7 Fantastic Study Tips for Class 12th Students

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Every board releases the schedule of examinations almost 50 to 60 days prior to the commencement of the same. Thus, students naturally get a lot of time for some last-minute revisions, processing which one to give more weightage to and which one does not. Here is article on 7 fantastic study tips for class 12th students

Until then, they should finish with the syllabus, and what should be left for the next 50 to 60 days is the continuous solving of sample test papers or past years’ papers.  So let’s dive deeper into the do’s and don’ts for securing fantastic results in the class 12th examinations, and all you need is consistency and lots of perseverant efforts and some useful study tips. You will get to know the hacks after reading this.

7 fantastic study tips for class 12th students

You are your own competition

Don’t compete for your progress with others as it is only going to add to your stress, but try to beat yourself. Try to secure a bit more than what you did in your last exams and then move to your next. Take this as a challenge to surpass yourselves at any cost, and thus your only aim should always be to do better than what you have done last and never a mark less.

Give special attention to your weak points

Accept the difficulty level of every subject and never categorize it into favourite or a not so favourite one because, in the end, you will have to pass and secure a good percentage in either of them or your overall percentage, however, will go down. So all you need to do is give equal importance to each subject and give greater time to those you think you are weak in and never leave them for later. Plan a SWOT analysis on every topic and make sure you work on it and keep on practising it regularly.

Follow the syllabus strictly

Don’t miss out on any topic; also, don’t overburden with things that are out of your syllabus know the weightage of each chapter and keep the syllabus handy. Begin with the question that carries a lot of marks and have a firm grip over them but never leave the topics which you think are hard or will take a lot of time to finish. Never procrastinate or leave the topic for the last moment, or you are done. Every topic is of equal importance and don’t overlook any part just because it appeared in the previous year or is very unlikely to be asked.

Practice from sample papers

Take sufficient mock tests, solve multiple test papers to test your preparation, and go through every past year’s papers. Because we all know practice makes a man perfect. Go through chapter wise past year papers and solve at least one mock test every week. It will not only help you in time management, but it will also teach you in finishing the paper in due time and make you aware of the portions that yet need to be gone through. 

Practice writing what you’re studying

Only memorizing isn’t sufficient. Please write what you learn until you can write it on your own and check your answers from your teacher courses. Read class notes and watch videos for the parts you cannot understand. Create one-page notes for revision in the last minute that covers the entire chapter. Solve a lot of questions. Also, go through multiple subjects and chapters rather than getting stuck on one subject only in one day. This will prevent you from overburdening yourself.

Keep your concepts clear

Make notes so that you won’t have to panic at the last minute on what to study and whatnot. Keep determined about the process and leave no stones unturned. Remember, you will not give your class 12th examinations twice, so give your best.

Stay Healthy and Take breaks

Drink enough water and veggies since dehydration is very harmful to your mind, brain, and body and thus eventually for your grades. Exercise and meditate this will help you concentrate and improve your memorizing power, the functionality of your mind, reduce stress, and improve your overall mood. Don’t stay awake for hours and compromise your sleep. Sleep is very important, or your efficiency to work will decrease. This will eventually disrupt your power to focus. Eat high protein and iron as this helps in boosting memory. Eat almonds, nuts, berries, eggs, lentils, and don’t eat anything unhealthy.

Thus the bottom line goes like, don’t stress yourselves for your class 12th examinations follow the above suggestions and study tip, one at a time, and trust us it is going to do wonders. Don’t convert this venture into an unhealthy obsession because, as we all know, education and learning are not just about getting great marks and grades. It’s all about how much effort and perseverance you deliver, the process of growing and learning.

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What are the skills required to excel in Arts and Humanities?

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