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What are the steps to be taken to indulge myself to a industry related to automobiles?

I have done in mechanical engg. in the year 2013 and worked for a company as quality control engineer for eight months now I want to go for higher study and want to indulge myself in a reputed organization related to automobile sector as I have great interest in automobiles and desire to work on automobiles.

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3 answers

RE: What are the steps to be taken to indulge myself to a industry related to automobiles?

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear friend,

Please go through the above video go get some kind of idea about your future in automobile industry if you are planning to go for it, I think after watching the above video you will come to know some important aspects of a life and working in automobile industry. It is very crucial to learn and have idea about the sector which you are planning to move into, this video will give you a insight into the industry of automobile.

First of all thank you for coming to with your query and asking it to us and it is always a pleasure to answer and help and guide you in the best possible way we could.Here you will get full assistance through the experience of all the experts.

Coming to your question I would like to tell you some thing regarding the automobile industry, the automobile industry offers huge and rewarding opportunities for an engineer, what every engineer desires.

mass manufacturing to light weight materials etc all are work of a automobile engineer, they work on advance technologies to create a product and bring inspirations to the world.

automobile engineers work and designs, test and develops vehicle and systems from the concept stage to production of a vehicle, they even take some times customer feed back from the market and design a vehicle according to that. They use both traditional and innovative method to work design test and create a master piece.

And even you have a mechanical engineering back ground which is also a related line so it is not a problem for you to apply for the job in automobile industry and go for it as you are having so much interest in the same line. You will really enjoy working in the same line as it is always easy to work in the stream in which you really like and is having interest in that.

Hope all above clarifications answered your query to some extent and you are now having some sort of idea about automobile industry and I think you can go for it through applying in the vacancies coming your way and give it a try, than you will surely get into the industry some way or the other
Thank you

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RE: What are the steps to be taken to indulge myself to a industry related to automobiles?

Rahul Shinde
Rahul Shinde
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Greeting's for the day!!!!

The Indian Automobile Industry is going through a phase of rapid change and high growth. With new projects coming up on regular basis, the industry is undergoing technological change. The major players are expanding their plants and focusing on mass customization, mass production, etc.

Investment in Auto Sector:
Nearly every automobile company is investing at higher rate than ever before to achieve high growth trajectory. The overall investment in the sector has been increasing quite rapidly. It is expected that by the end of 2015 Indian Automobile Sector will be investing a huge amount as Rs. 35,000 crores.

Growth in the Sector:
At present, the industry is enjoying a growth rate of 14-17% per annum, with domestics sales growth rate at 12.8%. the groth rate is predicted to double by 2015.

As it is seen, the total sales of passenger vehicle cars, utility vehicles, multi utility vehicles in the year has increased in such a way that they have overtake Germany and Japan in Sales Volumes.

Financing Schemes have become an important factor in the growth of automobile sales. More and more financial schemes are coming up with easy installment plans to lure the customer.

Apart from the domestic production, the industry is consistently focusing on the automobile exports. The auto component segment is contributing a lot in the export arena. The liberalized policies of the government are now making the companies go for more and more exports.

Employment in the Sector:
Investment is leading to the employment growth in the sector.With the emergence of new projects and introduction of technological advancements, the focus is more on the skilled and experienced human resource. The companies are looking for skilled and hardworking people who can give their best to the organization.

The Engineers in the Automotive or Electrical or Mechanical field are in demand. Some of the firms going for automation, i.e. planning for CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems, are also recruiting people with IT specialization.

Job Roles:
1. Development Engineer:
A Development engineer has the responsibility for coordinating delivery of the engineering attributes of a complete automobile (bus, car, truck, van SUV, motorcycle, etc.) as dictated by the automobile manufacturer, governmental regulations, and the customers who buys the product.

2. Aerodynamics Engineer:
will often give guidance to the styling studio so that the shapes they design are aerodynamic, as well as attractive.

3. Body Engineer:
will also let the studio know if it is feasible to make the panels for their designs.

The Automobile Engineer fresher can start at salary upto 20K per month. Pay rates vary within the industry and according to the level of responsibility. This is a highly skilled and specialized jobs. Opportunites can exist in abroad too. Person with around 5 years of Work Experience can earn upto 40K per month depending upon the Job Profile.

Further doubts or queries feel free to contact.


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RE: What are the steps to be taken to indulge myself to a industry related to automobiles?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar
Dear Friend
Thank you very much for contacting, as you have contemporery mind set one must think to excel career while learning that is why education system has been evolved globally and offer you degree while earning. This is called mutual benefits like your recruiters will be happy for your academic advancement, academic institution will get potential student who has experience in course implementation and not giving any tension in terms of placement and any financial obligation and of course you are the best customer who is going to be benefited at the end.
Keeping all these things in mind one must explore higher study either in distance mode full time or part time campus mode which depends on you that how you are comfortable. Many universities like Punjab Technical University, Amity University, Lovely Professional University, Thapar University, Symbiosis, Manipal University, University of Punjab, Delhi University etc offer you mechanical courses at M TECH level in both mode you are to contact them directly or visit the websites and must do the following things:

1. Find the syllabus and modules for your course in both ways distance and part time and compare with your current expertise if you see the course basket is carrying the similar kind of objectives like you then you should join it takes only two years.

2. At the same time you can try to qualify GRE or TOEFL which are the gatewas to bring you to the foriegn countries like USA, Germeny, Canada, some countrie in Europe do not require such qualification so must enquire about it for your higher degree. This step will lead you to the elite club with adavnce model sysstem in technology so try to prefer to join any university in germeny. Such academic approach will benifit you academically and monitorily both. After finishing Mtech from abroad you can find your feet there only or if you come back country then so many opertunities will welcome you with higher package. Not only private sector govt will offer you job at the best.

3. While screening any institute be careful for their academic credential which is very important.

Good luck

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RE: What are the steps to be taken to indulge myself to a industry related to automobiles?

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