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After class 12th students apply for undergraduate. When taking admissions for an undergraduate degree in any engineering college cutoff, placement, and good faculty is every student’s priority. One of the universities that interest many students is Thapar University which is in Patiala.  Let us look at the Thapar University cutoff and admission process.

Thapar University Admission 

TIET (Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology) is also known as Thapar University. Students can take admissions in two ways. Firstly on the basis of 12th percentages and secondly by JEE counseling.     

Thapar University cutoff and ranking

Thapar University is an old private university established in 1956. Its NIRF ranking is 29th among engineering colleges. When you will open the list of Thapar University cutoff you will find both results. One is outside Punjab students and one is for Punjab students. 


What are spot round Admissions?

Students can get on-spot admissions to Thapar University on the basis of the 12th percentile. They can also wait for JEE score and then can take admissions on the basis of it. In spot round admissions students were allocated branch according to their 12th score but if they get good marks in JEE then they leave Thapar University for a better university 

Thapar university cut off ideas for different category students:

General category (GENO)

There is a PCM score that generally goes 98.66 for the COSE branch which does not vary much in the next rounds because it is the main branch. 96.66 for COE and COSE branches. COBS which is Computer Science and Business System also has a cutoff of around 97.33 because it is a computer branch therefore Thapar University’s cutoff also goes high. 96 for the ENC branch, 93.333 for MEC and MEE branches. Thapar University’s cutoff for the general category goes high.    

Av 181275

Cut off for ST, SC, and PHO (Outside Punjab Students)

If you are under the ST category then for COE branch 72 to 75 percentile, for COBS branch 75 to 80 percentile, and for ENC branch 78 to 79 percentile. 86 PCM percentile for MEE. If you are under the SC category then for the COE branch 82 to 83 PCM percentile, for the COBS branch at least 89 percentile, and for ENC branch 79 percentile. 70 PCM percentile for MEE. You need to have 70 to 80 percentile in your JEE Mains. If you are under the PHO category then for the COE branch you need to have 77 to 80 percentile, for the COSE branch 78 to 85 percentile, and for the COPC branch 92 to 94 percentile. 

Thapar University cutoff (Punjab Students)

If you are from Punjab then COPC then you need to have a 96.33 percentile. Also if you want any computer branch COSE and COBS then you need to have 95 percentile because it will not go below that. And for COE branch 92 percentile. You can also check JEE Mains percentile score, if two students are getting the same percentile in the board exam then on the basis of JEE score seat will be allocated. 84 to 88 percentile for ENC branch. For MEE 70 PCM percentile and 93 JEE Main percentile.

Du Cut Off

Counseling process and Branch up-gradation in Thapar University

Now that we know the Thapar University cutoff, let us look at the further process For upgrading the current branch students need to give a test. If your score is eligible for the branch you are applying for then only you can get admissions. Thapar University cut off of top branch goes high and it is not sure that a student will get a desirable branch. So it is a risky option to go with. Most students are confused that whether they should go with the first round of counseling and go with the branch that they are getting, or wait and go for the second and third rounds of the counseling process. Main seats are filled by board marks like every year. 

Thapar University and Branches

Apart from the Thapar University cutoff, the percentile is mainly used for tie-breaker if the ranks of students become the same. Some branches are cut off not very much like the CSE branch. Similarly, with some branches, it will not go lower. If you are not getting the CSE branch then you can go with other options like the COE branch. COE (Computer Engineering), ENC (Electronics and Communications Engineering) is among the top branch students who prefer to go or want to upgrade.          

Important points:

  • There are two Thapar University cutoff list one is for Punjab students and the other is for outside Punjab students. 
  • Once a branch is allocated it will not change and will be reserved.
  • Eligibility criteria mentioned on the college’s website are necessary to be fulfilled by students.
  • Students should take care of form filling; late form filling or not filling the form can create problems in taking admissions. 
  • Changing your branch after the first semester can be done but it is a college dependent process. You need to check in college and follow the college’s process. 
  • If you are not getting a COE branch because of Thapar University cut off then the ENC branch is a wise option to choose at Thapar University.  
  • Know the difference between the branches before choosing any branch. 

By: Priya Panwar 

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So this is the end of the post Thapar University Cutoff and Admission Process 2021. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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