How can a Paraphrasing tool Contribute to Academic Integrity?

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Academic Integrity is the commitment to upholding shared noble academic values. It implies that all academics (teachers, students, researchers, etc.) must demonstrate honesty, truthfulness, respect, and fairness at all levels.

Being an academic, you can’t replicate another person’s hard work and disguise it as your new research. The academic world detests this behaviour. It can have serious implications on your reputation and in some cases, you might face legal consequences as well.

Academic integrity is not any one-time achievement, it is a lifelong process. You need to constantly strive for originality with absolutely no hiccups. Often, we have seen respectful academics ruining their hard-earned stature because of one mistake. That’s all it takes to become guilty in academia.

Importance of Paraphrasing in academic integrity

Researchers should be extremely cautious while doing literature reviews or writing extravagant reports. As per MIT’s notebook on academic integrity, while writing research papers, academics should look for paraphrasing instead of copying.  In technical writing, paraphrasing is preferred over replicating other work.

However, paraphrasing is not an easy task. People struggle to put original thoughts into alternate words, in result plagiarism percentage increases, which puts your research in danger. If you are a student writing in a foreign language, you are more likely to fall prey to this plagiarism trap.

So, how can we effectively paraphrase without compromising academic integrity?  Well, we have a solution for you.

Paraphrasing Tool

The paraphrasing tool is a helping aid backed by advanced AI and NLP, which can rewrite any content. The paraphrasing is done while maintaining the same central theme in a way that no plagiarism can detect.

Natural Language Processing is a technology that enables computers to understand and respond to human languages. In its advanced versions, it can surpass an average human mind, which means that you can not only rewrite a text, but you also have an option of making it more impactful for your readers.

How can a paraphrasing tool contribute to academic integrity?

This section explains how paraphrasing tools can contribute to academic integrity by making your writings look completely original.

For practical examples, we will be using, which is among the most versatile paraphrasing tools.

  1. By Improving Sentence Structure

If you are working on a paper where you are required to cite contents from a well-reputed source, it is advisable to change sentence structure. Otherwise, you might put yourself at risk for plagiarism. A manual edit is an option, but it takes a lot of time, and still, there would be chances of human error.

Your best bet is to use a paraphrasing tool. These tools can edit the whole sentence in flash, all you need is to proofread the content and then incorporate it into your research papers.

For a Practical demonstration we will select a paragraph and paste the content as input on the left tab. After clicking the “paraphrase option”, you would get the result in the right section.

Source of Paragraph “ skillsyouneed

The red letter shows the paraphrased text. This rewrite is free of any duplication.

  1. Word Substitution

At times, you only need to do slight adjustments to your written manuscript. If you have rewritten a piece, but the plagiarism percentage is relatively high. You can seek guidance from a quality rewrite tool.

The rewrite tools can perform keyword changes on any writing piece. It would systematically alter selective words to bring the plagiarism percentage to zero. Thus, your paper would look unique.       

Here’s how it works:


Description automatically generated

On the right tab, you can see only slight adjustments have been made to your content.

  1. By Enhancing the Overall Quality

We all can agree that quality is the only thing that separates well from the rest. Students fail to present their papers in a language that is coherent, readable, and persuasive.  Nobody has time to pay attention to a dull boring piece in this fast-paced world.

The paraphrasers  are backed by advanced AI-based algorithms. They can adjust the overall quality of content by improving readability, linguistic style, and quality of text. By repeated practice, you can also learn and incorporate this skill into your writing as well. After all, we only write to grab the reader’s attention, don’t we?

See below for an example:

Graphical user interface, text, application, email

Description automatically generated

The change in quality is visible on the right tab.

  1. By Removing Redundancy 

The academics often tend to use filler words while rewriting a literature review. This happens when they fail to come up with alternate words, so they use fillers to complete the word count. Online softwares can easily determine the redundancy percentage.

Research is about coming up with new data; a high redundancy percentage is an acceptance of lack of research and understanding. Therefore, it is advisable to remove such language from your writing.

The rephrase tool can remove redundant words from an entire document in a few seconds. This would give a professional outlook to your reports.

For that, please consider following paragraph:

“At this point in time, it now becomes necessary for us to consider alternative possibilities for our goals”

Here is the result from an online tool.

The tool rewrites it as:

At this point, we need to consider alternatives to our goals

You can see that all unnecessary expressions have been removed.  It makes writing brief, uni-focused and concise.

Final Thoughts:

This article highlights the importance of academic integrity. The more we adhere to this habit, the more research conducive our educational environment will become. We hope after reading it, you can see how the paraphrasing tool contributes to academic integrity.

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