Career counselling in Delhi After 12th


Before you start reading this article about career counselling in Delhi after the 12th, you must realize one point that the situation in which you are in is very much critical and crucial at the same time.

Firstly, a big congratulations that you have successfully passed your 12th standard and got decent grades or percentages, according to whatever your grading system is. Now, after attaining appreciation from friends, parents, neighbors, relatives, etc. you must have come across a serious question that is, what are you planning to do after the 12th?

Maybe, this question would have troubled you a lot. Maybe you have not figured out about your career plans and maybe you do not at all have any idea about the various streams available and which stream will fit you best? Which will suit you according to your interests?

One thing you need to know is that it is common. You need not worry and take too much stress about this particular question. Each one of us has been through this phase at some point in time. If you belong to the capital of India, the quick answer to this serious question is Career counselling in Delhi After 12th . If you are unaware of counselling then it is a good time to quickly google the definition of career counselling in Delhi after the 12th.

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With secondary school years reaching a resolution, moving towards the following stage can be troubling for some understudies. While your tutoring venture doesn't include a lot of professional arranging with just stream determination and sufficient opportunity to investigate one's various advantages, progressing from school to school can determine the destiny of a singular's entire vocation. Frequently, a significant number of them feel befuddled on the planet brimming with professional decisions. At a particularly critical crossroads of life, getting dependable professional direction can characterize the way that lays ahead. Nonetheless, the significance of vocation direction after twelfth is very downplayed in the Indian instruction framework. Through this blog, we will investigate how basic it is for understudies to be given vocation direction after twelfth and how Leverage Edu can assist you with picking the right professional way.

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Having finished class 12th, understudies for the most part search for the best scholastic alternatives accessible in the stream they picked in eleventh they can make from their stream. There is an ocean of various professions in each stream to choose from. It is an awful wage to pick your career without career counselling after 12th as an aimless decision can imperil your advancement, burning through a valuable season of your scholastic years.

Career counselling in Delhi After 12th

What if you get to know the various streams after 12th. Well, this is only possible after Career counselling in Delhi After 12th . We will be able to figure out with the help of under mentioned Career counselling in Delhi After 12th chart for various streams

Non-clinical Science (PCM) Students

  • B.Tech-Bachelor of Technology
  • B.E-Bachelor of Engineering
  • The unhitched male of Architecture (BArch)
  • Actuarial Science
  • Business Pilot Training
  • B.Sc: Bachelor of Science (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry)
  • BCA: Bachelor in Computer Applications

For Medical Science (PCB) Students

  • MBBS: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  • BAMS: Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
  • BHMS: Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
  • B.Pharm: Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • BTech in Biotechnology
  • B.Sc (Nursing, Food Science, Microbiology, Zoology, Psychology)
  • Unhitched males in Physiotherapy
  • The unhitched male's in Hospital Administration

For Commerce Students

  • B.Com–Bachelor of Commerce
  • Contracted Accountancy
  • BBA–Bachelors' in Business Administration
  • LLB–Bachelors' in Law
  • BA in Economics
  • BA in English Literature
  • BSc Math
  • Organization Secretary
  • CMA-Cost and Management Accountant
  • CFA-Chartered Financial Analyst

For Arts and Humanities Students

  • BJMC-Bachelors' in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • BA (Sociology, Psychology, History, Political Science)
  • LLB-Bachelors' in Law
  • In Management
  • BA in Economics
  • B.Des.- Bachelors' in Design
  • BFA-Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • BCA-Bachelor of Computer Applications
  • Extraordinary Career Options after 12th

Well, the list of career streams in career counselling in Delhi after the 12th is not over yet. If you would like to seek after a capricious profession and not a standard one like designing or medication? There are a lot of choices accessible which candidates can browse after the 12th:

  • Information Science
  • Extra Designing
  • Mechanical technology
  • Development Management
  • Legal Science
  • Radio station personality
  • Filmmaking
  • Health specialist

Now, another question you would have asked yourself is that you’re still facing issues with choosing your career stream. Is there any way in which you can be helped so that you will be fully assured that a particular career is best suitable for you?

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Well, the answer is

We at believe in a phrase that says, “Your career is your life”. We scientifically plan your career with the help of certified career counsellors & Artificial Intelligence enabled technologies. The testimonials and proofs say that in the sector of Career counselling in Delhi After 12th has helped thousands of students, teachers, mentors, even professionals in every aspect possible.

There are more than 3500 thousand students enrolled in enrolled in career counselling in Delhi courses. There have been more than 100 thousand psychometric tests already done. And the number is increasing at a very fast pace, which in turn has proved the quality and quantity provided by Career counselling in Delhi After 12th by .

More than 1500 career counsellors are a part of who are there at every point of time to help and assist their students in every aspect possible. They intend to provide their best services, guidance, and assurance to build and structure the career of enrolled students. The reach of Career counselling in Delhi After 12th with is not restricted to only one or two geographic domains. Instead, we are established with a reach of around 14 thousand different locations.


In the end, you need to be very assured with your choice in order to implement valuable fruits to your career future, rather than simply wondering with unnecessary fraud plans. Also, time is crucial so don’t dare to waste it.

Thus, we aim to provide privileges to your career counselling in Delhi and even around Delhi and all over the world. The only thing we expect is your dedication, spirit to learn and achieve.

Although, this is just a glimpse of . Follow us, and read other articles to know about us in every detailed aspect.

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