What is Best Courses after MEC group in Intermediate

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RE: What is Best Courses after MEC group in Intermediate

Kalluri Saidachari
Kalluri Saidachari

Dear Team, Kindly advise my daughter pass her ssc grade of 9.8 and MEC Intermediate 1st year 9.33 and she wrote II second year of Intermediate and even she completed Hindi full set 02 nd rank what she can go for it now? 

RE: What is Best Courses after MEC group in Intermediate

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MEC COURSE After MEC Intermediate

Table contents

1.     Mec course details

2.     What can I do after MEC intermediate ?

3.     3Mec Diploma course

4.     Mec course in Education

5.     TOP Universities/Colleges in India for MEC Course

6.     Top Universities in the World for Mec Course

7.     Top Companies Who Hire After Mec Course

8.     List of Top MEC Jobs After Intermediate

9.     Which is best MPC or MEC COURSE?

10.  What are the benefits of MEC Course?


MEC intermediate; MEC COURSE

The subjects of mathematics, economics, and commerce are all covered. MEC intermediate is a series of disciplines that students can study after passing their 10th or Matriculation examinations in order to continue their education.

1.     MEC stands for Mathematics, Economics, and Commerce, and it provides a wide range of study possibilities. It allows students to study trade, mathematics, and the arts. The MEC programme prepares students for a variety of careers in the field of education and teaching. Mathematics is important in the development of the brain and many elements of pupils in the MEC Course.

2.     In MEC Course, Economics helps students to understand the economy of the nation and it is a vast subject in the Humanities stream.

3.     In MEC Course, Commerce helps students to understand trade and business.

What Can I Do After Mec intermediate?

If you are confused about what to after Mec course after 12 so, friend here are some courses you can do After 12


MEC Courses After MEC intermediate   


Non-MEC Courses After 12th Arts

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com)

Bachelor of Arts (Economics)

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Commerce (M. Com)

Master of Arts (Economics)


Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

BSc in Fashion Design/Interior Design

BSc. in Social Sciences

BA Sociology

Bachelor of Journalism

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)

BA in English Literature

BSc Geography

BA History

BA Political Science

BSc in Public Administration

MEC Diploma Courses

Diploma and certification courses can help you examine your tendency towards a certain sector if you wish to explore with your hobbies and ambitions. The nice aspect about these courses is that you don't usually need MEC as a foundation subject in your 12th grade programme. As a result, you can pursue graduate-level courses after earning a graduate credential in MEC. Take a look at these popular MEC Diploma Courses:

·       Diploma in Accounting and Finance

·       Diploma in Business and Finance

·       Diploma in Taxation

·       Diploma of Commerce

·       Diploma in Business

·       Diploma in Business Management


MEC Courses in Education

MEC courses can assist you study these topics at the bachelor's and postgraduate degree levels if you're thinking about going deeper into your education for your vocation. After earning a, a postgraduate degree in commerce, for example, might lead to a career as a commerce teacher. Another option is to obtain a graduate degree in mathematics or economics, followed by a postgraduate degree in one of these two subjects in order to teach. If you wish to teach elementary and secondary school levels or specialise in particular education studies, you'll need a bachelor's degree in a field such as education, primary education, secondary education, or education studies. HERE ARE SOME COURSES .

·                Bachelor of Physical Education

·                B.Ed. Special Education

·                Diploma in Elementary Education

·                Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

TOP Universities/Colleges in India for MEC Course after MEC intermediate

Top colleges to pursue Bachelors

1.     Shri Ram College of Commerce

2.     St. Stephens College

3.     Lady Shri Ram College

4.     Miranda House

5.     St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata

6.     Loyola College, Chennai

7.     Christ University, Bangalore

8.     Presidency University, Kolkata

9.     Madras Christian College, Chennai

10.  Hindu College


Top Colleges to pursue Masters

1. Delhi School of Economics

2. Indian Statistical Institute

3. Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research

4. Madras School of Economics

5. Centre of Development Studies, Kerela

6. Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics

7. Hyderabad School of Economics


8. Jamia Milia Islamia

10. School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University




QS World Rankings 2022

Massachusetts Institute of Technology



University of Oxford



Stanford University



University of Cambridge



Harvard University



National University of Singapore



Columbia University



University of Michigan



University of Melbourne



Duke University




Top Companies Who Hire After Mec Course

·                Google

·                McKinsey & Company

·                Boston Consulting Group

·                Genentech

·                PwC

·                Ernst and Young

·                ICICI Bank

·                Barclays

·                JP Morgan

·                Deloitte

·                Zomato

·                KPMG

·                HDFC Bank

·                Deutsche Bank

·                HCL

·                Accenture

·                TCS

·                BHEL

·                Reliance

List of Top MEC Jobs After Intermediate

MEC Course has a good variety and high-paying jobs across Commerce, Arts, Science and Technology. Here are the best career options after MEC

·                IT Analyst

·                Solution Architect

·                Content Writer/Copy Editor

·                Journalist

·                Entrepreneur

·                Marketing Manager

·                Business Development Manager

·                Economist

·                Lawyer

·                Research Analyst

·                Lecturer

·                Chartered Accountant

·                Company Secretary

Which is best MPC or MEC COURSE?

MEC is suitable for those interested in theoretical studies as well as business and management; however, when compared to MPC, MEC has a lower career potential, as MPC allows you to pursue Engineering as well as Business and Management courses, whereas MEC only allows you to pursue the commerce stream. As a result, although MEC is more straightforward in terms of courses and curriculum, MPC provides a wider choice of professional options.

What are the benefits of MEC Course?

Business, management, marketing, accounting, finance, information technology, economics, and other profitable disciplines are all available through the MEC group.

As a result, MEC's commerce group guarantees a deep understanding of the vast stream of business. The MEC courses listed above encompass the major bachelor's degree, diploma, and certification courses that you can pursue after graduating from high school. Please contact us at if you have any further questions about MEC courses.

We hope you got your query solved about MEC intermediate .



RE: What is Best Courses after MEC group in Intermediate

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