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What are different Job opportunities available in Forensic Science field?

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RE: What are different Job opportunities available in Forensic Science field?

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Forensic science today is a vital and crucial part of the today’s police, judicial and other investigating systems, where a forensic expert deals with the helpers in a close coordination to find out the evidence and depicts the same to the courts and helps in the whole process of investigation to prove the results.To reach a certain conclusion or say a definite result, forensic experts adopt various forensic science procedures and theorems in the investigation of criminal cases.

The MBBS students have the advantage over the other field students in the field of forensic science, as they are habitual to the working conditions for the same. But it doesn’t mean that the other graduates from the different background fall short for the same. Even the BA or BSc students can opt for the forensic science and can make the career in this domain. The graduates for the law or civil related background also have the equal level playing field, to enter in the job of forensic science.

It is only necessary to choose the forensic at a correct phase of academics, which will give you the desired result. We’ll discuss the various aspects of the field relative careers and job opportunities.

About the work

All the careers are good enough to make the future, it's only the interest of the individual to make it bright.; but yes there had to be the various analysis of the various myths,  to discard the future misconceptions. Job opportunities, nature of the job, advantages, career-related aspects, etc must be explored before entering the field. Employees of Forensic science and associates require the ability to take tremendous workload e.g. investigations of police, proceeding demonstrations, judiciary, etc. correspondingly, an employee of forensic scientist usually works over time, spend lots of time in the investigation, and ultimately requires the patience.

 Job Prospects

Much of the job prospects resides with the government sector for the forensic scientist and forensic doctors; one can get into the law enforcing agencies like police, legal systems or can join the law agencies of central and state governments. Besides the public sector, private players also offer the best opportunities of the work.

If your performance remains good throughout you can be called by the Intelligence Bureau (IB), the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), etc. Another profession of teaching forensic science in the universities is a highly respected job too.


With the recommendations of the 7th pay commission, the grade pay of 3200 to 4200 are grouped under, taking the average salary up to the mark of 40000-50000.

Demand and Supply

With the increment in the criminal cases inside the country, there is a much need of the forensic science in the investigation work. Do remember that, a successful law and order can only be there if an investigation workforce is rigid.

Abroad aspects

With the advancement in the technologies, the criminal and civil cases are common in the states like the US. The US needs the much more forensic scientists than India, to maintain their healthy investigative system. Thus after pursuing the forensic science masters or doctorate degree, one can join the US-based companies of forensic research.
There are the different jobs with different nomenclature exist in the forensic science.

  • CSI (Crime scene investigator): The most fundamental and specialized work is of the crime scene investigator, one has to check and verify each and every clue or evidence to make the system fast and healthy.


  • Pathologists (forensic expert: They determine the exact time and duration of the wounds, deaths or any other body mystery.


  • (For. Anthro) Forensic Anthropologists: For the identification of the nature of deaths.


  • Forensic medical experts in the clinic:: for those who have the masters or doctorate degree, their role to demonstrate the nature, type of weapon used, PM analyze etc to the police or law agency.


  • Serologists: blood samples, blood tests, DNA profiling, RNA profiling and genetical information.


  • Chemists in forensic: some of them have masters and doctorate in the chemistry field of forensic science, for those the job of forensic chemists is really well suited. In this domain one has to work like, testing of the food samples, testing of the alcohol ratio in blood, drug suspect in the body, chemicals in the water or fluid drunk etc.
  • Fingerprint expert: they are commonly known as dactyl os copists, their job is very important, to check the fingerprint of the suspects, which forms the basis of basic approach to the process


  • Forensic technologists: they use to decode the oral, telephonic, written, handwritings as well as sign languages to put the detailed information on the case.


for those who want to have internships in the forensic science, will have definitely more benefits in terms of getting to the job especially in the private companies, there is also the provision of getting a stipend while having an internship.

Top institutes

  • (ICFS) Inst. Of Criminology and forensic science, Delhi
  • Lucknow university, Uttar Pradesh
  • (LNJN) Lok Nayak Jaya Prakash Narayana National Institute of Criminology & Forensic Sciences, Delhi
  • Harisingh Gour Kendriya university, Sagour, Madhya Pradesh
  • (DU) i.e Delhi University
  • Madras University (ANNA), Madras
  • Central Laboratory of the forensic science, Hyderabad
  • Central Laboratory of forensic science, Chandigarh,
  • Central Laboratory of forensic science, Kolkata, west Bengal
  • Gandhinagar forensic science institute, Gujarat
  • Amity, greaterNoida
  • Ahmadnagar college of forensic science and criminology, Maharashtra


Forensic science is one of the challenging fields, interested ones can start their career with the top colleges, gain experience while working as a junior fellow or forensic practitioner and get into your dream platform.


For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are different Job opportunities available in Forensic Science field?

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