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What are the essential skills required to be a successful lawyer?

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RE: What are the essential skills required to be a successful lawyer?

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Justice means doing what is fair & right for the people. Out of every institution in a country, judiciary is considered to be the purest. Keeping justice is crucially important in a country; to keep beliefs of his people in the administration. Justice provides us a safe environment. It always stops wrong been committed by punishing the wrongdoer. This is a means to differentiate good & bad.

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The justice system consists of courts, called as Courts of justice. Every country has a well-established structure of judiciary, helping their countrymen to have justice against any wrong done to them. A justice system contains three parts- the judge, the defense & prosecutor. Everyone has its own role to play in providing the justice.  Lawyers argue both the sides defense as well as prosecution. One lawyer tries to prove an individual guilty of an offense while the other, tries to prove his innocence. Judges or the jury hears to both the sides & gives its verdict. What a lawyer does can decide what will happen to the person’s life.

They should everything, if not they must to be able to make people believe that they now it all. They offer their service to people, so their client must believe in them. A successful lawyer is the one who knows everything of his/her field, or people should believe in him/her. One mistake can make that individual suffer for their whole life. The some of the qualities that are required to a great lawyer are as follows:

Research Skills: Law schools prepare individual to research a lot. Not only books but also internet is the source of lawyer’s knowledge. To be a good lawyer, the person should what to find where, how to find etc. while citing cases, which is to be done in every cases. Students are told to always back up what they say. They must back up what they say with facts. This can only be attended through research. Lawyers should be great at researching & as well as reading. They usually have a short span of time to prepare their cases. Quality of researching can be helpful.

Public Speaking Skills: A lawyer is paid by his client only to speak. They talk to prove their point, whichever side is their client. A lawyer to be successful should have excellent speaking skills. They need to address a whole courtroom filled with people. They should be confident, persuasive & should have a good vocabulary.


Writing Skills: Paper works in court are huge, but they are only not to showcase. They are capable of changing minds. To prepare agreements, motions & other legal documents, lawyers need great writing skill. A good vocabulary is also important here.

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Perseverance: Perseverance is something that allows a person to keep doing a job which is difficult to do at first. Works in Courtrooms are not at all fast, they are really slow & huge amount of work & responsibility is there. Legal profession needs time, a lot of time to get job done.

Judgment: A layer to succeed must be a good judge himself. Ability to draw conclusion, logically thinking is a must in a lawyer. Being a lawyer they have to refer to various judgments related to their cases. So to understand why a judge gave that particular judgment they have to think like a judge. According to that, they can even use a judgment which is not in their favor, turn into their positive to support their case. Also, this helps to detect flaws in the judgment which are not in their favor. A good has great judgment ability.

Analytical skills: which judgments can be used in their favor & which judgments can be used against them by the opposition, this requires analytical judgment quality. A great lawyer is able to search a tiny bit of information that can be of their own use from a huge compilation of work. Absorbing a large quantity of work in a short span of time is important &something which every lawyer must be able to do.

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Risk management: Life is itself a huge risk, but in career, people faces various difficulties, but to overcome them & succeed is all about life. Being a lawyer is risky because to deal with a person’s life. Because of his lawyer, a person can be sent to jail, even if he has not committed that particular crime. Taking risks is a job of being lawyer. For a lawyer to be successful he/she needs to be good at managing risks. 

Listening Skills: Lawyers not only do the talking but also they have to be a good listener. To understand what the opposite lawyer is says & how can you turn it in your favor.

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RE: What are the essential skills required to be a successful lawyer?

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