you can work as a Corporate psychologist. The type of elective you choose to major will choose your career.
  • Sociology You can study a BA Sociology with a background in Biology. You can work for Community and service as a Criminal justice officer, Attorney, Activist and for Business and Management professions like Advertiser, HR, Marketing, Communications, Ethics manager, Researcher and for Health services as a Commission planner, family planning counsellor, health management, case management, suicide protection, women and children protection. You can also be employed in state and national government positions.
  • Social work: With a BSW, you can work for mental health and well-being NGO's, medical and public health, substance abuse, child welfare and school social work.
  • Nursing: A BSc Nursing can give you jobs as a staff nurse and you also have an option to specialise as a Psychiatric nurse by studying the relevant diploma.
  • Physiotherapy: A Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a four year degree that requires you to have studied Biology at school level. As a Physician you study the anatomy of human body and the function of muscles and bones. After this degree, you can work as a Physiotherapist at hospitals and private clinics.
  • Pharmacy: A BPharm is a four year bachelors degree and Biology at school level is mandatory. It gives you a career as a pharmacist working at dispensing medicines in hospitals and also at pharmaceutical companies.
  • Medical lab technology: There is a three year BSc degree that teaches you to handle complex medical instruments and patients associated with it. Some of the areas where you could work are Radiology, Ophthalmology, X-Ray, CT Scanner and many more.

Hope this briefing helps. Good luck.

RE: Want to know about the various career options available

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