Best professional courses to take after graduation

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There is no such thing as a limit to learning, and there will never be a time in your life when you must stop learning new things. You will need additional knowledge in every element of your life to improve your skill set. We’ll talk about the finest courses to take following graduation. 

1. M.Tech (Master of Technology)

In terms of professional courses after graduation, a MTech degree is more oriented toward technology and engineering. This is a two-year programme in which you must first complete your Btech degree. After finishing an MSc degree from a reputable university, one can apply for MTech in India.

2. Economics (MA/MSc)

In the current situation, we all hear a great deal about the economy on a regular basis. A master’s degree in economics will enable you to gain knowledge in areas such as stocks, market rates, the Indian economy, GDP, and other related issues. A person who works in the economics field understands how the market operates and how our shopping lists affect the nation’s GDP. You have a distinct way of looking at things.


3. Statistics/Mathematics MA/MSc

Mathematics/statistics may be a good fit for you if you enjoy playing with sophisticated concepts like topology, calculus, and the number line. Companies require staff to manage massive amounts of data that they see on a daily basis as a result of the recent technological growth. The majority of statistics graduates are hired as Data Analysts or Data Scientists, and they earn a good living doing so.

4. Computer science (MCA/MSc)

In the current situation, we are all surrounded with technological gifts. With such a high demand for the most up-to-date software, companies require a large number of computer science graduates. The MSc degree is regarded equivalent to a Btech in Computer Science in India. To become a professional software engineer, one can also study an MCA (Masters in Computer Application).


5. Accounting and Taxation in Business

Business accountants are in high demand as the number of large businesses grows. It is the greatest of the professional courses available after graduation and is an excellent choice for individuals with a business background. Real estate, insurance, banking, educational services, executive, legislative, and other professional services are all in high demand.

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6. Tally

Tally ERP 9 is an accounting programme for small businesses and industries. It provides a comprehensive corporate strategy. This is an excellent option for students with a commerce background who want to work with accounts on a daily basis. It is a suitable professional subject for students interested in accounting and mathematics following graduation. An average Tally service provider earns between $50,000 and $100,000 per year.


7. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

If you’re comfortable with complicated computer science concepts, the machine learning field might appeal to you. Machine learning is a set of pattern recognition techniques that a computer can learn without having to be taught. It is one of the many artificial intelligence domains. The concept is based on the analysis of a large amount of data.

8. App Development for Mobile Devices

The majority of the services you use on a daily basis are now available on your mobile device. Developers are in high demand due to the widespread use of mobile applications. App development may be learned by anyone from any field. It is designed to be relaxing for pupils who are proficient coders.

By – Priyanka Dhillon

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