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what should i do after if my passion is towards media. Please suggest me which college should i look for?

by Vikrant mishra
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RE: what should i do after if my passion is towards media. Please suggest me which college should i look for?

arun Star
arun Star

Hello Vikrant.. The best course for anyone who is interested to build a career in media is Masters courses in Mass Communication or journalism. You may also can join for Film and TV production courses if you are interested to specialize in Film industry. These courses will enable you to understand the industry oriented practices and you can be a master in that field through rigorous practical works. Some of the Best institutes to pursue a course media and journalism are Jamia Miliia MCRC, IIMC Delhi, Doon Business School, Lovely Professional University, Manav Rachna University, Symbiosis institute etc

. The best part about these institutes are the practical knowledge and skills you are getting. You can also be a best competent in the media industry too.Free lancing options are also available. Some of the universities are offering scholarships too to complete the courses. 

RE: what should i do after if my passion is towards media. Please suggest me which college should i look for?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Dear Aspirant,

How did you realise suddenly that your passion was media and not engineering? It's sad that after completing engineering you wish to change your career path and choose a different one. What is the reason behind that passion of media? Hope you understand and have the realisation that once you go to another field, all your efforts, money, time spent on engineering will go waste completely. All your Dad's hard earned money will become zero since you wont be working in engineering field at all.

For media studies, there are different courses available all over India. Masters/PG/Diploma in Mass Media, Media Management, Mass Communication, Journalism. You need to decide which of these are suitable to you. All those courses lead to a career in media.

I would suggest that to know which of these are suitable to you, you should take the Ideal Career Test from Career This is a psychometric test which will tell you which is suitable to you and then you need to enquire about its eligibility and admission process. This is half July over, therefore most of them have already begun.

Best wishes

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