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Agriculture contributes 17–18% to the country’s economy. It employs over 50% of the Indian workforce and is estimated to employ 41.49% in the coming decade. A major portion comes from the national income of India from agriculture. Most people in India are working as a farmer. Many people think only farmers work in the field. However, in agriculture, there are a lot of careers option. And if you don’t know what are the career option in agriculture, then do not worry, this article will provide you with all information regarding career options in agriculture.

Here are the Top 6 career options in the agriculture

1. Agricultural engineer

An agricultural engineer has to solve the agriculture problem. An agricultural engineer is a work where you use techniques and equipment that can make even more farmers in the agriculture sector. For this, the agricultural engineer uses Computer-Aided Technology (CAD). Apart from this, the agricultural engineer is the work of giving land-related advice and the assessment of the impact on crops and the environment. In such a way to become an agricultural engineer, you must be creative with mathematics, science, problem-solving. But with all these, if you do not have the communication skills, then you can do nothing.

2. Agricultural economist

Being an agricultural economist, you need to be concerned with the economy of agriculture and the distribution of agricultural products. The role of agricultural economists in agriculture is very important because it takes economic decisions related to the area and understanding the principles through it. They are working to find economic trends and analyze economic data. Most agricultural economists calculate and analyze a series of office data which candidates want to become an economist. They are the first of necessity to achieve a degree in economics because it requires you to get strong in mathematics. With this, you should know how to analyze and explain the data.


3. Farm Manager

A farm manager has to look, the organisation factor of production such as land, labour and capital for the production of farm products. They decide and examine the operation of the form and also take care of the Budget’s criteria. A farm manager is working to maintain repair and arranging equipment. To become a farm manager, you need to have farming experience and technical information. To become a farm manager, you also need to be good at communication and have leadership qualities.

4. Agricultural sales person

An agricultural sales person represents shows and sells items to the farmer and other agriculture workers. Agricultural salesperson’s work is to selling machinery, animal, feed, fertilizer seed etc. to farmers. This product has an expert and recommends farmers to products. Along with this, agricultural sales person is to look at the farmers that look at the features and keeping the requirements in the additional needs and make their sales. If you are interested in sales and marketing, then it is the perfect choice for you.

5. Conservation planner

A conversation planner advises government bodies on the need to protect certain natural spaces. Conservation planner is determining the environment and ecological values of the land. Conservation planner is the work in which you prepare reports of daily tasks, make budgets, and identify, analyze environmental issues, and promote environmental management.

6. Commercial horticulturists

They encompass the production and management of ornamental plants and turf grass and many other things. Commercial horticulture hits grow, they’re harvesting, packaging, distribution, monitoring all these steps. Along with this, it oversees the employees and provides training. Commercial horticulture is the work where you help in marketing, shopping and selling products.

By – Bharti Sharma

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