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What is the difference between DANICS and IAS? What are the career prospects in DANICS?

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RE: What is the difference between DANICS and IAS? What are the career prospects in DANICS?

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The Indian administrative services (IAS) and Delhi and Andaman Nicobar Island civil services are the bedrock of Indian administration. The selection of the IAS and DANICS officers are done through a common union public services examination. Being a class A service, the basic pay, opportunities, and area of operation is quite wide in IAS. DANICS comes under class B service so its area of operation is quite different.

DANICS services were formed to cater the specialized needs of Union territories of India. Union territories have slightly different set of the politico-economic structure. They were kept separate because of reasons such as administrative convenience and strategic significance. While some union territories are administered by lieutenant general without legislative assembly, others such Delhi and Pondicherry have an elected assembly with Lieutenant Governor. 

The Indian Administrative service

As mentioned earlier, IAS is an all India cadre based service. Top government officers are appointed through this service. It has basically two areas of operation one at the center and other at various state cadres. The IAS officers at the center are responsible for policy formulation in consonance with the central list. They are appointed as deputy secretaries, joined secretaries and chief secretaries to various departments of various ministries. Same time, they can be appointed as board members to various public sector companies own and managed by the central government. IAS officers are also appointed as directors of regulating bodies or statutory bodies of government.

At the state level, they are mainly entrusted with the job of handling the administration of various districts. They can be appointed as district magistrates, the municipal commissioner or state divisional officers etc. Same time, they can also be appointed as secretaries to various state ministries and to regulating bodies of the state.

 The IAS offers a huge opportunity owing to its diverse and powerful postings. For e.g. they can be appointed as board member of SEBI or say Airport authority of India which has huge commissioning and policing powers.

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 The DANICS services

Delhi Andaman Nicobar Island service is a class B service. The officers under this service report to Ministry of Home affairs, the government of India. After completion of four years, the gap in seniority for DANICS officers widens by 7 to 8 years compared to their IAS counterparts. This gap further widens after completion of 18 years in DANICS service. Ideally, it should require 7 to 8 years for DANICS officer to get promoted to IAS but now a day it takes almost 20 to 27 years. IAS officers are promoted quickly to higher ranks without much delay but in the case of DANICS service, the promotion is not as swift as that of IAS.

DANICS officers are posted as assistant DM in Delhi or other union territories. They can also be posted to various administrative autonomous and semiautonomous bodies like New Delhi Municipal Corporation. They can also be appointed as Deputy Secretaries in various ministries which come under the jurisdiction of Delhi government and Pondicherry government. DANICS officers can also be required to handle taxation related department of the government of Delhi.

Career prospects in DANICS

Though long period for promotion is quite a problem in DANICS but it has its own advantages. After several years they get promoted to AGMUT cadre of Indian administrative services. The post like assistant DM is not a small thing. The service becomes more interesting for the fact that most part of the probationary period is to be completed in Delhi itself.

So if some candidate wants to pursue civil services for rank improvement then Delhi offers a huge opportunity.  The average area of influence becomes huge if DANICS officers are posted in Delhi. The life of DANICS officers is itself adventurous owing to the huge traveling opportunity offered by the service. The places like Andaman and Nicobar, Lakshadweep are one of the finest tourist destinations in India. So the postings at these wonderful places offer a different yet interesting opportunity to explore various parts of India.


There is no doubt that compared to DANICS the Indian administrative service is far superior services. It is a fact that most of the candidate prefers IAS as a first priority. Though both services have the same genre that is executing administrative responsibilities but still the area of influence and commissioning power are far better and superior in IAS. So if a candidate is really interested in working in administrative departments like that offered by IAS then he can give much higher preference to DANICS services in his detailed application form (DAF).

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RE: What is the difference between DANICS and IAS? What are the career prospects in DANICS?

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