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Which city in India has the best career opportunity in law?

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RE: Which city in India has the best career opportunity in law?

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First and the foremost you should know what law all about is. So you can pursue law education in two forms i.e. after 12th where you can go for integrated law course and after graduation, you can go for L.L.B course. Any stream i.e. arts, commerce or science can go for law education. Integrated Law course is for 5 years as it is the combination of two-degree programs based on what subjects students were having in 12th. Some of the regular courses under this are B.Sc. L.L.B, B.B.A.L.L.B, and B.A.L.L.B etc. Second way was after graduation. Here students pursue L.L.B as their post graduation which is for 3 years.  There is 1 more option for law students i.e. they can do masters specializing in LL.M./M.B.L/M.B.A, etc.

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There is an entrance exam which covers student’s English skills, reasoning skills, ability skills etc. This is known as a CLAT (common law admission test). So CLAT is an all India level entrance exam. CLAT is an online objective test. All those who want to go for undergraduate and postgraduate law programs have to give this exam. This exam will contain 200 questions in all. These questions will be from 5 subjects’ i.e. English, general knowledge and current affairs, elementary maths, legal aptitude and logical reasoning. So your focus should be on these subjects. There are some skills which will help you in becoming an excellent personality in this field such as communication skills, self-confidence, investigate skills, good memory etc. Students should have affirmative traits and personality will be plus point.

Nowadays anyone who has the passion and basic characteristics for this field can opt for a law. There is no single city in India which is good for the law but many. Some of them are:




  • Delhi
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Lucknow
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai

All these cities secure attractive job in the firms of law and many other firms. There are so many companies in these cities which offer internships to the law students such as Luthra and Luthra, Khaitan and company etc. they even offer full-time jobs to those who complete their internship from these companies only. These companies open best career opportunities for the law. They train the students well making their future bright. Studying from these cities keep forward lot of advantages such as

  • Incomes are high than the income a small city provides.
  • Opportunities, income, cost, infrastructure and social equations are good in these cities.
  • People here dream big and are very open to ideas.
  • All this makes a person a good future lawyer. To have the best of career opportunities in this field you need to have certain qualities such as you must be a good orator, keen listener, attentive mind, thinking ability, reasoning capability, command over language, teamwork, the 3As- attitude, aptitude and analytics, and patience.

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These cities promise you a good salary and guarantee professional success in law. These cities are gaining immense popularity in regards to job markets. These are dream cities for fresher and have the best career opportunities for the law. One can find numerous job opportunities here. You can excel in this field by doing internships and being by attentive. The ambition to enter the legal profession is usually drawn from inspiration and one can find good inspiration in these cities.

After clearing your CLAT exam you can complete your graduation/post graduation, you can also do diploma course after that and can secure your job in commercial sector. They require lawyers to look after their monetary matters, company laws etc. You can also put your name down in Council of India and commence training in India. You can work under some lawyer also, achieve some understanding then begin your individual practice as experience matters a lot in any field you work in. You can also work as a lecturer, communal advocate, and campaigner for law firm as well as property lawyer, criminal lawyer etc. Salary is also superior in this field. It varies from 10k to 50k per month depending on the job u get. It is a tremendous course as students from all the streams can go for law.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: Which city in India has the best career opportunity in law?

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