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What is the scope for Arts (Humanities Study) in the Science dominated world?

by Smayra Shukla
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RE: What is the scope for Arts (Humanities Study) in the Science dominated world?

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I would like to answer your question, but before that, I want to quote a line by Rabindranath Tagore, “We wrote, we sang, we acted, and we poured ourselves out on every side. There was tremendous excitement and cultural richness.”

These lines were written by him in the 19th century. This will give you an idea how rich India was in terms of arts & creativity. You are right in every aspect when you said in science dominant world and it is quite actually true because this is the era of technology and science. Yet I have to say that the world is not just about science and technology alone. If you look back at our history, you will be amazed at the fact (or you might know it already) that the number of achievers in arts is way too much than that of science. Let me be very clear first of all that science have its own importance and dominance in the present world, but still, there is no parameter exists which can compare its importance with that of arts. Now, career aspirants encounter this question quite often, especially after their 12th class, science or arts? Let’s not be one-sided and just not compare both the streams. So, I am being on a safer side and let just see what the importance of arts stream are & why to select it as one’s major skill set.


Firstly, an art is an educational stream that functionalizes to transfer an attitude of creativity. The niches which are covered in the arts stream helps a person to understand society, its history, it's making, its design, or in a broader way, it can be said that it gives us a detailed knowledge of our society. Let me give you an overview what arts stream offers in our education system.

Our education system recommends these guidelines to ensure proper experience in arts education.

  • Primary educational stage---------------------------------------------I-V

(As an integrated course)

  • Upper Primary educational stage-----------------------------------VI-VIII

(Integrated subject of all art forms)

  • Secondary education stage-------------------------------------------IX-X

(Subject covering specific art forms)

  • Higher Secondary educational stage------------------------------XI-XII

(Separate subjects for arts education)

This guideline ensures that a proper basic aptitude for art stream is transferred to the student.

The diverse nature of art stream came into view when one crosses the hurdles of Higher Secondary stages i.e., pass 12th and enter into the college life. Now you have many options to choose from either you make note of your attitude and then select the subject from arts stream or you just go for a subject and tries to adjust or build your aptitude and understanding accordingly. Let us have a look at what arts stream offers in graduation and after graduation which will help you to build your career and decision making to achieve your goal.

In under graduation, the arts department offers avariety of courses out of which the major and common degree course is Bachelor of Arts. Now, this degree offers many subjects under his domain which varies from performing, visual, literature and crafts.

A quick overview of undergraduate programs offered by arts stream (Subject wise)-

If you are seeking acareer in law education, this stream can provide you the right ammo. Law education is available as an integrated degree course of 5 years. The two most chosen courses are-

You can also opt for many courses to choose from if you are not looking for a degree course. Arts stream offers many certificates and diploma courses. To be frank you can choose from almost numerous categories which can match your choice of career. Some of the most common courses which are frequently chosen by many career aspirants like you are-

So, as you can see there are so many dishes in the plate. All you have to do is choose from this and propel yourself in the right direction. And trust me if you got the right direction with the right field, there are opportunities which are not only lucrative but also secure and long termed.

Just a piece of advice before you select arts stream, please do have a deep observation on the career prospects available before selecting the field of arts stream. In the end I just want to tell you one thing which I think you should know, when you asked this question you quoted today’s era as the era of science, however with such diversity of topics offered by arts stream and the social importance of these topics we cannot say today’s era as just the era of science. We can say it as the era of arts & science. I hope this little information would be helpful to you and to your career decision-making process.

RE: What is the scope for Arts (Humanities Study) in the Science dominated world?

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