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What trainings does one need to undergo as a college graduate which will be effective in the long run as a Psychiatrist?

training which will prove helpful for Psychaitrist

by Chirag Shridhar Zalke
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RE: What trainings does one need to undergo as a college graduate which will be effective in the long run as a Psychiatrist?

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A Psychiatrist specializes in prescribing mental health medications and rarely provides Psychotherapy. A Psychiatrist's training is that of a medical Physician's involving four years of Pre-Med studies. i.e A bachelor's degree with a Pre-Med emphasis. Then four years of medical school. After medical school like all Physicians in training such as DO, MD or MBBS, One has to choose a post graduate residency. In the case of Psychiatrist they will then go to four year psychiatric residency. A psychiatric residency usually involves training at an inpatient like Hospital setting. Residents are supervised by other psychiatrists and have seminars on various topics such as Psychopharmacology, mood disorders, eating disorders etc. Many of the topics are electives so on psychiatrist has the exact same training. Seminars are different than typical graduate school classes in that in a seminar less time is devoted to one particular topic and board exam are required. Most seminars last around an hour or two, once a week for around four to six weeks.

Assuming one has passed his or her three part medical boards after the first year of the residency one can begin practicing medicine but until the psychiatric residency is complete and the psychiatric board exam is passed one cannot be a Psychiatrist.

Hope this helps. If you require further moreinformation, you can reach us again and we will be happy toassistyou.

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