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What are the Job opportunities after MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management

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RE: What are the Job opportunities after MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management

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Hospital Management is one of the most dedicated profession people are choosing these days. Related to the healthcare sector, the course is now being offered by reputed institutions and is thus gaining high value in the market too. The course includes business management and administration in context to health care. It teaches you a lot of things like how to face social, economic, political, ethical and the challenges in the legal matter. Such kind of training makes them ready to face the real challenges in a more professional manner. After the graduation, an MBA in hospital management further adds value and learning. It gives a specific direction to the specialization one wants to choose and makes the choices easier. As the graduate students with a specialization are better at dealing with various circumstances like marketing, finance, and operations, and the chances of getting placed are also high.

With the expansion of healthcare industry, the scope of a career in this field is also on the verge of increase. Knowledge about the hospital Management is a must-have in order to run a hospital or healthcare center. Thus, the importance of the hospital Management course has also elevated greatly. With over 26 thousand registered government hospitals in the country, one can only estimate the amount of work and requirement of skilled and professional staff to run them. And adding to them are the private hospitals which are also increasing with each day passing by. As each hospital, government or private wants to offer the best of services to their customers, the need becomes all the more prominent and important.

The basic task of a hospital administrator is all about managing the hospital' rel="nofollow"s internal affairs and help the staff manage the administration in a better manner. Most of the MBAs who look for the jobs in hospital management are always placed in group medical practices, community hospitals,  rehabilitation facilities and outpatient clinics. As hospitals unlike corporate spaces and are to be managed 24/7, the working hours for the employees are flexible and are maintained in rotational shifts. Given the emergency situation ratio of the hospitals, they may require your service anytime. For the convenience of the hospital and the administrator, they can resident at the hospital itself too.

the professional administrators are required on the greater scale as India is still in the developmental stage of the healthcare sector. Therefore, the roles have become more specific in accordance with the job role.

The following roles can be performed by the MBA Healthcare professionals:

  • Finance Managers: A professional finance manager’s job is to oversee and help run smoothly the daily activities of a finance in a healthcare institution including financial analysis, financial planning, budgeting and daily reporting of the financial activities. The manager requires being updated constantly about the things like the regulations in health care financing and the latest insurance thus it becomes highly dynamic and demanding.
  • Medical and Health Service Management: They are assigned the activities like planning, directing and consolidating all the health care services which the healthcare institutions provide to make sure of efficient and timely delivery of the services.
  • Administrator in Hospitals: In order to ensure the services being run effectively and smoothly, a hospital administrator is hired by the healthcare institutions. They are also having the responsibility recruiting the hospital personnel and staff which includes interns, doctors, and nurses.
  • Medical Director: These professionals shoulder the responsibility to make sure of timely and proper administration of treatments at the hospitals, clinics, and the blood banks, etc. Any kind of grievances of patients come to them and they are also responsible for the assignment of staff for each patient. Also, they are often in charge of medical ethics to look after the transparency of the organization.
  • Blood Bank Administrator: For proper evaluation of inventory and to coordinate all operational functions of a blood bank, a blood bank administrator is hired. They manage the most important functions of a blood bank – receipt, storage, and delivery.
  • HR: Role of a human resource manager involves managing, hiring and other related tasks. From nurses and doctors to assistants at hospitals, nursing homes, blood banks, medical clinics require an HR to do all these tasks. Also to maintain a healthy atmosphere at the hospital, they ensure the staff follows rules and regulations of the workplace and ensure medical professionalism is carried out with ethics and responsibility.


What is the role of a Hospital Manager?

The basic role of a hospital manager is quite similar to the role of a hotel Manager, the only difference being one manages a hospital or a chain of hospitals in the prior while one manages a hotel or a chain of hotels in the latter. A hospital manager is responsible for several things pertaining to the hospital such as,

  • The general image well-being of the hospital
  • Catering to the needs of the hospital doctors as well as patients
  • Buying new equipment necessary for the hospital
  • Hiring or Firing of the staff of the hospital
  • Managing the inflow and outflow of the cash in the hospital
  • Dealing with the lawsuits against the hospital or a particular doctor of the hospital with the aid of the legal department of the hospital
  • Conducting meetings and setting goals in order to manage the hospital business properly with respect to accounts and finances
  • Getting required sponsorships and support for the hospital and its staff
  • Getting the required support for the hospital from the community as well as government, etc.

ICRI – Institute of Clinical Research India

Established in 2004, the Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI) is one of the best institutes in India for Clinical Research and healthcare and Hospital Management. Based in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, the institute was the first one to introduce India's first Ph.D. Clinical Research programme in the country. ICRI offers a unique curriculum which combines academic and pragmatic learning to the students. Among accolades or accomplishments, ICRI to conduct first international and national conference in clinical research

MBA in Healthcare Management

A UGC Recognised course, MBA in Healthcare Management is a 2-year full-time course at PG level as the first year is totally assigned for basic knowledge about the health care industry and its elements in general. It is an ideal course if one wish to pursue an administrative role or are looking for mid-senior level jobs in the area of healthcare. As the health care is spreading its wings in all directions, managerial skills, customer care, and other related topics have become a must-know today.

Having a fair idea of kinds of roles one can opt for after completing an MBA in hospital management, the next important thing becomes the pay package. Though totally depending on the caliber, experience, and other related factors, an average starting salary can be from 4 to 7 LPA. The pay scale also differs on the institution you apply.

RE: What are the Job opportunities after MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management

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