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Psychiatrists are the professionals who are concerned with the mental health of human beings and provide the suitable cure and treatment in order to maintain the fitness of our mental health.

Psychiatrists are those specialised doctors who treat persons suffering from Mental illnesses or persons having  deviant thought processes. A typical day in the life of psychiatrist  consist of 1 Meetings with patients,who may be severly depressed,suicidal, schizophrenic  or paranoid. Most of the time they are intelligent people.. 2 Due to increased stress and strains in life, more and more people are referring to them for treatment..People from all age group refer to them. 3 Psychiatrists may  specialize their work in drug deaddiction,child psychiatry etc.  4 As

Hello Dear, Thank you for reaching [][1] This is my personal view. The scope of [Psychiatry][2] is all over the countries, The only thing that may differ is earning more in different countries. Below are my Inputs  [Job Opportunities for Psychiatrist in India][3] are immense. Psychiatrist can seek employment in regular hospital as as in mental hospitals.Many of them work in Rehabilitation centres to rehabiliate drug addicts, dipsomaniacs, juvenile, delinquents and others with other occupational therapists and Social workers.can be appointed in Private hospitals,

Dear Aspirant, Thanks for writing to! No. You do not require to have biology as a subject to become a psychologist. After 12th, you can pursue either BSc or BA, then MSc or MA, and PhD. To become a clinical psychologist, you can do MPhil in clinical psychology. However, biology helps you study clinical psychology better. There is one subject in masters course, psycho-biology or biological basis of bahavior. If you are looking forward to bece psychiatrist, you need biology and complete MBBS. After MBBS, you can opt for MD in psychiatry to become psychiatrist. Hope this i

Hi,Psychiatrist are Doctors who pursue Psychiatry as their specialization. It is important to remember that to become a [Psychiatrist][1] one needs to pursue 12th from  Science Stream with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as their compulsory subjects.After successfully completing their they will have to [undertake the Medical Exam][2] and clear it and secure a seat to do MBBS.After doing their MBBS the student will have to do an [MD with a specialization in Psychiatry][3].Remember that a Psychiatrist is a specialized Doctor who deals with people suffering from Psychological Disorders.His ma

Dear Aspirant, Thanks for writing to us! Two of our colleagues have answered your query well. Let me add my perspective that may be helpful for you. As explained by one of my colleague, biodata, resume and CV are different. You may want to prepare CV rather than resume. Biodata is used specifically for matrimonial purpose or for giving brief professional information to seminar, publisher, or professional associations. In other word, biodata is professional profile. Resume is a brief description of your professional history. Usually used by professionals for sharing with other professional

An aspirant has to undergo a post graduate degree or diploma in psychiatry to become a psychiatrist after completion of MBBS The MD course is of three years duration whereas the duration of Diploma course is two years. Apart from degree and diploma one can also join the DNB course organized by the National Board of Examination which is equivalent to an MD. The admission to the post graduate course is based on Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination conducted at all India level. Several medical institutes are offering a post graduate courses in psychiatry. However the top institutes offering