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What are the career options and top colleges for petroleum engineering?

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RE: What are the career options and top colleges for petroleum engineering?

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Petroleum products are the energy engines of the economy. These non-renewable products are the geological accumulations of several centuries which have potential to drive mechanical engines. In early 1930, we started extracting petroleum products and since then there is a technological continuous revolution in the extraction process. Gradually we have tagged petroleum exploration as a separate scientific engineering process and further developed a comprehensive engineering course.

 Petroleum engineering is one of niche branches of engineering which deals with petroleum exploration, extraction, and management.  It involves the extensive surveys on the basis of scientific knowledge and statistical analysis. The exploration process itself has various attributes like the study of chemical properties, rock patterns, thermodynamic processes, geological evolution and various plate tectonic theories.

A four-year course in Petroleum engineering will have subjects like Drilling Fluids and Cement, Mechanical engineering, Numerical and statistical methods, Elements of the reservoir, Sedimentary cum Petroleum Geology, Natural gas processing and pipeline engineering etc.


Top colleges for Petroleum engineering in India 2017.

1) IIT Madras

The institution offers an program in Petroleum engineering though program is still not available. So it becomes a second best option for the students who have completed their education in Petroleum engineering.

2) ISM Dhanbad

Situated in the mining belt of India, the college offers the opportunity to complete a four-year engineering program in Petroleum engineering. The college is famous for its mining engineering course and its petroleum engineering course is also a forerunner in top college list.

3) University of Petroleum and energy studies Dehradun

This is India’s reputed college solely dedicated to petroleum engineering and allied courses. The college offers extensive four-year and two-year program in Petroleum engineering. UPES is famous for its state of art infrastructure solely dedicated to energy studies. It possesses one of the finest laboratories in India for studying petroleum engineering.

4) Pandit Deendayal Petroleum university Gandhinagar Gujarat.

Gujarat is a home to one of the biggest petroleum refineries of India. Situated on the west coast and its proximity to Gulf of Persia have resulted in producing one of the finest technological advancements in Petroleum studies. Pandit Deendayal University offers a four-year degree program in Petroleum engineering as well as two-year program

5) MIT Pune

Management institute of technology is one of the oldest and most reputed colleges not only in Maharashtra but also in India. The college offers a comprehensive four-year engineering program in Petroleum engineering. MIT Pune is one of the most sought after colleges in India.

6) Dibrugarh University Assam

The university offers a four-year comprehensive program in Petroleum engineering. It is one of the most reputed colleges in North East India. Dibrugarh area is famous for oil ores and many government companies explore and extract oil in this area.

7) Rajiv Gandhi institute of Petroleum technology Raebareili

The institute offers a four-year engineering program and two-year program in petroleum Engineering. The institute is one of the most sought after colleges in Uttar Pradesh.

8) Aligarh Muslim University

The university is one of the oldest institutions of India. The institute also offers quota for minority category. Its offers both and program in Petroleum engineering.

9) Academy of Maritime education and training University Chennai

The college offers a bachelor of engineering program in petroleum engineering. It is one of the few and reputed colleges in South India which offers petroleum course.

10) IIT Mumbai

IIT Mumbai offers a comprehensive 2-year program in Petroleum geosciences. Being one of the top colleges of India, the institute is home to state of art infrastructure and imminent faculty members selected from all over India. The institute has limited seats and competition will be tougher for this course. This course requires that one to complete his degree program in geophysics or geology. It is not a typical course in petroleum engineering and has more leaning towards geosciences.

Career prospects and Job opportunities

The fact that very few colleges in India offer Petroleum engineering course makes it one of the biggest source of employment. Today many public and private companies are into exploring petroleum products. The growing need of energy and rising demand for transportation due to exponential growth in automobile sector have resulted in many job opportunities in Petroleum sector.

Same time, there are numerous Job opportunities in Gulf countries. It can be seen that many Indian and Chinese companies are competing heavily to unearth hitherto untouched blocks in South Africa. The newly found shale gasses in America and its highly complicated but interesting process of exploration offers a great opportunity for Job seekers to explore US market. In next decade or so India will also be successful in developing a feasible method to extract its shale gas resources of Kerala region.

The rise of feasible sea-based transportation and port-led development whether it is India’s Sagarmala project or China’s maritime Silk Road will put pressure on petroleum industry to increase its efficiency and production. All these factors will cumulatively result in immense Job creation in Petroleum Sector. The decent demand supply gap and structural changes are expected to swing salary levels in one of the highest brackets.


No doubt petroleum engineering has a better career scope and job opportunities. Students should not get demoralized by the fact that very few colleges in India offer these course. Next three to four decades are the most promising years in the petroleum engineering. So students must explore this sector and make a successful career in petroleum engineering.

RE: What are the career options and top colleges for petroleum engineering?

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