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The common misconception is that Humanities is a stream for those who are not smart or intelligent enough to `get’ Science in school. That phenomenon is a thing of the past. Today, students opt for Humanities not because they feel they cannot `cope’ with Science but because the Humanities stream interests them and appeals to them. Humanities with Mathematics is definitely a strong combination that leaves a lot of options open, including a career in Business or Finance

Psychiatrists are those specialised doctors who treat persons suffering from Mental illnesses or persons having  deviant thought processes. A typical day in the life of psychiatrist  consist of 1 Meetings with patients,who may be severly depressed,suicidal, schizophrenic  or paranoid. Most of the time they are intelligent people.. 2 Due to increased stress and strains in life, more and more people are referring to them for treatment..People from all age group refer to them. 3 Psychiatrists may  specialize their work in drug deaddiction,child psychiatry etc.  4 As

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Career Advice – As discussed above, the psychometric career test reports about the abilities and skills of the test taken, hence, it is the aptest way to find out the strengths and weaknesses too. It not only gives the aptitude knowledge of an individual but also explains the uniqueness of the test giver. Therefore, it becomes more apt to make a career decision based on it. As the student can get to know what makes his or her unique from the crowd, they can focus more on their special trait and thus pursue them in the right direction.   Taking psychometric test is almost equal to

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Dear Aspirant, If you want to enter into corporate, then you have to decide whether you wish to enter into companies like financial companies, research companies etc. or you wish to enter into the banking industry. If you wish to go into banking, then Masters in Business Economics (MBE) is suited. If you wish to go into the research industry, then Masters in Applied Economics is suited. If you wish to go into financial companies, insurance, stock market companies, investment management companies, then MBE or MBA Finance is suited. MBA in Business Economics is a sheer nonsense degree. Be

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Dear Aspirant, It is always better to be scientifically informed which course would suit the best for your son. Choosing a course should entirely depend on likings, interests, ability and passion. To be best sure of what suits your son for his career, I would suggest him to undergo an online psychometric test from CareerGuide which will help him understand himself in respect of his strengths, weaknesses, emotional quotient, etc. and will exactly tell him which career is ideal for him. You can then call counsellors to discuss. Best wishes!

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Dear Aspirant, Highly paid jobs in humanities field are: 1. Music 2. Mass Media 3. Mass Communication 3. Journalism 4. Architecture 5. Advertising 6. Marketing 7. Teaching Best wishes

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Hello Dear, Thank you for reaching [][1] This is my personal view. The scope of [Psychiatry][2] is all over the countries, The only thing that may differ is earning more in different countries. Below are my Inputs  [Job Opportunities for Psychiatrist in India][3] are immense. Psychiatrist can seek employment in regular hospital as as in mental hospitals.Many of them work in Rehabilitation centres to rehabiliate drug addicts, dipsomaniacs, juvenile, delinquents and others with other occupational therapists and Social workers.can be appointed in Private hospitals,

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Dear Aspirant, It appears that you have opted for Arts/Humanities stream after 10th and now you are not able to decide what you can do after 12th Arts. There are really a good number of career options in the field of humanities/arts after 12th as well as graduation. Some are listed below for your information: Law   Business Management (HR / Marketing, International Business)   Marketing   Media   Mass Communication   Journalism   Economics   Languages (Indian / Foreign)   Literature Psychology   Travel & Tourism   Hote

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Hello Tanvi,  Pursuing economics and confused. Do not worry, since an economics graduate has many options. Its just that you need to check where your interest lies. As an economics graduate, your main task is related to statistical work. Thus you find applicability in areas like finance, banking, insurance sector etc. So you could opt further to pursue a course in banking and finance or a course in mutual funds and stock markets. Or a course in statistics. You could also think of Actuarial sciences. Last but not the least you could purrsue an MBA.  Before you make a choice read and r

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There are a lot of choices for you. It all depends on what you want to do in future. Thev subjects you can opt for are law, psychology, social sciences, etc.

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Hi, Psychology is a subject with a continuous raising interest and in trend. Following are few colleges you can apply in for Masters in Psychology: Dayanand Anglo Vedic University Meerut College St Xavier College Mumbai / University of Mysore University of Rajasthan You can refer to the above institutes on their official sites. #Not in any order. Hope this helps you!!  

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Hi, If you are an HR i will assume you are a graduate(minimum degree) and incase your interest is in Psychology then you can do masters in Psychology- choose one specialization out of counseling, clinical and even organizational. Organizational Psychology can help you to related with HR experience and Roget can upgrade your skills. Hope this helps you!

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Hello There,  My question to you is why at this crucial stage you wish to change subjects? Also you do not have the basics clear since you did not study those subjects in grade 11th. Will you be able to cope up with it?.  If yes, go ahead and approach your college management ASAP.  Please note it is completely the managements decision.  Just a word of caution, please do prepare a valid reason as to why you wish to change subjects. It needs to be convincing. Wish you good luck..

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Hello Tanvi,  A field or career having scope depends completely on how and what an individual would want to make out of it. Sometimes your passion to be different or contribute will help you establish well in the career. As such forestry is a wast field. A forestry graduate is involved in wide range of activities like conservation to managing the ecological environment to research on new ways to preserve wildlife and forests. These days one may even find jobs related to wildlife photography, plantation,moderator for National geographic channels etc.  So as such you can see the vast a

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Dear Aspirant, Nice to see that you have realised your potential and would like to choose a career based on that. For being into counselling (of any type) and also looking at your interest in being a trainer, I would suggest you to go for MA Psychology. If you are interested in the above fields, then doing an MBA HR would not be of any use. MA Psychology and a specialisation of your choice like in Child Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Clinical Psychology, etc. you will then be able to get into counselling formally and also then you can begin your motivational trainership too. If you are sure

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Dear Aspirant, Now that you have completed MDS, you are now aware of what are the critical ailments in people in dentistry. I would say that opening your own clinic is definitely the best solution for your career, however before that I would suggest that if possible try to get associated with an established dental surgeon in your city or get associated with a hospital, where you will be able to learn practically. Gaining practical experience is recommended. After may be three or five years, you may definitely think for your own clinic. Working at is actually possible alongside si

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Dear Aspirant, Now that you are doing BSc in Chemistry, Biology and Zoology, you defintiely have good options before you for your future career. I am happy that you appeared for the psychometric test from Can you share what career options have you been suggested in the report? I need to know what is being suggested since it will give a direction to my advice too. However, with BSc in CBZ, I suggest that you choose one of them for further education. I would suggest Biology or Chemistry. With Biology, I would suggest you to go for MSc MicroBiology, BioTechnology, BioMedical Engi

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Dear Aspirant, The best way to know about the career which suits you is to take a scientific method and a career counsellor appointment. There fore, instead of choosing randomly, you can take the Ideal Career Test from This is a unique designed online MCQ based psychometric test which does not only test your aptitude but also tests and gives consideration for your interests, inclination, innate abilities and skills. It help you assess and know your real potential. There are plenty of career options, but out of those, you should be able to decide which is the best for you inste

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Dear Aspirant, Nice to see your inclination and interest in studying Economics as a career. Economics gives very good careers in finance, banking, agricultural economics, mutual funds, securities market, insurance, economic research, etc. Your choice of BSc Honours in Economics is wise and I would suggest that apart from the normal state universities where BA/MA Economics is offered, you should try for aiming for the best Economics schools in India. 1. Gokhale School of Economics and Politics, Pune 2. Delhi School of Economics,Symbiosis 3. Madras School of Economics 4. Symbiosis School of Econ

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Dear Aspirant, Yes, there are variety of career options. Therefore, it is confusing for many about how to and what to choose among those plenty of options. Here, the most important part is to first know about yourself in terms of aptitude level, interests, innate skills, abilities, emotional quotient, etc. Without knowing these and selecting a career option not regarding these aspects is very risky and maximum times it is the reason for failure. Depending on your level of education you are currently in, I would suggest you to take the Psychometric Test available with CareerGuide. This test wil

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Dear Aspirant, If you wish to pursue an under graduate course in Psychology after 12th, then you need to approach a college in Mumbai affiliated to University of Mumbai. Admissions are given on the basis of your 12th percentage. The admissions are direct and there are no entrance test for psychology courses in Mumbai University. Best wishes

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Dear Aspirant, Firstly hope you are clear about the difference between Psychologist and Psychiatrist? If yes, then its good. Both are related to the mental health. Psychologist is a consulting science and Psychiatry is a medical science. Both have tremendous scope. If you belong to the Science stream and you have PCB in your 12th, you can go for Psychiatry courses. To become a Psychologist, you need not have Science background. Since Psychiatry is a medical science field, Psychiatrists are required in hospitals (mental hospitals), Trauma Centres, Schools. You have your own private practic

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Dear Aspirant, Nice to know your interest in travel industry and you wish to have a job in that domain. Hope you have some background to get into the travel industry. Are you a fresher, if yes, then doing a course related to travel and tourism is recommended. does not provide or help you in getting jobs, but can guide you about the industry and you can surely ask us any of your doubts about the travel and tourism industry. Travel & Tourism has a good scope in India where Indian Government has been extensively promoting it. There are jobs available which are of offline

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Dear Aspirant, You can definitely call us anytime, since is the only forum where you can get to speak to Counsellor Experts on Demand. Therefore you need not take an appointment. You can select the Career Advisor as per your choice and as per the domain related and give us a call. We will solve and help you online through telephone call or through this forum where you can post your question. I would suggest that you also post your career concern here, so that I can reply to it and guide you appropriately. You can complete rely on this system. Best wishes

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