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What are my career opportunities after getting a Law degree?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: What are my career opportunities after getting a Law degree?

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Warm welcome to our readers. We at provide the budding minds with ample information. This article is basically for all the students interested to join the line of judiciary. Law is one such thing that has to be followed by everyone once passed. This makes judiciary an evergreen job.

 The Indian judiciary is never going to come to an end because we live in a democratic country. People have the right to say whatever they wish to while some others won’t always agree to what one says. They will have different and conflicting views. Hence, to avoid conflicts and to bring harmony, we have law.  

LLB in combination to BA,B.COM is very much in demand and many students opt for it. This trending career has a bright future. There are a plenty of job opportunities after law. One can join hands with the companies or can practice law in the court on their own.

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  • Practice as an advocate in the court of law.
    One can start up with Private Practice on their own. You just need to register yourself in whichever legal court you want to practice. What I would suggest is, to begin with, apply for district court. Now there is a reason for that.


You are first time working on your own, except for the internship that you might have done during graduation, and while working alone you need to have some exposure. Exposure is very important.


Practice with the District Court for about 2-3 years, gain experience and then shift to the higher level on the hierarchy table. This will help you have an edge over those who have directly started working with the State court. But also the choice depends on your caliber and attitude. If you are confident enough and are very well aware of all the laws you have studies, you can then definitely go for High Court or even Supreme Court for that matter.  


  • Hired by companies
    It is always a great option to join the corporate world and get hired by MDC'S (Multi National Companies) as soon as possible. Companies require lawyers for legal advice. The role here is to keep safe the commercial transactions of trade. 


The once hired by a single company are called In-House lawyers. They advise the firm about the bond deeds, taxation policy, investment laws and all those laws that are directly or indirectly related to the company. Large companies say for example TATA’s, have many departments. Therefore many In-House lawyers are taken up by just one company.

Top companies :-                                                      


  • Army (Defence Forces)
    Army is another institution that requires law. Law is basically required in every field because without laws there will be a lot of chaos. One who wishes to be a part of Indian Army with LLB as a degree, need not worry anymore. Indian Army has the post of JAG officer( Judge Advocate General), who is aware about military laws and helps deal with it.  Candidates can apply online and then have to clear a written test.  There are a few vacancies for JAG Officers as compared to other services in Army. Men, as well as women, can apply for this. Even after getting into army, officers must keep on practicing and studying because they have to clear their exams for promotion.


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  • Academic Teaching

    Lawyers can also get appointed in schools and good colleges to pass on their knowledge to the aspirants. Many lawyers can become professors and teach students. This helps both the students as well as the law professor. It helps students because they have good faculty that is teaching them, and on other hand, it helps lawyers to remain updated about the changing laws. While teaching, professors often look forward to publish books.
  • Writers

    Lawyers can also publish their own articles in newspaper and on websites. Those keen on writing can also write their views on certain issues and publish a book. This is also a good job if once you have settled into it. If you do exceptionally well in writing books there is a chance that your book can be opted as a part of curriculum in some college or some university. This will earn you fame but you need to work extremely well. 

Different roles played by lawyers and their different names.






Takes the final decision and offers judgment after conducting the proceedings.


Legal Advisor

Works in the corporate world and assists them in legal decision making.




Criminal Lawyer

Is hired by some party to defend them against the criminal act they have performed or are the victims.  Specializes in criminal laws and other penal laws.


Legal journalist

Covers crime areas, makes report, conducts legal meetings, arbitration court


Government Lawyer

Is answerable for the government and works for it and has coordination with the police


Document drafting Lawyer

Is a specialist in making legal documents related to property, loans, tax etc.


Legal Analyst

Works for the corporate sector and analyses the pertaining laws in the working environment



Law is basically required in every field because without laws there will be a lot of chaos. People are required to be told about their boundaries of conducting themselves. If we do not impose laws on people, then people will start acting in whatever way they wish to which will lead to huge amount of conflicts.

There is no shortage of job opportunities for the one’s who are dedicated and hard working.

Lawyers advise and represent their clients in the court. They have a highly respectable job and are in demand by many firms and people too. This brings us to the conclusion that LLB is a great job prospect and has a bright future. They present facts in writing. They act as both advocates and advisors making their employment area wide.

Above have been enlisted a wide range of jobs available. Students according to their field of interest can get into the field they think they would best suit in.  


For further queries and guidance, you can approach our professional at Hope this helps you out.

RE: What are my career opportunities after getting a Law degree?

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