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What are the different available courses in hospital management - A brief introduction to the bachelor, master, diploma and short-term certificate courses?

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RE: What are the different available courses in hospital management - A brief introduction to the bachelor, master, diploma and short-term certificate courses?

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Hospital management course is one of those courses around the world that is considered to be one of the most respectful ones. Also, a degree in hospital management is kept at par with engineering or a management degree if not more than that. It is also one of the courses that have a less amount of competition compared to the other usually preferred courses of MBA or Engineering. These things help the course of hospital management to be one of the elite courses all over the world and a great choice for the students who have got what it needs.

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Just like other mainstream courses, the hospital management course can be carried out in several modes. You can either pursue your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in this course. You can also opt for a diploma course or a short term certificate course to enhance your skills in case you do not have the time to pursue a full-time course. Here, we shall look into each of these courses and figure out how they differ from each other. It is necessary to know that not all the management colleges offer a course in hospital management and hence the seats are limited. It is also necessary that you pursue the formal education from a well-renowned university or institute in order to secure a good job in the field.

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The related courses in Hospital Management are as following -

  • Bachelor’s Degree

Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in this field will let you put your hands on a certificate that says Bachelor of Hospital Administration (BHA). The Bachelor’s degree in Hospital Administration will allow you to get your hands on a good enough job that shall pay from 30 – 40 thousand rupees a month for a fresher. As you gain experience, you will earn more in this field. Also, the amount that you earn will depend on the place you work at, highly. For example, the private hospitals tend to pay more than government hospitals. However, there are several added perks and benefits to a government job that you will not get with a private job.

The criterion for getting into a program of Bachelor’s Degree is that the applicant should have completed 10+2 with biology subject. The further criteria change from college to college.

  • Master’s Degree

On completion of Master’s degree in this field, you will get a certificate of having completed, Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Master of Public Health (MPH) programs. Unlike the programs of Bachelor’s degree, the Master’s degree is done in specialized fields such as statistics, microeconomics, and accounting. Also, you will have a deeper understanding of human health and how to manage a business. A master’s degree enables a person to pursue high-level jobs around the hospital fields.

The usual period of pursuing a Master’s degree in Hospital Management is 2 years. The course can be focused on one single major or you can choose several different majors. It is advisable for a person to choose at least 3 majors for the course of 2 years with a good experience working in a clinic or a hospital in order to secure a good job. The Master’s Degree will have a pay of about 80 thousand to 1.2 lakhs for a fresher. The expected pay can actually be higher in case the person has a good work experience.


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  • Diploma Course

There are people who do not have time or funds enough to pursue a full-time course. In case you are one such person you can opt for the diploma course. The diploma course is in a way better than obtaining a degree because you get an immense amount of work-experience in a very short time. Once you complete your diploma you can get low-level jobs in government hospitals or private firms. However, with enough experience in your hands, it is often seen as a trend that you may be guiding your seniors with things to do.

If you establish yourself well enough in the field, an experience of 10 to 12 years will fetch you a high post job in the field. There are only a few colleges that offer a diploma course in Hospital management, though.

  • Short-term certificate courses

Another wise usage of time is opting for a short-term course after completing your graduation or diploma in order to add a shine to your resume at relatively low costs. In case you are unable to get a good college to pursue your degree from, you can always opt for a short-term course from a reputed college in order to add the required flair to the resume. The duration of the short term course varies from college to college and course to course. However, the usual duration being 6 to 7 months.

A short-term course will not provide you with the whole knowledge of the degree but will provide you with enough knowledge for a specialization in a certain field such as economics or finance.

RE: What are the different available courses in hospital management - A brief introduction to the bachelor, master, diploma and short-term certificate courses?

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