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What should I do after Engineering?

by Subhamay Datta
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RE: What should I do after Engineering?

Avadhut Desai
Avadhut Desai
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That’s good! you have done Engineering and you have many quality options with you to excel in the field. First upon I welcome you to the as you approached this one of the largest and able career guiding platform.

I would have come to the precise direction, had you been given the exact faculty of the Engineering you have learned for. Anyways, we will discuss the topic in general and explore the various ways for you after the Engineering Degree.



We see the enormous development in the field of Technology and thereby we can have an idea about to extent the job opportunities will be there. Really the field is ever growing at an exponential rate and for any aspirant with quality knowledge of the fields it has become easy to get a job or pursue the advanced studies. For your query, there are two obvious options as you want to know what after the Engineering? One is further advanced studies and second is Job or own business.

Advanced studies in your field

It is always considered the good pursuing higher and advanced studies in your field. Such study can add to your knowledge and your expertise to avail and claim the higher possible job opportunities. Some of the following advanced studies fields you can think of –

  • Master of Engineering (ME) - doing ME will certainly help you get higher jobs in your fields. ME lets you have thorough and complete knowledge of the field. ME aspirants will always be preferred when it comes to offering a job.
  • Business and Management (MBA) - These days you might have seen the students after BE prefer MBA in reputed Business Schools as the combination gets more lucrative job opportunities at strategic and important positions. I find this option dynamic and can always be preferable.
  • Preparing for Competitive Exams in your field like IES (Indian Engineering Services) – Government and Government run PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) offer a good number of jobs every year and you are supposed to compete through a common exam with other competitors. IES – Indian Engineering Services, one of the All India level government service for able and talented minds. You can find such other many exams with the help of CareerGuide.
  • Related PG Diplomas in your field - The Diplomas generally run for short period so it is easy to acquire related professional knowledge in less time. You even can pursue Diplomas from foreign universities as the period is short.


Get a Job

Yes, doing a degree in Engineering will provide you with the option of doing a job in your desired field. Many do, you can too.

Private Sector Jobs:

Growing at an enormous rate, the private sector has great prospects providing jobs to many. You can easily find any job of your choice in your field. If having difficulties in finding your career path or not able to decide on exact field you must be in, you can talk to the Professional Experts. We come across these days with the fields such as IT and Communication Technology, KPOs, BPOs and LPOs which are some of the expanding fields and they have a great share in our national trade. It all states that the jobs are many; the only need is to find them in a proper way.

Government Sector Jobs:

PSUs – Public Sector Undertakings/Enterprises – These are government run companies for achieving sustainable and balanced growth in our country. We have a large number of PSUs and in that relation, we find many jobs thereby. I am giving below some of the PSUs –

Various Government Enterprises offering Jobs in Engineering Field:


Jobs through Competitive Exam:

State and Central government conduct competitive exam to recruit the young and talented aspirants at various positions like IES-Indian Engineering Services and state engineering services to name the few. The government has one the best policies and facilities for its employee so that you can think of these jobs for greater job security and stable career.


Do you feel confident and are you ready to take risks then this can be your obvious option. Try your hands on small businesses and expand it into a large one. The time has ripened for startup culture where you can find many startups have grown these days and governments has many good policies and schemes to assist them.

Dear Aspirant, we have discussed the possible topics which had obviously to be sprung from your query. For more information, let me know or have a talk with the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Your every query related to your career path and education will be resolved in real time. For your kind information, CareerGuide has guiding aspirants successfully for many years and conducting Psychometric Tests including Ideal Career Test to guide students getting them to know their best-suited career paths. Hope, this would be helpful to you!

RE: What should I do after Engineering?

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