What is the proceedure in doing m.sc and b.sc

name of college or organisation didtha

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RE: What is the proceedure in doing m.sc and b.sc

Jyoti B Dhingra
Jyoti B Dhingra
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The procedure of doing MSc. and BSc. is very simple. Both the courses belong to science stream. After doing your 12th with science you can proceed with BSc. course, where you are supposed to select atleast five subjects according to your choice related to science stream. It is a three year course which gives you a Bachelor of science degree. You need to be very very careful while choosing subjects here because out of these subjects only you will have to select for doing MSc.

After doing BSc.you can proceed with MSc course. You have to attach your graduation degree with the documents and form for taking admission in MSc. MSc. is a post graduate course or degree, it is also called as master of science degree. For this you have to select one subject which you think you are good in. This is a two year course, first year you study about the subject in detail and in second year you specialize in one area of the subject in detail.

Procedure is simple , you need to go to a college near your vicinity in your city where you live and get the form for BSc. Fill it and submit with the other documents and you get admission in the college.

You have asked for colleges, which you should see in the city where you live. You have not shared the name of the place other wise i would have searched the names of the colleges of your place. Anyways that is not a big thing. You can do that on your own.

You have not revealed what are your future plans. What do you intend to become etc. Why do you want to do BSc. and Msc ? Other wise you have asked a very simple question which usually students do not ask such questions. It is strange though but still i would suggest that think over it and be particular about your future plans.

ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: What is the proceedure in doing m.sc and b.sc

Ravi Thakor
Ravi Thakor
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Hi Friend,

A B.Sc or Bachelor of Science or Sc.B. derived from Scientia Baccalaureus, a Latin phrase is an undergraduate degree granted for successfully finished study programs which typically have a duration of three years.

B.Sc is a bachelor's degree in India which is offered on different subjects and can broadly be categorized into Pass and Honors courses. In India, science colleges offer three-year B.Sc degrees.

Students have to select the domain of specialization from the different choices that are available. Choices available include B.Sc in Physics, B.Sc in Biology, B.Sc in Chemistry, B.Sc in Biotechnology and so on. Every study program has been planned to fit the necessities of the student.

The structure of curriculum for the B.Sc study program is akin to the other undergraduate or bachelor's degree courses. The duration of the program is normally three years. Every year, there will be two semesters. The students need to study Mathematics and English as compulsory subjects in majority of the specialized areas.

Eligibility Criteria for studying B.Sc

For studying B.Sc, the students have to fulfill particular criteria so that they can qualify for the study program. The educational qualifications needed to study B.Sc. are given below:
Diploma holders are eligible to apply for the B.Sc course
Students need to pass the higher secondary or 10+2 level examination or any other equivalent examination from a recognized board
The students should get the minimum marks necessary to get admission to the course according to the cut-off marks stipulated by the colleges and universities.
The students should study science subjects at the time of their 10+2 level
In addition, the age of the students should not be less than 18 years or should not be more than 23 years. This is also a prerequisite for studying B.Sc. in India.

I hope the answer is very much clear to you. As far as the MSC is concerned, the procedure is same as of the BSc

The only difference would be in MSC is that you would have to select a special subject in which you want to do your masters since MSC is a masters degree. You should be very clear and careful while selecting a subjest because after completing your MSC you would be getting a masters degreein that pparticular subject and according to the subject you will have to start up your career. If you want to go to abroad also after MSC or bsc make sure the subjects you choose are correct.

I wish you all the very best.

RE: What is the proceedure in doing m.sc and b.sc

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Student

I am surprised to see your query ! Anyways, it is your right to get the query as per the choice. Doing B.sc Msc is not a race of doing any fashion or health course it is serious issue which requires the systemic preparation and then think about such courses. Even you have not made it clear the what subject you want to do for your bsc or msc.
Please follow the guidelines given below hope you will be benifited:

After schooling 10th from any board-CBSE ICSE BSEB NCERT etc you are suppose to see the obtained grade and then again see where you are the best and can write the blest as per your comfortability which reflects the sense of ease due to the grip of that subject.

As you know at school level you read all the subjects which are catagorized into three - Humanities (History, Sociology, Languages), Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Artsfor maths kept in separate list.

Based on your obtained marks if you have passed genuinly then must be understanding the reason behind any exceptional scoring for certain subjects. You must be saying that I do understand these subjects better then any others.

Next level is to qualify 12th in sciences Physics or Chemistry or Biology, or Maths. Again you will reflect your best subject as per the performance in examination and then gradualy you will move for B.Sc or B.Sc hons.

So after doing 12th or intermediate in biology (botany, zoology, chemistry, and physics) or natural sciences (Maths, physics, chemistry) or you can take maths along with biology also.

Now your result at 12th level will decide the fate of your higher degree at post grad level so offering institutions will give you admission as per the highest scoring subject in your trnascript and accordingly you will be given due consideration after assessing your transcriptional claim by another entrnace test written which will solve all the perplaxity at academic level. Finally you will be understood as the best fitted for a particular subject at B.SC or MSC level.

Hope above facts have made everything clear for your future career in B.Sc or M.Sc.
For further query you can contact us

Best of luck

Dr. Manoj Kumar

RE: What is the proceedure in doing m.sc and b.sc

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