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What specialization should i take in PG

I'm doing mba 4rm iipm couldn't able to decide what to take as specialization in my PG and which sector shall I go 4r ? plzz guide me through this so I can able to make my mind????

by Krishna Singh
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4 answers

RE: What specialization should i take in PG

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear Krishna Kumar,

Deciding the specialisation in case of MBA is definitely not simple and the best time to decide is now. Making your mind for a specific specialisation actually requires your mind to think about it from your heart.

I am glad that you have approached the right platform of CareerGuide at the right time for seeking guidance to your career query.

Choosing a specialisation can be done in a simple way.

  1. Finance - For choosing the finance specialisation, you should be pretty sure that you like numbers, figures, calculations, analysis, accounting, taxation, etc. Basically this is a very intellectual field which is better to be chosen if you have command over finance and its concepts.

  2. Human Resource - For choosing Human Resource specialisation, you should be comfortable with policies, people, talent management, meeting and talking to people, training people, being open minded, etc. If you like this, you can choose Human Resource as a specialisation.

  3. Marketing - Marketing involved initially a lot of travel within the city or outside for selling the products or services. Sales and Marketing are two different things and generally freshers are given the sales deadlines to meet. Once you are comfortable with sale, talking and convincing people about products and services, you can choose this field. This field requires a lot of patience, perseverance and a positive attitude and a cool mind and customer orientation.

  4. International Business - International Business involves more of procedural work of knowing the foreign policies, learning about the international business practices, imports and exports, govt compliance, banking laws, etc. If you like these, the International Business is a specialization suited for you.

From the above you must have come to know that you should ask your self what would you like to do in future for life. Based on that it is recommended to choose the specialisation.

Best Luck

RE: What specialization should i take in PG

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I see you are a final semester student on your MBA degree at IIPM. May I ask you what was your first degree and did you have any work experience post graduation? If yes, in what? My answer could better help you had I known these info. However, I shall try to base out my answer in a more generalised way.

Most MBA students tend to become confused with choosing specializations and this certainly happens for one main reason, if you are a candidate without any work experience. Had you been at work before, you could have easily chosen the right specialization linked to your work profile. But don't worry, it happens with most students who are freshers into an MBA program without work exp. This is the time you will need to carefully chose what you like and what you want to be in future.

First hand, I suggest you take up the personality assessment test available on this website. There is a psychometric assessment available on this website and taking it up, you could find yourself with some clarity. In principle, try asking yourself with these questions.

1. Do you like working with people, that requires a lot of interaction on a day to day basis?
If yes, you are apt to studying Human resources.
A Human resources job can offer you roles like sourcer, recruiter, Performance manager, pay roll, trainer, training and development, and many more. For a crisp idea, look at this picture below.

2. Do you like working with numbers on your future work assignments?
If yes, you are suited to accounting and finance careers. A career in accounting and finance can give you roles like auditing, finance manager, accounts manager and investment manager. BIG 4 companies like PWC, KPMG, E&Y, Deloitte are the destinations for these lines. For better idea, see this picture on the type of careers you are likely to pursue with Finance and accounts stream.
Unorganised Sector

3. Do you like to be involved in deciding where your company's products need to be sold ? Do you like to be a trend setter?
If yes, Marketing is the right option for you.
A degree with Marketing will give you a variety of options like Market analyst, product analyst, industry analyst, consumer analyst and much more. For an insight, look into this picture on the types of role you are likely to pursue in marketing.
Unorganised Sector

4. Do you like working on assignments across national borders? Are you happy to travel abroad frequently officially? Do you like working on a non-routine assignment?
If yes, you are suited to studying International business and strategic management specializations. You are more likely to land up in Consulting roles if you choose this. This line pays you very high compared to other lines of MBA. The work profile is also enjoyable as you dont follow a routine work and you have new responsibilities and challenges coming up every day. A consultant career is illustrated in the below pic.
Unorganised Sector

I hope this briefing will help you better. Please write back if you require further help. Thanks.

Good luck.

RE: What specialization should i take in PG

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar
Dear Krishna Kumar Ji
Thank you very much for approaching You are a the student of such an advance professional study which deals with the contemporary challenges in the revolutionary world irrespective of any specialization-market research, human resources, commerce and economics, biotechnology, sales etc.
I will not discuss the course content and its host range at national and international level rather I would like to explore the pre-requisite mind set, thought process (psychology), readiness for a course, implementation part of subject at international level, reason behind the course design.

You must be having the concept and academic niche for above cited facts those are not our prime concern in Indian scenario at mass level and therefore we invite the gap between out plan and its successful implementation. Academic background is being ignored with the hard fact of desperation towards the job hunt and our randomised moment to be a successful person based on the placement and monitory gain.

Unorganised Sector
First you decide your future brand what you want to be either a follower or the Guru of Management? In my opinion the question is not legitimate and must correct the question by answering in a phillosophical way and say I need to be strong follower that is the wisdom and then will acquire the ingredients and will formulate the wholesome management in a professional manner. The first formula is to avoid the pre-occupied thought before reading any concept note it will allow you to grasp the jest of theory and then you analyse the studied material with the individualistic approach. This approach will make you a successful and visionary professional.
I am sure you about you that you must be knowing the modules and its pre-requisites at subject level in management at PG level. I have made it clear that a subject specialization is not the matter of discussion for a successful career rather your specialized interest which does matter for the opted course, be focused.
I hope you are a qualified candidate of management through Common Management Admission Test (CAT/CMAT) which grooms you with several angles and then nothing left thing anything out of the box.

Rest you assure your goal in the terms and conditions of profession.

Best !

RE: What specialization should i take in PG

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

It is appreciating to see you are doing a professional management course and also at a good institution. I understand you are at an important phase in deciding what stream you want to specialise in your MBA. There are many specialisations that an MBA offer like the HR, Marketing, information management, systems management, operations management, accounts and finance. I know students often get confused in choosing the right stream for them but there is always a trick that i often advice to students to follow. The trick is to link your bachelors to this professional degree. There was recently a survey taken by a private management school in Bangalore which showed that students with relevant bachelors background and same MBA specialisation, get jobs faster, easier and also get good pay. Where as students with no connection to bachelors and MBA specialisations are not very attractive at the eyes of comapnies and recruiters. I shall explain how this is seen.

For example, if you have studied computer science at your bachelors, you can better chose information management or systems management rather choosing a MBA with accounts or finance. Companies will get impressed with your profile as you have lined up your bachelors and masters in the same line. Secondly, if you have studied BSc Fashion designing then you can study MBA in fashion management rather than doing an MBA in general or other streams. Again MBA is most often tailored to every industry these days like MBA Biotechnology, Aeronautical, hospitality management or even aviation management. If you have studied similar bachelors degree that i have indicated here then choose the related specialisation as indicated here. If you have taken BCom with accounts or finance at bachelors level then take MBA in accounts or finance at IIPM. Try to read the same subject in-depth at MBA, that you also read at undergraduate level.

Else you can also think of where you want to work. And accordingly you can choose to target your specialisation. For example, if you are willing to work in manufacturing, consumer goods, entertainment industry, media, arts, science then Marketing is the right option for you. If you are again willing to work in IT industry, then marketing or operations is suitable for you, If you are willing to work in construction or oil companies then project management is suitable for you. If you like to often get a desk oriented job with good communication skills then you are suitable to human resources. So try correlating your Undergraduate with your postgraduate and you will have a prosperous post MBA life.

RE: What specialization should i take in PG

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