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What are the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing law from distance education?

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RE: What are the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing law from distance education?

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To begin with, it is very important to know actually what distance education means. The attainment of education in which your physical presence is not necessarily required at school or college is basically termed as distance education. Students need to go to the college to be present during exams as scheduled by the University. The big question that arises is as to what benefit does distance education offer? Distance education is beneficial when one is already occupied with his job and cannot take out time to attend classes but also at the same time has to obtain a degree. This will help the person gain multiple benefits. One, of devoting time to the job and second, of doing a degree. It is extremely beneficial to those who want to study according to their own will and set their own pace of study. People can decide as to when and where they wish to study. There is no set obligation for the person. It is completely upon them as to how they want to pursue and manage their time.

Distance education and law do not go hand in hand. If you have just cleared 12th, I would suggest, not to go for a distance education program. Everything you do will always have a positive and a negative side. It completely depends on you how you take it.

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It saves time.
Distance education is one kind of education which saves time. Those working and also who want to pursue higher education can obviously go for higher education. This saves their time and they can focus on both the things. It is very important these days to be confident and sincere about your job.

Flexibility of schedule
While working one cannot devote their 100% attention and time towards studies. This confuses them and then everything they do will be complicated, therefore distance education offers the flexibility of schedule. This means that one can study according to their will and their preference. They are not bound to a particular time. They can study for either 1 hour a day or they can even study for 16 hours a day; it is completely their own choice.

Distance education is very affordable because of the fact that it does not incur the cost of infrastructure, library, canteen facility and other facilities. And what advantage this gives is that even though you do not go to the college still after result you are at par with day scholars. It is quite affordable and nice way to study.

This is the biggest advantage of distance education. Along with attaining education, one can carry on with their job, their profession, their business, their family life and what not. Distance education serves the purpose of multitasking. It makes education easier for those who have many more priorities already set up in their life.


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Lack of contact with teachers:

It is very much obvious that through distance education one cannot have a direct contact with teachers. This I a drawback because the way a student writes and understands depends upon the teacher as well. A teacher has a huge role to play. They make study and life easier for students by explaining it in the most simplified way. They keep the students updated about the syllabus and also provide them with practice papers.


No discipline
When a student goes to attend college they have a certain repo about their lecturers. They are kept under check and are observed by their teachers. This helps them act under discipline. It is very much required for students to be in discipline. It tells other people about their conduct. This is one important thing that students miss on while attaining distance education  

Not all courses are available.
nowadays there are a variety of courses students look up to. But, not all courses are available for distance education. This is a major drawback because of which students fail to adopt distance education. Distance education limits the scope and choice for students who want to attain it. Also, not all the colleges provide distance education but this is not considered a drawback because people can take up education from any college they wish to. 

Lonely sometimes
When a person goes to a college they have many new faces and new friends to see. Distance education limits them from doing so. Students often feel lonely. If they have doubts they do not have any friends to talk to. This withdraws them from the opportunity of knowing new people and interacting with them.

Dependence of technology
When on distance education, students cannot have any kind of interaction with the teachers. This forces them to depend on the technology. Students search study material on the internet and that is not always authentic. This leads them to misleading knowledge and conclusion.

Law (not accepted by Bar Council of India)
The biggest disadvantage of doing law from distance education is the fact that the Bar Council of India does not recognize the degree. Hence, there can be some problem while applying for job vacancies. Students who are a graduate from attending university will be preferred for those who have attained degree through distance education.


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Candidates who wish to pursue their degree through distance education, often have a fear inside them. The fear of whether their degree would be considered valid or not?

Many professors have said and praised a lot about this degree. Prof. Harpreet Kaur who takes lectures in National Law University, Delhi said in an interview, “ Better course structure and career options are just a few advantages that students look up to. Students join them by choice because hey know that such courses will lead to their overall development.” Students are very well aware of the fact that only knowledge cannot lead to success. Self-conduct, self-presentation and speaking skills are another factors to be pondered upon.

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that Law degree through distance education is highly educational and informative. One cannot practice is the Court of Law but can have good opportunities to join hands with the private sector. This offers them good job and mental satisfaction. 


I hope this article has served its purpose. For any further doubts, please feel free to contact us at We will provide you with the possible answers. Do share this information with your near and dear ones.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing law from distance education?

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