What should I do ? My next step either job or higher education courses?

I completed three diploma in mechanical engineering. 2013 completed my auto card 2d , pro-e ,and creo

by Hubertpe
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3 answers

RE: What should I do ? My next step either job or higher education courses?

Dr. K.V. Anand
Dr. K.V. Anand
Verified Career Expert
Career Guide, Educationist, Author and Clinical Psychologist
  • Palakkad

Welcome to
We are more than happy to guide you for a proper career and perfect future.

I am very glad to meet you. You really astonished me. You have three diplomas in mechanical engineering. Completed Autocad 2D, Pro-E and CREO. Great!!! Since you are academically well placed, you should go for a job now.

Out there, opportunities are abundant. But there is stiff competition. Therefore salary for a beginner is really a constraint. Though you have handsome qualification, you are still a beginner. That is a drawback. You should settle for a mechanical engineering related job and gain valuable experience before jumping into the actual world of career.

Then, after getting enough experience in your field (at least three years), and proving your worth in the company or to the competition, you can go for degree course in Mechanical Engineering and then for further studies if you are interested and passionate.

Career is life. Career is self actualization. Career is self satisfaction. You had already chosen your path and have enough qualification. Now you have to improve your skill set, aptitude and attitude. These can improved by consistent training. In this site, you can see some Online Psychometric Career Assessment Test to know yourself, personality, skills, aptitude and attitude. Take them and know yourself. You should improve yourself wherever necessary to be a success in life. You have it in you and you should be able to excel in your future.

Once you complete degree in Mechanical Engineering, an array of opportunities open in front of you. If you have experience, you will be a lion in front of other fresh graduate. For you, experience holds the key. Also, then with your experience, it will be easy for you apply for IITJEE for admission into IITs, All India Engineering Entrance Exams (AIEEE) etc.

For a Mechanical Engineering Diploma Fresher, we have several opportunities out. For now, please do not weigh the salary. Weigh the opportunity, organization, job etc. Get the job for whatever salary your are offered. Of course you can demand, but be realistic. Since the Mechanical engineering is the broadest of all engineering fields, The opportunities includes design, manufacture, test, install, operate and maintain a wide array of machines and mechanical systems that are used in countless industries. Major industries that employ mechanical engineers are automobiles, space research, aeronautical, energy and utilities, air conditioning, bio mechanical industry, turbine manufacturing, oil and gas etc. The list is vast.


Great to see such a performer.
Good luck.
Dr. K V Anand

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RE: What should I do ? My next step either job or higher education courses?

Thiruvikraman Ramadoss
Thiruvikraman Ramadoss
Verified Career Expert
Freelance Trainer and Training Partner, ProMetis Learning
  • Muthampalayam

Hi Friend,

Thanks for approaching us at!!!

I appreciate your eagerness in deciding on your career path. But you are not very clear in your Question. Are you a B.E Mechanical Engineering Graduate or Diploma in Mechanical Engg. I understand in addition to your degree what ever it is you have also completed courses on CAD, Pro-E and CREO. That shows your eagerness to make yourself employable.

I am splitting my answer into 3 forms since the question is not clear. Please find the right answer for you.
1. If you are a B.E graduate thinking about job or M.E:
Since you have completed your degree in 2013 you have already missed getting into M.E this year. So keep trying to get into a job before you try to get into M.E in June 2014. You may even consider to join CAD or Pro-E training institute as a CAD trainer. From there you will find a way to get into designing jobs.

2.If you are a B.E graduate thinking about job or MBA:

Before MBA I would always suggest you should definitely have atleast two years of work experience. This is not a criteria in the B-schools. But I have seen people who have work experience understand MBA subjects better.
3. If you are a Diploma student:
Try joining a job. But join B.E in 2014 or 2015. Because B.E would definitely help. But Job experience will help you to understand B.E education better than others.
All the best. WISH YOU SUCCESS

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RE: What should I do ? My next step either job or higher education courses?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting us at!!!

You have such a smart report card rather three diploma in mechanical engineering which is the most demanding engineering specialization in the world. No boundary line for you to explore the job inside and outside the country, employment scienario is very exciting worldwide that is why this specialization in engineering becomes more prioratized.
As you are the diploma holder and possessing different modules which have tremendous scope for employbility in any automobile company at RD level. Now it is you and your situation at individual and family level which will push you either for job or further education at higher level -BTECH or BE in mechanical engineering.

No doubt you will be given best salary package at entry level which depends on trade mark or brand or your overall performance at diploma level which is reflected through your transcripts as well as the performance in interview process.

Now you have multiple options to take it up:

1. Learning while earning: now you can join any industry or govt job at junior engineer level and then explore the parttime education module which could be benifical for your career. Now a days distance learning education system is available through good and reputed academic instituitins at govt or private level like state level of technical universities, other private universities -Manipal (, AMITY (, SRM (, Symbiosis etc which offer you great oportunity to pursue the study at graduation level. But you have take the consent of your employer that is very important, good organizations usually have such provision to support theier engineers for academic upliftment so you can think in that way also and accordingly you could be confident to join a job and start earning and learning both.

  1. Full time B.Tech/BE : if you are comfortable with higher studies at these level then make yourself very much organized and must attempt for the best organizations like IIT, NIT or other best private institutions in India. If your age criteria and academic background in terms of scoring allows you then you appear in IIT-JEE and qualify the exam you will be on the top. AIEEE is another option for you to get admission in any good reputed organization which offer you the best.

    Accordingly you be ready for your future career.



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RE: What should I do ? My next step either job or higher education courses?

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