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What are the career prospects for pursuing robotics courses in India? Which are the top colleges offering robotics related courses in India?

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RE: What are the career prospects for pursuing robotics courses in India? Which are the top colleges offering robotics related courses in India?

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Robotics has become one of the fastest developing branches of engineering due to a global upsurge in automation technologies. Robotics offers a unique opportunity to delve into software engineering, mechanical engineering, and electronics engineering. For pursuing knowledge and expertise in robotics, one needs to fine tune his skills on various micro-controllers, different kind of AC-DC motor, electronic circuits, and fluid mechanics. It is important that an engineer should able to interface these different technologies on single application or project.

Robotics has a great deal of application in the automation industry. The big food processing industries, the oil manufacturers, automobile industry and the retail chains of big manufacturing companies apply robotics in their processes. Several (IITs) conducts the most robust and entertaining robotics competitions in the world. Robot competitions are one the most watched events at various engineering colleges. The happy hand provided by research institutions such as ISRO and DRDO provides a vast opportunity to design various robotics applications.

The field of robotics is growing at a certain speed in India. The Indian government has signed a number of Memorandums of understandings with various countries (Japan and Germany) to explore the possibilities of expanding robotics knowledge. Robotics is going to become next buzzword owing to its various applications in motor control systems, sensor-based applications, intelligence gathering, DRONE technology and defense technology.

Which are the top colleges in India for pursuing Robotics?

 Until now, no college provided an undergraduate degree course in robotics engineering. Some colleges are in the process of getting approval from AICTE. On the other hand, many top engineering institutes in India offer a comprehensive postgraduate program in automation and robotics. So students, who aim at pursuing a career in robotics, often go for in Mechatronics engineering or Mechanical engineering or electronics engineering. After completing graduation they go for specialized post graduation that may be the degree in Robotics engineering. Here is the list of colleges to pursue specialization in robotics.

1) Indian institute of technology.

IITs such as Kanpur, Mumbai offers a small duration programs in robotics. These courses can be useful in gaining surgical and specific knowledge about robotics. Students are advised to constantly follow the websites of IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, and IIT Varanasi.

2) Birla Institute of technology, Pilani

It is one of the most highly reputed institutions in India. It conducts its own entrance test. The institute offers an M.E program in computer science with robotics as a core subject. For getting an admission into its M.E program, one will need to devote a considerable time to prepare for its entrance.

3) Jadavpur University

The university is situated in Kolkata, West Bengal. The university offers the course in intelligent automation and Robotics. The university is one of the premier institutions in India. 

4) Maharaja Sayajirao University Baroda.

The university offers an M.E. program in robotics and automation with limited seats. The intake capacity for the program is only 12 seats.

5) College of Engineering, Hyderabad, Osmania University.

The college offers a comprehensive course in Automation and Robotics. Osmania University is one of the premier institutions in India. The university offers a state of art infrastructure and services.

6) SRM University Tamilnadu.

The SRM University is one of the top most universities of South India. Situated in Tamilnadu, the institute offers a program of in Robotics.

7) Thapar Institute of technology.

Situated in Patiala of Punjab state, the institute offers an M.E. program in Robotics.

Scope for robotics in India

 Robotics is been developing in India at great speed. The coming up of logistic companies, automobile industry, medical sector and core mechanical industry offers a huge opportunity for students to pursue robotics. The development of Robots for various purposes such as household, speech reorganization, machine learning and the biotechnological application has open up the sector on large scale.

In India, different sets of private labs and open web platforms are in the development stages. This offers a great opportunity to pursue a career in Robotics. Advanced robotics can be applied to any mechanical process to carry out work. That makes Robotics an interesting field. The premier Indian research institutions such as ISRO, DRDO, and ICAR conduct a great deal of research in robotics and space science. These institutions often hire individuals based on individual research project and capabilities. 

 A student can set up his own laboratory and conduct research in Robotics. It will depend upon the kind of funding one can arrange for robotic labs. Many venture capitals and angel investors are keen to invest in robotics technology. Mechatronics engineers with robotics as specializations from reputed institutes get readily hired by private companies.


There is no doubt that robotics will have a great scope in near future. But robotics in India is seen as a sub-branch, a one in which specialization needs to be done. The growth of the sector will be exponential when colleges will start specialized undergraduate robotics courses. Until then opting for undergraduate mechatronics engineering which is the combination of electronics and mechanical engineering and then pursuing masters in robotics would be a very good idea. 

The success in Robotics depends upon creative imagination, the ability to work very long hours and constant up gradation of knowledge.  The dynamic nature of the field demands one to remain constantly updated about various new technologies.  The enthusiasm to apply new technology in any project work will give great dividends.  The sharp out box thinking is the keyword for success in robotics as a career.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the career prospects for pursuing robotics courses in India? Which are the top colleges offering robotics related courses in India?

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