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Career Change – Is It Ever Too Late To Change Careers?

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The present world has witnessed dynamic changes in the domain of jobs. A paradigm shift in the conventional job domain is prominent as one can easily witness that many of the archaic job positions have become defunct. Gone are those days of clerical jobs or simple accounting. The government jobs have become hard to come by. With reservation and rampant corruption, major portion of the youth have no other choice but to rely on corporate or private jobs. Truly, the private jobs are much different from public service jobs. Not only it is about the environment or work ethics, but also pay packages and other detailing are markedly different. Certainly, the luxury of public service jobs is not at all there in case of private jobs. Private jobs are strict, time bound and appraisals come only with rigorous monitoring.

Ofcourse it is a sad reality that not all corporate or private companies give lucrative offers to individuals. Side by side the work load each one is assigned to perform or deliver in a stipulated time period, varies from one individual to other. In a third world country like India, where over population is more a burden than rich human resource, workplace is an arena which isn’t given due attention. Both physical and mental stress is common. The problem is, even if a person wants to change the career, whether it is at all possible or not, is a tough question altogether.

Before going into answer to this question, we need to first find, why do people shift or change their jobs. If you ask any random person, the primary reply would be to get a salary hike. There is absolutely nothing wrong in it. Job satisfaction is also another area which often prompts individuals to rethink on their jobs. There can be various other issues like relocation or shifting due to office which may have coordination problems with family and subsequently planning of changing jobs can be a reality. Whatever may be the case, it is indeed a common scene to see people in the middle of their careers, trying to or at least having a thought of changing careers with the help of career guidance. But sadly, it is not at all possible for everyone to shift a job or profession. The basic problem is indeed availability or option. Mostly, all companies prefer fresh blood. A person who is in the middle 40’s can become a burden if he is not capable enough to elevate himself from mediocrity. In domains where management programmes or associations are focused, rich experience can certainly bring benefits in the long run.

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All is not grey for those who are looking changes in the career front. There are many companies who look for experienced people in customized field. Especially in case of startups one can certainly witness, smart professionals even in their late 40’s can be true asset to the company which active participation and vital inputs. There are some basic aspects for people who are looking for change. First of all, they need to update their CVs and then approach the companies which are related to their job domain. They must have solid credentials of their previous work experience. Side by side, if they have sufficient capital in hand, they can even try their luck in entrepreneurship. Who knows, true innovation can indeed be path breaking and profit making in the long run. Having the right contacts is a must in all such cases. In the new job, it would indeed be another new beginning. Thus there is no fixed age, and a qualified smart, updated individual can certainly look forward to new jobs without any hesitation.




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