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Which Mba Specialization To Choose For A Successful And Passionate Career?

Hello Sir, I Am Prakash R From Chennai.I Have Taken The Ideal Career Psychometric Assessment Test. First Of All I Really Thank You And Meracareerguide.Com Which Will Assist Me In Clearing My Confusions. My Profile: X-89% (Matriculation) Xii-96.67% (State Board) B.E Computer Science - 79% Work Experience - 19 Months In Tcs ( Salary When I Left Tcs Was 3.69 Lpa ) I Resigned My Tcs Job During Jun 2013 For Mba Exams Preparation. Reason 1: Daily Rotating Shifts And Night Shifts Even On Weekends,So Didn'T Get Steady Time For Preparation Reason 2: No Scope For Participating In Extra Curricular Activities Due To These Rotating Shifts Reason 3: We Were Working In A Tool And No Scope Of Learning Any Technologies Or Demanding Programming Languages. Reason 4: No Onsite Opportunities For Our Project After Reading Many Articles In Many Websites And Forums I Came To Understand That Choosing The Right Specialization Is Even More Important Than Doing Mba Itself.Since This A Major Decision In My Life Which Will Have Its Impact For The Next 25 Years I Decided To Go For Psychometric Assessment Test. Since I Have Resigned My Job I Am Very Much Worried Of Taking The Right Specialization.Kindly Help Me Out In Choosing The Right Specialization According To My Skills And Abilities.

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2 answers

RE: Which Mba Specialization To Choose For A Successful And Passionate Career?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,

Firstly many thanks for the detailed query and I am happy that you have already taken the Ideal CAreer Assessment Test from You have done the right thing. However in your query you have not mentioned the result of your Psychometric Test. If you can mention the result, then for experts here it will be a good guide to guide and advice you further. However, I will definintely advice you on the basis of your detailed query.

In my more than seven years of career counselling experience, I have rarely come across candidates like you who have really well thought and worked on thinking what is right for your career and also have under gone the psychometric tests to be pretty sure.

Work experience with TCS:

TCS is a great company to work with however with the uncomfortable things which you have mentioned about work culture and office timings of shift basis it is very much difficult to maintain the work life balance and it naturally gets adversely affect on every life aspect.

Considering your SSC and HSC and BE Computer Science percentage marks it appears that you are very good at studies and I really appreciate this fact.

Masters degree choice:

Based on your excellent past academic performance and work experience with TCS and the job profile at TCS, I would NOT recommend you an MBA at this stage.

Instead I would strongly suggest you a Masters in Computer Science or an MCA or MTech which will give you an enhanced career and job profile in the information technology sector.

I would like you to take your competence and ability to study good more further and become more technically expert and sound for enhanced and bigger role career and jobs.

Doing an MBA, your technical knowledge will not get enhanced but will divert you and your job profile.

You can surely go for an MBA however after your Masters in Computer Science or MCA or MTech from a good university. Please do not do masters degree through distance learning.
If you can afford, you should do it full time.

After your Masters degree, then you can take up MBA in Systems or Operations, etc.

Hope the above advice will make you think seriously.

Please do get back to us if you need any more advice or would like to share more details or have any more questions to ask.

Best Luck

RE: Which Mba Specialization To Choose For A Successful And Passionate Career?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Computer Engineer
Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. And thanks again for giving us a detailed information. And by the way what was your result with the psychometric assessment? I am sure it would have thrown in some light on your confusion now. You past academics are really very good and you have also constructed a good work experience in months. The only issue here is, an ideal work experience for an MBA is treated as a minimum of 24 months that is 2 years, where in you have only around 19 months. I understand you were affected by the work culture at TCS. For your info, I was a TCS employee for almost a year before I left abroad for my Masters. Perhaps you could have asked for change in projects if you were seriously affected by the shift timings? I am also aware that TCS contributes to employee education and had you been working for them now, you could have chosen to study a part time MBA degree and the company could have offered you upto a lakh for the education expenses. As they are offering you financial support for your education, this also determines your job being guarantee post MBA. However, all this is not going to be applicable as you have already quit work now.

So do you want to do an MBA? Well yes, please go ahead with this thought. You have a minimum of 1.5 years experience it will look good on your new resume with the MBA. I can also advice you to do a Masters in Computer science degree but it is upto you to stick to technology or management after all this. If you love learning technologies, then an MTech Computer science is more apt for you. However if you want to club management and computer science, then consider doing an MBA in Information management or systems management. Such specialised MBA degrees will offer you excellent scope back in the IT sector again upon your return.

I would have strongly recommended you for a Computer science degree but I should also consider and respect your decision for quitting work only because to do well in MBA Preparatory exam. So I highly encourage you to pursue MBA degree itself. How are you going about preparing the competitive exam these days? My sincere advice is not to do self preparation. Instead join a coaching centre that prepares students for MBA competitive exams. To me, TIME Coaching class is definitely the best as most of the surveys conclude that about more than 55-60% of students at IIT and IIM are from TIME coaching centre. As you are free of work commitments, attend the coaching class and do well at your preparations. Also make sure you practice many sample or past papers. Remember, practice makes perfect. I am sure you would do well. You have ample time to prepare and if you seriously put in good effort, I am sure you will be placed at good BSchools in India. Good luck.

RE: Which Mba Specialization To Choose For A Successful And Passionate Career?

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