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What job profiles are available for a LLB degree holder?

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RE: What job profiles are available for a LLB degree holder?

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Why LLB?

Pursuing law based course, LLB is one of the best career options these days for those who want to opt a professional course. Law is such a professional career option which is having a very high demand and high market value. It gives the students opportunities to assess their skills and evaluate their hidden skills and talents. Law is a course which enables one to groom his/her logical skills and decision-making capabilities. It aims at polishing ones analyzing skills and critical-based thinking. It also focuses on making a person speak cogently.


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About LLB

LLB is the most common degree for those who wish to make their career in law. It is a degree course at bachelor’s level. The duration of LLB is 3 years. In these three years, a person gets to study about various rules and regulations, laws, rights, legal language etc. The subjects which one gets to study in LLB generally include different kind of laws like, Business law, International law, Competition law, Law of Crimes, Investment and competition law, Family law, Human rights law, Constitutional Law, Law of Contract, Law of Evidence, Public InternationalLaw, Law of Torts and ConsumerProtection etc. It also includes various other subjects likeLegal Method, Legal Language, Code of civil procedure, Advocacy skills, Jurisprudence, Property, Code of CriminalProcedure e and so on.

How to get admission in LLB?


To get admission in LLB, one can apply directly after class 12th for CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) and get admitted into the integrated courses of law, like BA LLB, B.Com LLB, B.Sc LLB, BBA LLB etc. The duration of integrated law courses is 5 years. By pursuing these integrated courses, a person gets integrated degree of graduation and LLB.



One can also take admission in LLB by clearing CLAT after completing one's graduation. But this process takes one more year. Graduation already takes 3 years and after completion of graduation, LLB also takes 3 years. So, it is a bit lengthy process.

Job prospects after LLB

LLB is such a professional course which is having a very wide scope and bright career opportunities. It gives a person a lot of job options.

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Following are the job profiles which are available to an LLB degree holder:

  • Lawyer: It is a matter of no doubt that after doing LLB, a person can become a lawyer. Becoming a lawyer is the most common job profile after completing LLB.
  • Legal Advisor: Anyone having good skills and LLB degree can easily become a legal advisor. Many firms and organizations hire legal advisors. Apart from this, many families also hire legal advisors and personal lawyers to help them in legal matters.
  • Legal Research Analyst: There is a huge demand for litigation analysts or legal research analysts in almost every firm. So, LLB graduates can easily get hired as legal analysts.
  • Public Prosecutor: A highly-skilled and experiencedLLB graduate can also become a Public Prosecutor by clearing Public Service examinations.
  • Professors or Teachers of Law: An LLB graduate can become a teacher or a professor of law. An LLB graduate can also give CLAT coaching in various coaching institutions.
  • Judge: A highly skilled LLB graduate can give Public Service examinations and can even become a judge by clearing those examinations.
  • Solicitor General: A person having an LLB degree also has the option of becoming a Solicitor General. But this post requires the person to have worked as a Judge for at least 5 years. This post is considered to be the second biggest law post in a country after Attorney General.
  • Attorney General: Attorney General is considered to be the biggest law post in a country. With years and years of experience, an LLB degree holder can even get hired at the post of Attorney General.


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Apart from the above-mentioned job profiles, an LLB graduate can also open his/her own office and can provide his/her legal services or legal advice from that office. Also, an LLB graduate also has the options of working in banks, educational institutions, business houses, sales and excise department of firms and so on.Therefore, it can be said that doing LLB is undoubtedly an investment for future as it is having a lot of benefits and future prospects.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What job profiles are available for a LLB degree holder?

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