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What is the average salary that a Lawyer gets?

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RE: What is the average salary that a Lawyer gets?

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Warm welcome to our readers. We at provide the budding minds with ample information. This article is basically for all the students interested to join the line of judiciary and want to know about the earning capacity of lawyers.

 Law is one such thing that has to be followed by everyone once passed. This makes judiciary an evergreen job. The Indian judiciary is never going to come to an end because we live in a democratic country.

 People have the right to say whatever they wish to while some others won’t always agree to what one says. They will have different and conflicting views. Hence, to avoid conflicts and to bring harmony, we have law. 

For beginner, one cannot directly expect the income in crores, until and unless they are hired by the extremely top companies. Direct placement is the best offer one can go for, if possible, else they need to search jobs on their own or can even see them online.

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LLB in combination to BA,B.COM is very much in demand and many students opt for it. This trending career has a bright future. There are a plenty of job opportunities after law. One can join hands with the companies or can practice law in the court on their own.

Perks of being a Lawyer

There are various perks of each job and so is the case with Judiciary. The main perk is basically the money. There is no set law for the lawyer to charge money.The more learned you are the more fees you can take from the clients. You need to assure the client of winning the case. This makes communication skills and your subject knowledge very important aspect of determining your fees.

 You will see this as you go further, a list of top lawyers in our country. For the government employs, the salaries are fixed and pensionable. Lawyers need to interact with public often which can lead to increasing the contacts of the lawyers and can be approached later.

Now, those lawyers who are hired by the firm later have chances of being the part of the firm itself. The lawyer can then become the profit sharing partner of the firm. And also, in the firm, there are more interactions than the person alone roaming around. Hence this also helps in increasing the contact of the lawyers on a large scale.  

  • Corporate lawyer salary.
    It is always a great option to join the corporate world and get hired by MDC'S (Multi National Companies) as soon as possible. Companies require lawyers for legal advice. The role here is to keep safe the commercial transactions of trade. 


The ones hired by a single company are called In-House lawyers. They advise the firm about the bond deeds, taxation policy, investment laws and all those laws that are directly or indirectly related to the company.

Rs. 6,87,645/- is the average salary that a lawyer earns. Lawyers, time to time, keep changing their profession because this makes them yield more income and also lets them spread their knowledge and talent. 

The firms that provide salaries plus the bonus if the lawyers are working extremely good.



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List of top lawyers:-






Harish Salve

7-15 lakhs

Represented as Indian lawyer at international court and charged just Re 1 from India during Kulbhushan Jadhav. His clients include Reliance, Tata, ITC, Vodafone.


K.K Venugopal

5- 7.5 lakhs

Was hired by Bhutan while framing their law system, is a highly recognized lawyer and has also received Padma Bhushan.





Gopal Subramanium

5-15 lakhs

He is a senior advocate who generally practices in the Supreme Court of Delhi. He has served as Solicitors General of India from 2009- 2011.


Ram Jhetmalani

25 lakhs

He is the oldest lawyer on the list and also the most expensive lawyer. He is master in criminal law and practices in supreme as well as high court. He has been the Chairman of Bar Council of India


K.T.S Tulsi

5 lakhs

A Supreme Court lawyer who has been the president of criminal justice society since 1994. Has represented India more than 10 times in the supreme court.


  • Salary of a JAG Officer:-
    Indian Army has the post of JAG officer( Judge Advocate General), who is aware about military laws and helps deal with it.


There are a few vacancies for JAG Officers as compared to other services in Army. Men, as well as women, can apply for this. Even after getting into army, officers must keep on practicing and studying because they have to clear their exams for promotion.


Army is the only institute that pays their candidates even on training. The moment you enter OTA( Officers Training Academy) you salary account increases. During academy period you get Rs. 15600 as Pay Band and Rs. 5,600/- as grade pay.


 Once you get commissioned, after your training period, you start receiving your salary on the basis of your rank. As your rank starts increasing, so does your pay.




  • Publishers
    For those who want to join the field of publishers; your income depends on how you write and what you write. You need to make negotiation with your publishers for publishing your book. What you write should be accepted by general public and must be praised. It is only then that you can attain success.
  • Practice in the court of law.
    A lawyer, while practicing in the court of law must have a chamber of his own in whichever court he is practicing. The income completely depends upon the lawyers capabilities and influential behavior.


The lawyer must gain trust from his clients and be able to convince him about winning the case. Some lawyers who just want to help the needy does not charge high costs, whereas, on the other hand, there are lawyers who charge fees in crores as well.

There is no boundary for charging fees when you work on your own in private.


Hope this article has served its purpose. Don’t run just after the income, work hard and the fruits will be served accordingly. Nobody can stop you from attaining success if you are enthusiastic and determined.



For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What is the average salary that a Lawyer gets?

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