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what are the perfect strategy for UPSC exam preparation?

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RE: what are the perfect strategy for UPSC exam preparation?

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Preparing for UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), civil service exams is a herculean task. These exams are conducted by the government of India every year. These exams consist of three levels; First is the preliminary exam, the second one is the main exam and at last, an interview. These exams are held for the post of IAS (Indian Administrative Service), IPS (Indian Police Service), IFS (Indian Forest Service), IRS (Indian Revenue Service), and more. There is a cut-throat competition in this field. It doesn’t mean that one should study round the clock but requires steady and constant practice whole of the year having a perfect strategy. When the exams are just a few weeks ahead, students leave no stone unturned, but still, no one can say that they had prepared everything under the sun. The perfect strategy is required for the exam time preparations. Let’s pay a need towards some points:

Be Confident:

The first thing before starting for any preparation is to have self-confidence. Don’t take exam preparations as a bugbear. Stay calm and have patience. Make a strategy and start studying accordingly. It’s not a task to work like a drudge. It only requires strong determination and hard work. Don’t lose hope, if you can’t appear in the first attempt. Put all of your efforts and there will surely be something better in store for you.

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.”                                                                                                                                                                     ~Steve Jobs

Keep yourself updated:

For the civil service exams, one should follow the latest updates around the world. You can do so by reading newspapers and magazines regularly. Note down all the headlines and dates for further revision. An aspirant should keep an eye on the exam dates, which can be changed as per the UPSC guidelines. These dates are released by the commission itself on their official website time to time.

Understand the pattern:

Try to understand the pattern of the upcoming exams. For the preliminary exam, all the questions will be objective type. You have to study deeply on various topics. For main exams, there will be essay-type answering which needs a descriptive study of each and every topic.


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Focus on the content:

It’s a lengthy process for preparing the UPSC exams. First, take a glance on the whole syllabus and select the topics at which you are good and do a detailed study of that topic. After that, start working on other topics at which you need help. You can do courses or have tuitions for those subjects. Keep focusing on the area of approach. Don’t play ducks and drakes. Indulge yourself for raising your potential. Apply the same strategy to all the subjects.

Avoid selective preparations:

It is always seen that students are prepared in a selective manner. They are fixed towards a book and prepare only the selected questions written at the exercise portion of that chapter. One should change his study pattern and study widely. Don’t try to cram everything, try to understand the concept. Choose one topic and go through all its positive impacts, negative impacts, what is the problem with it and what is the solution and the future scope. It will prepare you for offbeat questions as well.

Written practice is a must:


Candidates should have written practice so that they don’t lag behind to answer the question in which they are able to give. Whatever you learn should be written at least twice. It will help you to memorize it and also you will be able to know about your mistakes and give attention towards them for improvement. It will bring feasibility in that topic. For revision also, you just need to have a quick look at.

 Speed and clarity:

 In UPSC main exams, as you have to give detailed answers, so you must have speed and clarity in what you are going to write. For this, you should write at least three hours per day for getting accuracy. More you will practice writing, the more will be the speed and accuracy in your answering.

 To-the-point answers:

 In UPSC exams, writing thousands of words is not an easy task. So bring an objective approach in your writing and answer them to the point. Try to make a headline and divide it into various sub-headlines for giving a detailed answering. It will clear your objectives and also the answer will be easy to write and you can understand it effectively.

Students can also take advice from career counselors for helping them to identify their weak and strong points towards any of the aspects related to their preparations. They can work on the development of their skills after gaining self-knowledge and self- confidence. Students can also go for online career counseling sessions for exploring themselves by taking various personality tests, aptitude tests, logical reasoning tests, and more. These test reports may also help them in showing to the employers for knowing about their skills.



RE: what are the perfect strategy for UPSC exam preparation?

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