Hello dear friend   After reading your question i understood your problem very well, i Know you in big dilemma how to work in accounts and finance being a MCA, But I am happy to say not a problem at all, you can work as a accountant though you are did MCA after graduating from commerce back ground it si not an issue at all.   If you are good in accounts and finance and want to pursue your career in that than there is no problem in that as it is important what you want to do not what is required to do. so if you getting job opportunities as a accountant go for it

Hello Good to see that you are considering to study in the UK, something related to accounts. 1. Study options: You can study any course related to accounts in Luton. The common courses that you are eligible to apply in accounts are: MSc Accounts MSc Accounts and finance MBA with accounts ACCA - Professional certification I understand you are already an MBA degree holder but there is no harm to study an another MBA. I have plenty of friends who have done their second MBA abroad apart from doing their first MBA degree in India. Otherwise you can also do a Mast

Hello Good to see that you are a graduate of Manipal University and are also en-route on a career in accountancy. Manipal University is extremely prestigious in Karnataka and being a graduate from this school will be certainly rewarding for your career. I see from your query that you have completed a Bcom already. To make your career progress further there is only one way that could actually help you and that is studying further related to accounts and your career. Studying further means you have three routes to pursue. Master of commerce with accounts: As you have already compl

Hello student, Let us have a few words related to accounts then we will move to its scope and broad perspectives. Accountancy is a branch of mathematical science and commerce

Hi Geet, There are lots of option after 12th.. such as::B.com(Accounting Finance,Banking & Insurance,Financial Accounting,Bussiness Economics,Computer Application),BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration),BBM,BAF(Bachelors in accounting & finance),BFM(Bachelors in financial market),BMS(Bachelors in management studies). With computers you can go for BCA, which is the best suited option. Apart from that CA, CS, ICWA etc are some professional courses. Some Computers course also available are:1) Tally2) SAP financial module3) Web Designing4) Computer Programming5) Basic Microsoft elements

Hello there, Firstly congratilations for obtaining the Visa. Secondly please do make sure, if you are eligible to work under the Spouse Visa. Though I know, you are looking out for AAT Accounting information. For more on AAT, check www.aat.org.uk As far as the documents required, you would have to check the University website, or visit the British Council Library, they would be able to guide you. One word of caution here is that, please do also check your qualification to be a prerequisite to the course you wish to pursue. Since Graduate programs and the MBA programs are sometimes not a