i want to this course suitable for girl student

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Forensi scientists are responsible for analyzing all physical evidences such as blood traces, saliva, hair, figner prints , footwear and tyre impressions , explosives etc found on a cime scne. Their are and nature of work mainly involves but not limited to crime scene investigation, foresic pathology , forensic psychology/ psychaitry , forensic dentistry / anthropology etc. They are employed by national investigative bureaus. Most of the forenisc experets work with law enforcement agencies such as police departments, central investigation deepartment, central bureau of investigation, private d

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Dear, Being [a graduate in pharmacy][1] you can apply for M.sc. in Forensic. But if you want to join this field you need to have gritty determination because it takes a lot of patience and sometimes tasks are very challenging. The task of forensic scientists is very challenging   as well as adventurous nowadays, due to the increase in the rate of organized crime. Therefore, organizations in India that deal with forensic science, especially forensic laboratories, are recruiting talented professionals in the field of forensic science.If you want to see yourself as [forensic scientis

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Hello sir, I am piyush jaiswal from kolkata, i am reading in class 11. I want 2 study forensic science and also want to make my career in it . So what preparations i have to do for it and what are the criteria to get admission in forensic science courses.

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Dear friendForensic Sciences have huge career prospects like Forensic Scientists, Officers, Detectives, Professional, Fraud Examiners etc. Several institutes like National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science established by Govt. of India, New Delhi, Amity Institute of Behavioral Health  and Allied Sciences, Noida, Culkatta University, and several other institutes like Gujrat University offers several allied courses which make you a forensic experts and get the utility report card by visiting individual website:Govt and private jobs are available for such professionals, autonomou

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