Online exams; advantages and disadvantages

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The Pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone, from school to college to office goers. While we adapt ourselves to the “newness”, one or another situation comes up that needs to be dealt with. In the present scenario, as we become accustomed to the “New Normal”, we all have been trying to shift most things to the screen and even conduct online exams. We are legit controlling the world from inside the four walls of our homes. The Students, I’d say, are having the most complex times in this pandemic. They’re missing out on their crucial years by sitting in homes when they clearly need to go out and explore more. Well, it is pretty debatable, since you’d say we have “everything available online”. here is an article on Online exams; advantages and disadvantages

The conduction of examinations in a phase like this has become the most questionable.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of online examinations.


The merits of online exams are many, and it is actually a sort of win-win for both the educational institutions as well as the students. Some of the advantages are listed below.

Prevention of Contamination

Our best way of preventing the havoc spread of the COVID-19 is staying indoors and maintaining proper social distancing. If exams are conducted online, it’ll hugely prevent the chances of the outspread of the virus. We can obviously toss the phrase “Safety first” around. Although the vaccination for the virus is out, still we can’t take chances, can we?

online examination merits and demerits online examination merits and demerits online examination merits and demerits online examination merits and demerits 

Saves Paper

online exams
It can be definitely said that online exams on such a huge scale will save tons of paper since the questions and answers will be exchanged in soft copies. It’s high time we become aware of the environment and how the overuse of paper harms it. So, this is undoubtedly the merit of online exams.

Saves Labour Cost

Conduction of offline exams involves a lot of labour, from setting up a proper exam hall set up to invigilation of the students, to ensuring everyone has sufficient sheets, the list can go on and on. Online exams eliminate the need for all these resources. All you need is your device and internet connection.


“Every advantage comes with a disadvantage”. The conduction of online exams has some demerits too, some of them are mentioned below.

Technological Advancement in Edtech

When we talk about the conduction of online exams, it’s supposed to be nationwide and not just for a specific group of people. Now, for a country like India, where there are people who don’t even have a water supply for 24×7, how do you expect people to have a fine internet connection for appearing in online exams.

online examination merits and demerits online examination merits and demerits online examination merits and demerits online examination merits and demerits 

Use of unfair means

It is a very honest fact that unfair means are always used in exams, and now that exams will be held online, there is more probability for malpractices. Hence, the students might as well get done with the exams, without properly preparing for the same.

Open book exams

online exams
While earlier, exams were always taken up on the questions based on books prescribed specifically by the schools or universities, but now, because of the Pandemic, all the classes have been taken online and even the study materials have been provided from various external sources. So, now students can refer to their answers from any source that they like what kind of questions the sanity of the exams.
We could debate and discuss this a lot this but most of the Universities and Schools have decided that they’ll be conducting their exams online for most of the semesters. This is probably the best for all the students in the current scenario. All we can wish that we attempt the exams securely and sincerely, and also wish y’all good luck for the same!
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