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What are psychometric Career Tests and why should they be taken?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: What are psychometric Career Tests and why should they be taken?

Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi Dewra
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Hello Rohit,
Many times students get an emotional or mental stress while making the career decision in 
their life. They often wander in no direction or end up in wrong career path without any 
guidance by their side. As they also have to handle pressure from their parents, family, friends 
and seniors, they fail to make a wise decision. Also, pertaining to the prevailing trend of 
engineering, doctorate, management and other typical career choices, students end up in the 
same direction given its accountability and herd mentality experience. However, it is not always 
suitable or favorable to them in the long run. Therefore, it is good to know this in the very 
beginning rather regretting it in the later stage of life.    
Career choices in our country are usually made on the 11th or at a max 12th grade of high school. 
At such unexposed age, students tend to fall into the career path walked by millions and 
hesitate to chalk out their own way. But students should at any cost take up careers that hold 
their interest, satisfy or absorb them completely. However, this is another question of utter 
importance. What interest you the most or in what activity/work you find your passion? What is 
your calling from inside? What can be made the ultimate career goal?  
 To answer such complicated yet intriguing questions of an individual, schools often organize the 
psychometric testMeasures of the mental skills, aptitudes and personality traits of an 
individual, Psychometric Tests are now trending in the internet savvy generationThey are 
behavior samples that are uniform, objective and interpretable. Designed to gauge individual 
differences, they come out as a great parameter to evaluate the capabilities of the person.  
Many will question, the accountability and need of this test
. As it’s a whole new concept and 
not much experimented by many, it gets difficult to trust the results of the test. Therefore, we 
have come up with these two reasons why an individual can take the test. Let’s have a look. 
1.The selection process of recruitment – Often a compulsory part of the selection 
process, the psychometric test is held in multinational agencies and companies. 
Managed by the human resource department, the test is undertaken to judge the 
potential candidate for his capabilities, skills, and knowledge in the particular field. Being 
cost efficient at the same time, it saves a lot of time and effort of the HR team. Apart 
from the regular resume, the company gets a real-time report of the candidate’s 
mindset and his future growth too. It also saves the employee turnover of the big 
2.Career Advice – As discussed above, the psychometric career test reports about the 
abilities and skills of the test taken, hence, it is the aptest way to find out the strengths 
and weaknesses too. It not only gives the aptitude knowledge of an individual but also 
explains the uniqueness of the test giver. Therefore, it becomes more apt to make a 
career decision based on it. As the student can get to know what makes his or her 
unique from the crowd, they can focus more on their special trait and thus pursue them 
in the right direction.  
Taking psychometric test is almost equal to taking up professional help for your career. Designed 
after years of research and latest advancement to evaluate the human mind, the test is 
considered to be the best parameter for judging the best and suitable career options. It takes 
less time and gives the most detailed analysis within the limited time. Available online for the 
students, the psychometric test, is now taken up by professional at various career centers and 
counseling sessions too.  
Within the duration scale of 20 to 40 minutes, a standard psychometric test can be taken up 
easily at the online site. It gives results depending on the validity of your answers within a short 
span of time. One can easily find different psychometric test depending on individual need too.  

RE: What are psychometric Career Tests and why should they be taken?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Dear Aspirant,

Majority of times and historically too, careers / courses are chosen by students based on a very vague perception, parental pressure, information from others like relatives, friends and by comparing courses or people who have made careers.

All the above are sure to land you in trouble, since all the above are not scientific based and on incomplete and misguided information and pressure.

Every career is good, only the important part is to understand which career is good for you as a person and personality and intellectual human being.

Psychometric tests are now being used for recruiting people too so that the employer comes to know before hiring, the aspects, traits and other factors in the prospective employee. Therefore taking psychometric tests for deciding one's career is highly important.  

Ideal Career Test or Stream Selector Test which are unique psychometric tests on CareerGuide are ideal to judge and know one;s potential in terms of aptitude, interests, emotional quotient for choosing a particular career. These tests give you unbiased opinion, which is scientifically tested.

Best wishes


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