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What is the job duties for commercial pilots & What skill required?

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RE: What is the job duties for commercial pilots & What skill required?

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Job Duties of a pilot are to:

  • Inspect aircraft prior to flights to ensure that the equipment is functioning right.
  • Check baggage/cargo for proper loading and review data such as load weights/ fuel supplies/weather conditions, and flight schedules to determine flight plans.
  • Select routes, heights, and speeds that provide the safest, and smoothest flights and to calculate the speed required to become airborne.
  • Monitor engine operation, fuel consumption, plan flights and prepare flight assessment reports.
  • Handle critical situations like poor visibility and to check the flight performance of new aircraft's.
  • Communicate with supervisors/peers/subordinates and make decisions.
  • To be able to do minor aircraft maintenance/repair works.
  • Train other pilots about the company regulations and procedures.
  • Save and evacuate injured persons safely in need of emergency.
  • Keep informed of the latest developments technically and apply new knowledge to your job.
  • Judge the qualities of things/facilities/individuals

Skills needed for becoming a Commercial Pilot:

  • Operation and control skills are needed for controlling operations of equipment or systems.
  • Coordination skills for amending actions with respect to others' actions.
  • Operation monitoring skills for watching equipment to ensure working conditions of the same.
  • Active listening skills for giving full attention to what people try to communicate
  • Systems evaluation abilities for identifying measures of system performance and the actions needed to improve or correct the same
  • Instructing
  • Critical thinking
  • Judgment and decision making to handle unforeseen/unexpected situations
  • Monitoring the work of self or subordinates
  • Knowledge of Mathematics, science, time management
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Active learning skills for understanding both current and future problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Quality control analytical abilities
  • Systems Analysis
  • Excellent spatial orientation ability to know the location in relation to the surroundings
  • Control precision to quickly adjust the controls of a machine to their positions
  • Response orientation skills to choose quickly react in response to two or more different signals
  • Perfect night, near, far and peripheral vision and depth perception
  • Auditory attention and speech clarity
  • Deductive reasoning and selective attention skills

Aviation sector is in the list of growing industries in India.There is no doubt that the scope for Commercial Pilots in India is mounting with each passing year.A pilot will be responsible for the passengers, the crew and the aircraft and hence must have discipline, tolerance, accountability, promptness, commitment and self-confidence.

Getting training/license doesn’t come cheap and the costs are very high, and the process tough. Even after the initial license one has to ultimately get an airline endorsement, which means training on aircraft like the Boeing 737. Training and endorsement costs for aircraft like Airbus 320, Boeing 747, can be exceptionally highland could range from Rs. 15 lakhs. In addition, each time a pilot shifts from one type of aircraft to another type he/she will have to undergo special training for that aircraft all over again in order to obtain the Type Endorsement.

Once they start working, pilots have a very demanding job and they follow a very difficult career route, but most of them who end up being a pilot wanted to be one from a very young age. Their life can be tremendously draining and there are many hurdles, problem and situations that test your patience and are challenging on the way to becoming a pilot. Fatigue is a big issue in long-distance flying and the odd working hours can take a toll of one’s health. Yet, if someone is very passionate about flying an airplane and ready to face all these challenges, then this profession is extremely satisfying. This profession also demands a lot of time, dedication, patience and sacrifice. A career in aviation attracts many youngsters because of its lucrative nature, and the opportunity to travel around the globe. Pilots also get to visit some truly amazing places, and by becoming a regular visitor to those places, they slowly get to know their cultures and ways of living and eventually start to feel like a local.However, it is not possible for someone without a deep passion for airplanes can become a pilot. So if you are passionate about flying and ready to handle stressful, adventurous exhausting situations with immense job satisfaction, go for it! 

RE: What is the job duties for commercial pilots & What skill required?

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